North Greenville University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love how Christ-centered NGU is. It is truely one of the best places to be.


North Greenville University is a great school. There morals are inspiring and the atmosphere is safe and loving. The school is incredible.


The atmosphere. We have a pretty diverse student body and when we have fun athletic events (be it intramural or school) everyone goes crazy.


North Greenville University is a very Christian school that I feel very safe at. I also know I can always state my religious views.


It is a great Christian Campus where the professors truly care about us. Yes there are strick rules, but they are there to help keep us focused and successful in our goals of getting a degree. Also there are plenty of activities to do on campus so it is still a very active college lifestyle. The professors are always willing to help and talk to students one-on-one because they want to se us succeed.


I brag about being part of the football team. In the past two years North Greenvilles football team has had amazing seasons which resulted in the team recieveing two rings. I also boast about being part of the track and field team, last season I placed 8th in the conference. The main thing that I brag about is that i am apart of a highly religious university that has given me the opportunity to grow stronger in my walk with Christ.


The professors here really care about your well-being and they truly care about you and your personal life. I love that it is a small campus so I can get to know people easier.


My favorite thing about North Greenville is the fact that it is a small university which provides me with the opportunity to have personable relationships with the teachers here. The teachers are willing to help and work with their students as long as the students are giving quality effort. Also, the students on campus are very friendly, making it easy to form new friendships over a short period of time.


I brag about how it is a great home away from home and how the teachers and students make you feel kind of at home.


North Greenville Univeristy's motto is "Christ makes the Difference." I can truly say that Christ made the difference in my academic career at North Greenville University. I was required to take Bible classes and follow rules and guidelines that many college students do not have to follow. They kept me in line as a person and helped me to form a Christian worldview and moral guidelines at a young age. Sometimes, the rules seemed unreasonable, but looking back I am very thankful for North Greenville challenging me in these areas. I hope my children will follow in my footsteps.


I brag most about the professors. While preparing for college throughout high school, I was afraid that I would struggle in college because I tend to learn best getting one on one help from my teachers. However, as soon as I came to NGU, that worry soon subsided. The professors here care so much about their students. They are available for extra help at convenient times and even develop a personal relationship with their students. They are always ready and willing to help their students be the best that they can be.


Very stong Christian environment. I love the mountains that surround the campus. The teachers are wonderful and are always willing to help, most even go out of there way to help their students succeed.


North Greenville Univeristy is a Christian school, where you keep focus on God's word and in your studies. NGU helps me to achieve all my goals in the classroom using God's teachings. NGU has a wonderful campus, friendly students, and amazing professors. That is the perfect package that a student looks for, and NGU offers it without no doubt.


The academics are great. The professors are genuine in their teachings and want students to be there best!


What I brag the most about North Greenville University to my friends is the campus' atmosphere, dorm, and friendliness of the people. It has a homey atmosphere that makes it comfortable and easy to adapt. I also always brag about my dorm. I have the newest dorm on campus and I absolutely love it! It has a lot of space and I enjoy the pretty walk to and from my dorm. As I pass people on this walk, they are always friendly and help you if you are lost or just need a smile to brighten your day.


The professors are amazing. They love the students and want to see us succeed. The classes are small and discussion is encouraged.


I love the passion most students have for Jesus. It is such an encouragement to be around others who's desire, above school and everything else, is to glorify and serve Jesus Christ.


If I had to pick one aspect that I constantly or repeatedly tell my friends about it would be the enviroment. My school is specifically set up for each individual to pursue their goals and continue on to the next level regardless of their circumstances. North Greenville University is also a school full of caring people with teachers and assistants available to assist and benefit the students in any way possible.


I brag to people about how envolved and outgoing the school is. I also brag about the football team and baseball team in becoming champions. The school has a great campus and extremely caring faculty. The classrooms are great size. Over all North Greenville University is a great school.


We have a pretty view from the cafeteria.


I brag about how everyone is friendly, caring and trustworthy. My school is not embarassed to proclaim that it is a Christian University that teaches students how to apply a Christian view with sciences and other programs.


christ centered environment


There is a lot of freedom to have fun and be yourself, yet just enough rules to keep trouble off campus! Also, professors are fun to be around and usually personable and friendly. They love their students and always want to help them!


Drinking and drugs are never allowed here which is a community I love. I also joke around with others that we are not allowed to dance at the school. its not something to brag per say but its a neat little bit of info. There is also the fact that the minute you get onto campus you can really feel the Lord working in it.


This school is a very good, small, country university with a lot of down to earth people.


I have amazing relationships with my fellow students and instructors here and North Greenville University. I have never felt more at home at a place other than home.


The friendliness of everyone on campus. There is no one on campus that you can not call a friend. It is extremely easy to get to know people and completely easy to keep in contact with people. We are growing, but we are not getting to big.