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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't worry about how you're struggling mentally and phsyically. You don't have a learning disorder, you don't have depression or bipolar disorder like everyone is suggesting. You actually have a condition called Chronic Lyme Disease, which you will find out in the years to come! I'm saying this to validate you - don't let it scare you! It is actually going to be one of the most helpful tools in your life to bring about the realization of what's truly important in life! It will help you begin on your path not only toward personal health, but aid others along their way as well. It is going to be a platform to launch you into a passion for nutrition and mission's trips to help others who are less fortunate in other countries. You've done great so far, kept a high GPA, and whatever you do - never give up now. Things will become clearer in time, I promise. And every step along this journey to come, however difficult, is going to be life-changing and serve an amazing purpose, helping you be the person you are called to be! Keep believing!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say, "Caleb, everything is going to be just fine. You will face some troubling times, but if you continue to stay positive and seek God daily, you will be fine. Because God loves you and He will take care of you. You have nothing to fear."


Forget anything you thought was "cool", "accecpting", or generally a popular move and throw it out of the window. This is not the place to waste time or recources. You have now reached the place in which the time to study and apply yourself have come to fruition. You have one objective and that is succeed. To leaave this place knowing that you have given it your absolute best and having achived the best possible grade in an honest fashion. This is the time to prove youself to you and no one else. Their opinion has no weight after you leave here. Just do what you are instructed to do and keep your nose down. All will be fine.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to continue working hard in school and continue doing extracurricular activities like playing sports and volunteering because it really does all pay off when you get to college. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships my senior year of high school because scholarships are extremely important in affording a higher education. However, I would also tell myself to have fun and make life long memories. My advice would include to spend as much time as I can with my best friends and make sure to stay in touch with them so they don't drift away once college starts. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to be serious about my future, but to also have fun and make memories because they become so important and special once you have moved on to a new life surrounded by new friends. Those relationships and memories back home will always be the most important in your life, especially while you're away.


I would tell myself not to wait to go to college and to go as fast as I could. My ignorance has put me in many bad situations in the past. I have matured over the years and I now share with my fellow classmates the mistakes I made in my past and I encourage them not to make the same mistakes that I did when I was their age.


-Umm, what is going on? -Calm down. You don't need to freak out. -I think I can when I am talking and looking at my ownself. -Don't worry. I am you just a year from now. -Well, how did you get here? -How I got here isn't important. What's important is what I have to say. You have been stressing yourself out about moving away for college. You're worried about losing your family and friends when you leave. I am here to tell you that you shouldn't be. The absence of your family is easy to forget about when you are busy with homework and cheerleading practices. It is inevitable that you will miss them, but their random phone calls and continuous love will always be there to fall back on. True friends are going to be there when you come home. If you do lose friends, they did not care enough and were not good friends to have anyway. The transition will not be easy, but it forces you to mature for the better. -So it's not as bad as I am making it out to be? -No. It's way easier.


The advise I would give myself is this: Be sure to pick a college that has an environment that shares your morals, values, and especially Christianity. Be wise about choosing a college that has a variety a majors because you will most likely change your major a couple times. Also be sure there is good financial aid and scholarships available.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school I would tell myself to not worry so much about the new life I was going to have in college. Do not worry about friends because you are going to met the greatest people and do not worry about classes because you are actually smarter than you think. You might want to watch out for biology though, there will be some tears. Do not think drama stops on high school, this is only the beginning. Making the transition will be one of the toughest times in your life, but it will also be the most exciting. I would also tell me not to worry so much about that boy down the street, and I would tell myself to stop worrying about cute outfits and save a little bit more money. College is not a joke, and if you are not careful you will end up broke. Most of all I would like to tell myself that even though college in a wonderful experience, there are trials and tribulations, but you are string, ambitious, and determined. If I have faith in anyone, it is you.


