North Greenville University Top Questions

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The diversity among the students present. Also, the professors are well-qualified and very few of them have anything under a Doctoriate degree. I love being taught by well-qualified individuals.


We are out in the country, and it seems as though the faculty is your family and not teachers. They are very friendly.


The rules are strict. There is no drinking, sex or drugs and the campus is God centered and all about reaching people for Christ.


The fact that my school is a Christian school is really unique.


North Greenville is a Christian school that welcomes you as a family. I grew up in a house that did not drink or do drugs and I was not comfortable being in a "learning enviroment" where that was the main focus.


North Greenville University is a Christian school where Christ is the center of everything. The school's motto, "Where Christ Makes the Difference" stands true. It is very rare for a student to graduate NGU without having felt some sort of change in their life because of Christ. The president of the University is very personal in that he knows every student and gets a hug everytime we see him. The order of his goals are that first we will each know Christ and develop a relationship with Him and second that we graduate and become successful.


North Greenville is a Christ centered University which is shown in every aspect on campus, from sports to class rooms. The president & teachers remember you and make it a point to encourage and help you daily. There is such a large variety of students from around the world, helping you view the lives of people all over the world. Everyone is friendly and caring. The feeling of being in such a friendly, encouraging, loving environment makes you feel so at home and comfortable. Christ really has made a difference at North Greenville and that is why it is so unique.


North Greenville is unique because it is a very Christ centered school. Everyone is so friendly and loving. The teachers care and help to do anything they can to make sure the students do well. The president is loving and gives everyone a hug. North Greenville has a great Christian Studies area and prepares the students for the ministry. The other majors also prepare the other students well too.


The most unique thing about my school compared to other schools would have to be how nice and caring everyone is. People every day are always kind and cater to my needs and the needs others at North Greenville. The staff and faculty also do a good job at making sure you are on track with your material and help you where you are lacking. I have met few people who are not open to seeking opportunities to reach out to others.


The environment provides for easy and encouraged learning. With a more even staff/ student ratio and a Christian atmosphere theres always someone to help and you get to know your staff so its a great place to pursue an education. The education in itself is extremely well-rounded.


My school is a Baptist University and it is a private school. I absolutly love the school and the campus. I would love to recieve this scholarship so I can continue to get my education there and eventually graduate from there.


North Greenville is unique compared to other schools because it is a place that Jesus Christ makes a difference.


This school has Christ centered and strives to make sure you become a stronger Christian as well as a stronger student. It is a little far from the nearest city. The view of the mountains is spectacular and breath-taking. The faculty and teachers of the school are always very friendly and encouraging. Drinking and smoking and having sexual relations outside of marriage are all not allowed at this school. They try to keep a good enviroment.


it is not a party school and Dr. Epting, the president, is very involved with the students. for example he will give everybody a hug and call them by name.


North Greenville is unique compared to other schools in the fact that Christ is really the center of everything at North Greenville.


North Greenville University is a private Christian school, so being able to go to each class and start of with prayer and discussion is a truly amazing feeling.


Since North Greenville University is a Private Baptist school, we have a biblical focus on most of the classes. I transfered here for my sophomore year from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte which is a liberal arts school , so we didn't talk about or have many biblical conversations at all. So I think it is very unique how I can come to college and Earn a degree and also learn and Grow more in my faith.


it's a very caring God centered school


My school is located in the beautiful South Carolina mountains.


North Greenville University is a small, family-like college that allows you to know every student and professor on personal level. I enjoy attending this college for its small class size, christian atmosphere and beautiful campus.


There is a huge emphasis on Christ and Christianity here. Not only are you encouraged to keep up your grades but you are also enouraged to keep your walk with God as as strong as you can.


It has an authentically Christian atmosphere


My school is a close-knit environment because it is a small school where most students have similar values. We have a code of conduct more strict than most schools, but it is often helpful because we're not allowed to drink.


The size of the school atracts me to it.