North Greenville University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who has strong negative feelings or reservtions about Christianity. Someone who dosent like to socailize often. A persone who does not wish to excell above or beyond the general expectations for the general student body. A party person wouldnt not do well at this school.


bad, direspectful, and not wanting to get to know the Lord .


A person who doesn't want to do the work necesarry to get a good grade should not attend this school.


Someone who wants to drink and do drugs.


If you are looking for a school where you are nothing more than a number in a classroom, this is not the school for you. If you don't want the teacers to know your name and be actively involved with your education, this is not the school for you. If you don't want the president of the University to stop you in the courtyard and ask you how you are and if he can help you in anyway, then this is not the school for you.


The type of people that should attend North Greenville are strong believers in Christ. North Greenville is a highly religious university and requires students to participate in the worship of the Christian belief. People who attend NGU should be very open minded and should try new things. They should also allow themselves to open and friendly and accepting of all races, cultures, and background because there are several interesting people that attend NGU.


Anyone is welcomed to attend North Greenville, but people who like to party should think twice before they come to North Greenville. We are a Christian school, so if someone is against God, then they may not like North Greenville, but we'd more than welcome them!


Active, Sportsy, Music, Theater, and Education people


Someone who has a focus on drinking and doing drugs and has a general lack of respect for themselves or others.


There isnt any kind of person that shouldn't attend this school. However, if a person likes to go out and get drunk every night I would not reccomend coming here because that is not tolerated.


Someone who doesnt have the willingness to give up their past to change for the rules of the school.


Anybody who wants to serve God in their career should attend North Greenville. Every school has quirks. I love NGU. We are a big family.


To attend North Greenville Universty you would want to be the type of person that is a Christian. You have to be willing to listen and dig into God's word. Also the type of person that doesnt drink or smoke. You also need to have the understanding that the universtiy is a Christian private school.


A person that loves to party, drink, do drugs, or have sex. Those things are not allowed on campus or off campus. If you are caught doing any of them you risk being kicked out of school.


I believe that those who are overtly liberal or flagrantly homosexual, pro-choice, or maybe even democratic would have a somewhat difficult time at this school. Even those who hold somewhat to those identities would probably have few to no problems, however, it is a possibility.


Anyone is welcome at North Greenville. This is a loving school for all people. The rules are strict, but they can be followed. If someone is worried about not fitting in, then North Greenville is the place for them. Everyone has a place here. This is where Christ Makes the Difference.


One should not attend this school if he/she likes being in an large environment with thousands of people. One must like attending smaller classes with maximum 30 students and like professors who know his/her name. One must also not mind attending Christian chapel services twice a week and being in a Christ-centered atmosphere.


A person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who enjoys rejecting authority and breaking rules. There are serious consequences that come when rules are broken.


Anyone who comes from a strong liberal background may find the environment uncomfortable. Also, students who are used to urban environments may feel misplaced and stuck in the middle of nowhere. Students who do not have a strong Christian background may also find the school a bit uncomfortable.


Someone that doesn't want to be changed by others, who is only focused on how to get where they need to go without worrying about their impact on others.


a person who wants to go out and party. any person who has a problem attending chapel two days out of the week.


The kind of person that should not attend North Greenville University is a person who does not want to be academically challenged, who does not want to meet new and exciting people, and who just does not want to have the time of their life.


One who loves the city. One who loves drinking and partying. One who does not wish to focus on schoolwork and take it seriously. One who does not wish to follow the rules.


North Greenville is a Christian school where 'Christ makes the difference.' Anyone, Christian or not, is welcome to come. However, if a person hates even being in a Christian atmosphere or just hearing the Word of God, they probably would not be happy at North Greenville. Also, people looking for partying, sororites, and etc., North Greenville is probably not the school for them. People wanting to go into nursing might be better suited attending a technical school because North Greenvile has not yet added that as a major.


A person who is interested in more partying than education. The rules are strict at this school.


Those who rebell against authority and don't like rules shouldn't attend North Greenville. It isn't super strict, but they do set down guidelines for the students. Those looking for a big city shouldn't attend; North Greenville is set in the mountains with not much around.


Well, North Greenville University is a Christian school. If a student is strongly opposed to Christ, he probably wouldn't be happy here.


i think that some one that is a driven person would do well here. Also some that puts a high value on morals.


One who is positive about thier future and desires to gain knowledge.