I would tell myself not to stress as much as I did. In high school I was so concerned about how college life was going to be and I was scared to make the transition. However, once I got to school, I easily adjusted and now I consider NGU to be my second home. I would also tell myself to be organized and not bring as much stuff to school. Having so much stuff in my room was such a hassle and it made me even more stressed out.


be prepared and take school seriously


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a High School senior I would advise myself to have patients and to work to the best of my abilities to accomplish my goals. I am an aspiring worker and I like to get things done right the first time and not procrastinate. Being an athlete I understand the meaning of competing and working hard. In this world things aren’t handed to you on a silver platter. Some of us may get lucky with opportunities, but I believe that I need to earn my way and branch myself out to others in order to make opportunities for myself. To me it is more self-full filling if I put forth the effort to accomplish what I want and whether I'm rewarded or not for my efforts I will always know that I did the best I could to the best of my abilities. With that being said I would remind myself that these challenges wouldn’t always be easy but to stay tough, be patient and do the best I can. No matter the circumstances I will always feel a sense of accomplishment.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to study harder, and to quit goofing off. I would tell myself to grow up a bit more because at college you are on your own, with no one to tell you when to do this or when to do that. I would tell myself to learn better study and time management skills. Also I would definitely work harder to save up for a car; being on campus 3 hours from home without a car is not ideal. Oh, I would say to bring more snacks for your dorm room, and don’t over pack, cause the dorm is smaller than how it appears in pics online.


I would say to stay focused on school, to not get too caught up in the drama of high school, and I would remind myself that the reason I am there is to get an education and that is the most important part. It is not about how many friends you have, whether or not your happy with your relationship status, or your popularity level but it is about getting good grades and learning skills that you will need to be successful for when you reach adulthood.


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self some advice I would certainly have a lot to say. First I would point out that college life is not as hard and scary as it seems, it is actually really enjoyable as long as you don't get behind in any classes. Which leads me into what I would say next; don't procrastinate, procrastination is one of the things that makes college harder than it should be, start training yourself now to get things done ahead of time. Switching to the financial side of things, don't count on scholarships to always be there to cover your tuition, not every scholarship is guaranteed for the next school year; get a job and save up some money! Finally and most importantly, make good relationships with people who will challenge you to do your best and who will be there for you when you feel like you are at your worst. That's not all I would say, but two hundred words go by quickly.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would have told myself to embrace every moment of my college years. The time you spend study is important, no doubt. However, the time you spend interacting and making new friends is just as important, if not, more so. The friends I made in college are my eternal friends; and friends I will always cherish. In order to be successful in college, I believe students must learn to balance their time. The transition from a high school senior to a freshman in college can be made much easier if a multitude of friends and relationships are created from the onset. This I would enourage for any college freshman.


If I could have the privilege of going back to highschool, senior year, I would give myself so much advice. First, I would tell myself that a community college is still a good start, and to not be afraid of the community college just because it's a 2 year degree program, because in the long run, it will be cheaper. Second, I would tell myself to choose a major that I can see myself doing everyday, even if I got paid nothing for doing the work. And if I am unsure of what that is, start college but then maybe take sometime off when the decision really needs to be made. Finally, I would advice myself to take my grades serious and choose friends that do too. Because after college is over there has to be something to show for it, and hopefully it's a successful story.


I would tell myself to study harder, eat less, sleep more, and exercise more. Another thing I would definitely tell myself would be to stop procrastinating.


I would tell myself not to rely on calculators for your math problems, learn to do them without it. Also to be more aggresive in my studies so that I will have better study habits. Learn not to rely on your parents to take care of thing for you because in college you have to do everything for yourself.


I would tell myself to relax and enjoy it. Instead of worrying about making friends to go out and intentionally meet people by joining a few extra clubs and do intramurals. I would remind myself to be vocal and kind instead of waiting on people to come up and meet me to go and interact with them. I would also tell myself to make the most of the beautiful campus by going with a friend to explore it and not take it forgranted.


TO not take a year off, insted go straight into college. To line up scholarships and do the fasfa asap.


I would tell myself to just follow my heart and go to the school that my heart was leading me to. Also I would tell myself how much of a safe and great school North Greenville University is.


