North Greenville University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I'd have to say that being there is amazing and it's own little community, however it is in the base of the smoky mountains and a good distance from stores and towns! If you wanted to make a trip to a local grocery store or place to work or live off-campus, it would be at least a 30 minute drive! I'd love to see the school community continue to grow in order to provide more in these basic needs as well!


The most unfavorable thing about my school is its location. It is located in the hilly area of Greenville and the campus was built on top of a small hill. To get anywhere around campus everyone has to climb a myriad of hills. It is very time consuming and strenuous to "hike" everywhere I go on campus, no matter if it is raining, snowing, or freezing cold outside.


Well for me, not having a car on campus, its a too far away from home. If a had a car, this would not be an issue though, as the school is 3 hours drive from home.


The worst thing about my school is the long walk to the cafateria when it rains. You really get wet.


The worst thing about my school is how everyone (including myself) is so judgemental. Since it is a christian school, the students are held up to extremely high standards and there is very little room for mistakes.


The worst thing about North Greenville Universtity is probably the facilities that North Greenville provides. Although we are going through big renovations for many of the buildings, North Greenville doesn't provide a whole lot to happy about. As a softball player, the softball facilities are not where they need to be also.


Honestly the worst thing to me would be the food. I am a very picky person when it comes to food and so it is hard for me to find something that I like.


The worst thing about this school is how they handle the money. New buildings, landscaping, etc. is built and payed for when existing units are in dire neeed of repair.


Age of housing/dorm units.


Nothing particularly strikes out at me as being the worst thing about the school, especially not academically, so possibly the amount of hills in the area that make some of the walks from class to class difficult and tiring.


The worst things about NGU is the high price of attendance. It is very expensive, and it would be so much better if the tuition, room, and board could be brought down. I have to do much scholarship hunting, and I've had to take out a loan. The school gives good scholarships, but not enough to help significantly. I don't like having to pay so much to go to a Christian school.


I think the worst thing is the boys aren't allowed into the girls dorm room and vice versa. It makes it difficult to just hangout or study.


The worst thing about North Greenville is definitely the parking and driving patterns. There is nowhere near enough parking, especially when we have special events that draw in people from the community. Often times I have to drive around for 30 minutes to wait for a parking spot to open beside my dorm. The school also has only one direction for traffic to flow. The only way to drive on campus is to enter a one-way road that drives all the way through campus. Even if you only need to go a short distance, you must drive around campus.


The worst thing about my school is some of the rules, they are really strict but it is for the students own good.


Not enough campus life.


I consider the worst thing about my school being some of the old dorms. They aren't in great shape. There are also many small buildings on campus such as the library and the cafeteria. I know North Greenville is a small campus, but some of these buildings, I think, should be a little bigger and in better shape.


The teachers really do care about students, but the staff here sometimes let things slip by and we have to suffer for it.


The wrost thing about North Greenville University is the food.


I think the worse thing about NGU is the set meal plan for students living on campus. I feel like students should have the option to choose how many meals they will actually eat instead of having only one plan they must pay for. I work every night so I always missed the dinner on campus, yet I still was paying for it.


The students tend to have cliques and some are more welcoming than others.


The legalistic mindset and overbearing rules that can be overbearing and take away from individualism and independance.


One thing that is a downside to NGU is the way that things are run. There is a lot of efficiency issues within the school's administration. Another negative thing is the amount of rules that are pushed upon the student. The rules make college here seem more like high school and a glorified baby-sitting service.


The cafeteria choices are not very conducive to providing many options for those with food allergies and/or vegetarians. The food also seems to have less nourishing vitamins than the food we're used to at home. A good number of students have to supplement their meal plan with food they purchase with their own hard-earned money because they're not getting enough nutrients and several are losing weight unhealthily because the food options given them with their allergies are not very edible.


The only thing i dislike about my school is the fact that there is no visitation hours but i understand the purpose of this rule.


The worst thing about NGU would have to be the hills! On days when you don't feel good, the hill isn't your best friend. If you live in any of the "far away" dorms, you have to first walk up a muddy hill and then the paved hill which is really steep.


It can be pretty hard to make friends if you don't live on campus. There are no really no student groups to help you get involved. So unless you live on campus, you should plan on getting involved in sports, music, or cheerleading in order to build relationships with other students.


The rules and regulations regarding girls in guys dorms and vice versa. The only other thing that i do not love about the campus is the curfew which requires us to not be walking around campus after one at night.


The worst thing about North Greenville University would be the condition of buildings and the fact that no one really knows about the college. Since it is a small university, they lack some of the financial abilities as other schools.


North Greenville is limited in the number of majors that they can offer, perhaps, due to financial limitations & willing professors to take lower income salaries.


It's a young school so we don't have the best science facilities.


Lack of comfortable places to study other than dorms.


I'm not getting my money's worth in learning.


There is nothing here to do on weekends and no where to hang out.


That the college is not really open to other ideas based outside of the Southern Baptist beliefe. The university in itself is very conservative, they do however, have some liberal (ie Democratic club). You will be kicked out of the school for drinking and having sex and you will be counseled for smoking. They try to preserve their Christian hertiage, which is perfectly fine.


The judgemental state of mind that it seems everyone possess. Because there is no righteous person on this earth; all have sinned and will sin. What makes anyone better than the other. I hate judgemental people. Even the rules are prejudice. (I.e. pregnant girls can not stay on the campus).