North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A go getter but maybe someone who is questioning what they want to do with their life. Be prepared to work hard but also make friends and have fun.


All type of people!


The faculty are amazing. They are willing to spend time with you just to make sure you understand the material and anything going on in the university. You can tell they have a passion for their job.


University of North Georgia will be great for the students that wants to attend a millitary college or does not know whether to take an associate or bachelor's degree program. This college will be great for people that wants to attend a college with a smaller number in class sides and this college also has a biger campus with smaller class sides. This college is also good for people that wants to attend school again or for traditional students. If a student has a high or low GPA the student still can appy to this school.


A student who is ready to work hard in classes, but is willing to have fun every now and then when they aren't studying or doing home work.


An active, intellectual and honest being should attend this school.


Anyone can attend North Georgia because it is a college that is versatile.


A person who has a drive to go for their goals. They cannot easily give up and must be able to go to the teachers and advisors.


Students interested in smaller class sizes and closer teacher/student relationships ought to really consider this school. It is located in a small town, and is considered a smaller school. You will become very familiar with fellow students, though everyday still brings several new faces. There are ample opportunities for indoor and outdoor recreation, especially being located at the foothill of the mountains. If you appreciate tradition and value, this school is for you.


North Georgia is very traditional, and only persons with the utmost respect for tradition should consider attending. The kind of person who should attend is a strong person with equally strong values and a desire for leadership, whether that desire is to witness great leaders or to become one themselves. Only the best and brightest who wish to put in the effort it takes to mold oneself into a success should attend my school.


There are so many different kinds of people at NCGSU. Many people participate in greek life, but you can still have fun if you don't. There is always something going on, so if you like to stay active and relate with other people, you would love it here. I work in Alumni Affairs and have had the honor to talk with many NGCSU alums. They all have so many postive memories, and they say that this school gave them a great respect for the brave men and women that risk their lives for our great nation.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who likes a small, sometimes quiet campus. Someone who is serious about getting a great education but can't get into a larger college. The area is very calm and beautiful to look at. All the students are very nice and friendly and there are plenty of clubs for everyone to get involved in.


This would be the perfect place for a person who wants a university that is recognized for its Biology department, Nursing program, Business program, and/or Education program. A person interested in Greek life; here is very different than larger universities. It promotes friendship between the different sororities/fraternities and encourages all women to go out for it. Also the environment is beautiful here with the different seasons and the student to professor ratio is very low. This allows someone to get better recommendations when they are applying for a job or grad school.


North Georgia College and State University appeals to students interested in a highly-regarded military program, students looking for a small, safe campus, and to those who desire an easy commute when living at home in the North Georgia area.


A person willing to work very hard and not have much of a social life but have a great career should go here. North georgia is a military college and has high standers in acidemics, especially in science /math. It is pretty easy to get on campus houseing but usually you have to get a meal plan. The school has a good reputation. North georgia has great facilities our gym is an entire buliding complete with rock climbing wall. Mountians surround the school so if you are into hikeing or tubeing around the mountain you would love it here.


a driven person serious about education, willing to work hard, but able to have fun at the same time


If you think the military is a god or you have a military fetish.


Someone who appreciates and respects the history of the school.


A person who is concervative and doesn't mind the military.


Someone who does not like city life or a big school.


someone who wants to meet a lot of new people. someone who wants a small school with small classes and teachers who care,

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