North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


They gave me a lot of information on the school.


There are more fees to attend this school than I originally thought.


I wish I knew what career path I wanted to follow because there is so much offered for each field that I could have greatly benefited from having decided sooner.


There is quite a lot of walking on campus. I figured since it's a small school there wouldn't be as much, but the drill field is actually pretty large- 2 laps make a mile- and walking around it 6 times a day is really exhausting. Also, I wished I had known that the food at the dining hall is not nearly as good as I expected college food to be. I would have gotten a smaller meal plan and eaten on my own. It would have saved me money and been better quality.


I wish I had known more about the living quarters.


The very poor "orientation" they do for freshman students. A forced curfew for the first three weeks, mandatory "games" for "bonding"... While these are all made with good intentions for bonding with hallmates, they rarely work. Relationships are built by our own making, not by forced party games and curfew hours where we're forced to be together. That usually breeds reluctance and irritability, not friendship.


I wish that I had known that the music program was pretty intense. In high school, the music was really easy and I didn't have to practice quite as much. Yet, when I entered into the NGCSU Music Program, I was surprised. The music was much harder, which meant I had to work harder, especially as the principal clarinetist.


The girls cross country team has great girls on it.


I don't know??


i am in the military part of my school, and i wish i would have known how very little free time i would have coming to this school

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