North Greenville University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its Christian values. It is a Southern Baptist college. The teachers are all great, and the president is a really nice guy and loves the students.


North Greenville University is a Christ centered institution and all of the professors are known to be Christians.


Developing and growing students to be strong leaders in their future work place and make a difference for Jesus Christ.


It is best known for the teachers building relationships with the students.


NGU is a Christ centered and Christ focused campus - our motto is, "Where Christ Makes the Difference." Christian Sutdies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Education are the three most prominent majors here. It is also known for being a more secluded college in a mountenous setting. There are not many restaurants or stores within a 20 minute radius. Finally, it is known for having a wonderful relaxed environment and pleasant staff and professors.


We are well known for being a university with a Christian worldview. We are mission and ministry oriented and are known for sending people overseas to do mission trips. We are also known for having a great Education Program.


My school is best known for "where Christ makes the difference" and the rules. Our motto is "where Christ makes the difference". The words explain themself and that's what Christ does around here. Also, we have pretty intense rules at North Greenville. All that make this school what it is today.


Best known for our Christian students who help and serve in the communities. Also for our Sports teams, especially football.


My school is best known for showing how Christ makes the differance in every aspect of life.


Faithful Christian school that most of students studying their work with their faith in the Christ.


North Greenville is best known for its Christian community. The logo for this school is " Where Christ makes the difference'" and this phrase represents the foundation this school is built on. Opportunities to get involved in church communities around the school and to be a part of mission trips are presented often to the students.


I would have to say the Christian atmosphere. Granted, it's not the largest nor most well-known Christian school in the US, however, that's a key strong point at North Greenville and part of the reason it attracted me as a student.


I would say that North Greenville University is best known for its affiliation to the Southern Baptist Convention. They pride themselves on having the number one Baptist Student Union in the state of South Carolina and sending more missionaries than any other university in the state.


Being a Christian based school with high levels of education. We have good sports teams that reach out the community. We also are very globally interactive with mission trips year round.


My school's motto is "where Christ makes the difference." What makes my school different than other universities is that all the staff claim to be Christains and teach biblical values in and out of the classroom. The president of my school prays for his students and professors; he prays for everyone on campus to grow in spiritually. People off campus can tell a positive difference in North Greenville students than other college students. North Greenville is known for helping the needy in the community and in foriegn countries. North Greenville has been known for being a genuine Christian community.


North Greenville University is known for its quality education in a Christ-centered environment. We have students who come from all parts of the world to study here. North Greenville has some of the best professors, in my opinion. They are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of their students. NGU has a national championship baseball team and football team as of 2010. North Greenville is an awesome school on fire for the Lord, sitting right in the middle of little 'ole Tigerville, South Carolina.




being private and part of the Southern Baptist Convention, a highly ranking Christian college


North Greenville University is best known for the school "where Christ makes the difference".


Not drinking!


North Greenville is best known for sending more students out into the mission field than any other college in the U.S.


The arts and music programs. Loving, friendly environment.


Our school is known for it's intelligent and brightest students, most among the Fine Arts departments. Also, the school is know for it's Christ-centered world and their approach to sharing their beliefes with others as well as listening to other cultures and beliefes.