I would tell myself that time management is a crutial skill that needs to be mastered. Also that the first couple of weeks or even the first semester is overwhelming, BUT not impossible. I would tell myself to just take a deep breath and tackle the obsticles that were to come and not to crumble. Also I would tell myself not to make myself stressed with class work, but to work efficently and diligently and everything would work out fine. Another skill is to not be afraid to make friends and go up to people and form new relationships, because these relationships can truly make a difference. Friends can help you study for those classes that are harder, and also provide you with a stress relief. Yes the academics are important, but it is also important not to get stuck in them because we need to learn to be social so we know how to tackle the real world once we enter it. We need to know how to construct relationships with those we work with so we can better our work. Two people can accomplish a lot more than just one alone.


First I would tell myself to take a deep breath. College is a lot of work both acedemically and relationally. You might meet your future spouse and friends that will last a lifetime. But first, take a deep breath and invest in people. Don't worry about everything just have faith that God is in control. Second I would say to get to know your professors and work hard. By truly doing the best you can each step of the way you will succeed. Because what matters in the end is not your grade exactly, but your effort, knowledge, and the people you have served along the way.


If I had the chance to go back and talk to myself as I high school senior, I would tell myself that all the social life things I think matter do not. Nobody cares about your new shoes, or the type of car you have. People really do grow up in college; People are very concerned about their futures and what it takes to make it, which means there are fewer people to trust. When it comes down to it, everyone is in college for to better their own lives and they won't let anyone get in the way of that. I would also tell myself to focus on myself and no one else because it is easy to get drawn into the wrong crowd if I focus on other peole.


If I could go back in time the biggest piece of advice I would give myself is to pay on my student loans while I am in school. It does not matter if it is $10 per week or $50 per month. Whatever money is paid during the college will have a huge impact on the amount of money that needs to be paid back once school is complete. Another tip about student loans is to find out the interest that accrues over the year and make sure that at least that is paid by the end of the year. If not every year the accrued interest is additional to the capital of the loan that was not borrowed. This results an increase in capital and the following year interest will be charged to the new larger amount owed. The best part about accrued interest is that you have all year to make payments before it is added to the capital.


Take a deep breath and stop worrying so much, you are going to be fine. You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. I'm not going to lie, its going to be a bit scary. You're going to meet new people, do new things, and have the time of your life. These people you are going to meet are going to become the best friends you could ask for. They are going to begin to shape you into the person that you want to be. All of the new experiences, are going to be so much fun and you'll laugh until you cry. The classes are going to be hard and you are going to have to study. There is only so much a teacher can do, the rest is up to you. However, don't get discouraged, Joshua 1:9 says that the Lord your God will be with you always. Make each and everyday count, there will never be another one like it. Make good friends, they will stick by you through everything. Don't strive for perfection, but rather do your very best. Finally, trust God and pray constantly.


The best advice I could give myself as a high school senior is if I want to get a job, I need to get more involved in the local community through volunteer opportunities and be friendly with everyone because it will open career paths. I would also need to pursue getting my license by the end of the school year because it gives me a world of freedom. I need to value the time I spend with my friends and spend even more time with them because after high school I will lose contact with them. I also need to apply for part time jobs around the city because it will help pay for college expenses. I would also tell myself to cut my hair, study vigorously, and listen to my grandparents when they give me advice about how to act in a professional setting because it all makes college life a lot less stressful. The advice I would give myself would seem unimportant and cliché, but in reality, the small changes in a person's actions and involvement can mean the difference between achieving success and wondering why no one will hire you, talk to you, or help you.


Don't worry about trying to fit in or seem like the cool kid, do what you believe in and try your hardest with anything you do. Who you think are your friends now will most likely not be your friends down the road, especially if you are hiding your true self. The issues that matter to you now will not matter to you down the road. Worry about your education and your place in this world. Do something meaningful. Take risks, accept challenges, and never give up on yourself.


I would work harder on my school work and learn how to bettter study. I would start earlier on college applications in order that I can find out about scholarships sooner and have a better chance of getting them.


I would say be ready to go in head first. When you get to college go out and meet people, try new things, join clubs or teams, and have fun. But also looking at the academic side be ready a prepared to manage your time, to study hard, and to give your classwork all your effort.


