North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love the atmosphere here. The campus isn't too small, but it also isn't huge like a lot of universities. It's nice to be in a small town in the mountains. I also love the professors and the class sizes. You're able to learn a lot more when you have smaller class sizes like we do.


The safety. This is a military campus (though I am attending as a cilivian student), so the security here is extra-tight. I feel totally safe walking around campus. It's also right beside the square of Dahlonega so I can simply walk to the square to enjoy a nice stroll through town. The school is very focused on academic achievement so while it's a little hard, it's very good for your education.


I constantly brag about the safe and accepting environment on campus. Students also tend not to support cliques or make judgments of others. While I am significantly older than the majority of the student population, I have not once felt that I don't belong. The campus itself is also gorgeous and lies in a very small community that offers hometown values as a backdrop. Finally, my college houses the Military College of Georgia and the discipline required for a successful military results in a campus-wide attitude of respect, dignity and pride among all our students.


NGCSU is a small school with a big school feel. The class sizes are small which allows you to get to know your fellow peers. Your professor also knows you by name and face unlike larger schools. They are also there to help you, if there is ever a time where you need help your professor will work with you until you understand.


I brag about the structure, stability, and personal comfort that my school gives my life by offering me a chance to better myself and my family.


That my lecture classes don't have 200 or more students in it. Therefore, giving me more individual attention and in the end getting the better grade.


That I am in the ROTC program.


The scenery, the relationships students have with teachers and the overal layout of the campus.


I usually tell everyone how convient it is to my home.


It is a small, diverse school where most everyone gets along with everyone else. It is very prestigious, but still inexpensive. Feels miles away from home even though its 30 minutes away. Classes are hard, but they teach what is needed to know. Everyone at the school, staff and students, are very friendly and Dahlonega is a beautiful place.


That is a great school and the professors are very helpful and available. Plenty of places to study around campus, a very nice environment, small town and very quiet. There are a lot of extra-curriculum activities after clases and we have a brand new recriation center with a four-store parking deck for additional parking spaces for the students. I very happy with choise i made to attend this university and they offer over 50 career choises to choose from. I strongly recommend this school and you will not be disapointed.


Senior military college. Greek life. Classes are harder and it's harder to enroll in NGCSU.


The atmosphere. It is a friendly environment with a lot of traditions and strong values. It is in the most perfect small town nestled in the moutains.


Small class-sizes, building relationships with teachers, real life lessons learned, Student Activities Board, mountain touch, perfect small town feel

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