North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The individual programs for each major. They are constructed for the student's needs in the career that they are aiming for. The programs are superior quality.


Our school spirit is something that drew me to this campus as well as the vast Criminal Justice program. The enviroment has been nothing but friendly and inviting. If i ever need a question answered i know that whomever i ask will not stop until they find the answer if they do not know.


The best thing about my school is that it provides a great education and offers a wide variety of activities for its students.


The best thing is the classroom environment! The teachers are so understanding and helpful towards everyone!


The best thing about NGCSU would have to be not only is the campus beautiful but everyone is so nice on campus and you always will meet someone new walking to class or see someone you know. Its not to small but not too big; its beautiful and you can't help but smile on your way to and from class.


The absolute best thing about my school is the fact that it is tucked away in the beautiful mountains of north georgia. It is wonderful to be able to walk around campus because it always makes me smile at how beautiful our campus is. Its definitely a sight to see when you get to the top of the health and natural science building and see a whole stretch of the mountains. The North Georgia College and State University campus is gorgeous, and I 'm truely blessed to be able to attend this school.


I would consider the size of my school it's best asset. Coming out of a small high school, I know I was not prepared to go to a school with tens of thousands of students. North Georgia is the perfect balance of big enough, but not too big.


I would have to say that the best thing is that it has one of the best education programs in the state. That is one of the main reasons that I chose to come to school here. I have wanted to be a teacher my whole life and this is the best school to go to for that major. The teachers that come out of the school of education here by the time that they graduate they already have jobs. I have been told that just by coming here we are more likly to get a teaching postion.


North Georgia is a small and relatively quite school. The temptation to get caught up in things that take you away from your education just is not significant here. The school is also very safe, rated the seventeenth safest school in the nation. The campus is beautiful and I love the surrounding town. In addition to this the programs here have great credibility. People often overlook how great this school and the programs are. The nursing program for instance is very rigorous and has one of the highest pass rates on the NCLEX in the state.


The environment. Everyone is very friendly and there is always something you can get involved with. Teachers are great and want you to succeed in everything you do, and it is absolutely beautiful to be in the mountains!


The fact that it is not in a big city, which I think makes the students/teachers happier to be there and also more useful and cheerful.


I really like the small town atmosphere because it does not distract me from my academics. Also it means that the classes have a smaller number students which alows for more personalize attention from the professors.


The layout of the campus. It is very beautiful all year long.


The Biology program. Because i'm in it.


The strong emphasis on academic and career success.


The professors really help to make sure that you are doing well with class and also that they give you a variety of lecture style teachings and discussions. Also that the undergrads and grads that are attending this college are very friendly and can help you find where your classes are.


the size. its not too big and not too small. its not so small that you know everyone, and big enough where you can meet new people everyday. class sizes are nice.


I like the small town/campus atmosphere. I also like the mountain surroundings and the avalibilty of hiking and other recreation. I enjoy the small class sizes and the willingness of professors to get to know you and help you. Most of all though, I came to the school because of its location in the mountains with its rivers nearby. I like being close to the woods and mountains.


The best thing about North Georgia College & State University has small class sizes and it allows you to get more involved with classroom discussion. It also gives you a better relationship with your professors.


I love the smallness of this school. The class sizes usually do not have over 40 people and I think that makes for a better learning environment.


The military department is definately the best thing because this school is one of six senior military colleges in the country, and compared to the other it has an outstanding military training program in order to produce the best US Army officer.


Honestly, the best thing about my school is the location. It is absolutely beautiful here. It takes my breath away sometimes. Academically speaking, the best thing about my school is the class size. I have never sat in a stadium-like room with hundreds of other people. The maximum is usually around 30 people, which is perfect.


The Corps of Cadets.


Country setting with a lot of outdoor activities, and the cost of attendance.


The music program here is the best thing. It teaches you so much in so many different ways that is it amamzing


The professors and staff truly care about the students, and their well being. The student body is friendly and accepting, and the is usually no problem finding something to do. The school has a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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