Enjoy every second of high school no matter how badly you want to get out of it because you will miss it.


I was very shy in high school. I had friends, but I never really got involved in any school clubs or organizations. Now that I am in college, I see that getting involved early is very important. If I could give my high school self advice, I would tell myself to get involved more. There is nothing wrong with being shy, but it can make so many opportunities disappear. I regret being so shy in high school. I wish I would have gotten more involved. College has allowed me to come out of my shell and I am now starting to become more involved. It is never too late to make a change.


Whatever you are told to know for a test, quiz, or exam, study that plus everything else in the book. But don't just memorize it for a short time, implant the facts in your mind until it is knowledge for life! Learning should never end when you walk out of the classroom. That is when it all truly begins.


I believe that I am well more knowledgeable and equipped with the experience I have gained since bing in highschool and now that I have 1 year of college done with. If I could go back in time I would advise myself to go all out in highschool to make the highest grades possible because they are going to be so worth it when applying for a college and getting student aid, grants, and scholarships; and for the improtance of having to know the information learned in highschool. I would also tell myself that college will be very hard and fun at the same time, so don't give up whatever you do. Finally, I would say, "Manage your time well, Jennifer, it will be one of the most important thing you do in college. If you want to learn and get through this with a head held high, manage your time. Don't get easily distracted from the vital work at hand when you have assignments due. Place God first in everything you do and try not to stress to much about the workload, He will be there with youthrough it all. You can to this."


I would tell myself to stay focused on my school work and dont put sports before my education. When I was in high school my main focus was football and getting a scholarship for football. Sadly I was dissapointed when i didnt get a scholaship for football and was dismayed about going to college. Luckly i had a 3.6 gpa and a good SAT score that allowed me to get into North Greenville and many other colleges without any struggle. Being in college taught me responsiblities and time managment that i wish i had in high school, so i would tell myself to balance my time and use it wisely and make the smart decisions in and out of the classroom.


You are strong. Yet you still deny it. This one word that you have heard over and over again has yet to have an affect on the tears streaming down your flushed cheeks. But you are still beautiful. While your face lies damp and bruises pressed across your skin, may you still find reasons to smile. You haven't lost your innocence as you so firmly believed, but you have just begun to embrace it. While these current court dates and flashbacks have forced you into adulthood at only 17, please never forget this. You are not worthless, nor will you ever be and he has never been more wrong. You have never been more beautiful than right now. Your story does not need to be hidden under careless lies and questionable coverups. But told with an unimaginable streagth underneath your trembling voice. Time to let go of the screams you have forced quiet that now slowly tear you apart. Freedom is closer than you think. This is your senior year, make it one you will actually want to remember.


Be sure you know where you want to go with your life and don't just go and waste a bunch of money.


If I could go back and be a senior in high school agian I would definitely do some things differently. I would first develop better study habits. In high school it is very easy to just look over your notes once and be fine for the test, however, in college you definitely have to work harder for the grades that you get. I would also be more involved in school so that when I came to college I would be in the habit of being involved. Being involved is very important in college because that is how you meet all kinds of new people!


Attend North Greenville, because you will meet a very nice man who may one day become your husband. However after the first year, transfer to a school that will not frustrate you so much that you will be ready to leave after the second year.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to pay attention. A lot of material that I have learned in college could have been a review for me if I would have just payed attention in class. Also, If I would have payed attention and done my work, my GPA would have been higher. I wish that I could go back and tell myself to enjoy time with my friends, but also to take my school work seriously. I wish that I could go back and change all of those late nights out with the cheerleaders or basketball team to late nights of studying. Those nights were fun, but they didn't last. Putting my very best foot forward in all of my school work though, that would have lasted a lifetime.


Given the opportunity to give advice to myself (in my high school senior year) about the transition into college life, I would make sure that I was well equipped with time management skills and the ability to balance course work with on-campus college community life and service to others. Stepping closer towards independence does take some training. Living on campus, verses being at home, really brings out your personal areas of strengths and and your areas of weaknesses. I would have more discussions with other kids already in college (that I knew and looked up to) to find out exactly what some of the pitfalls could be and the best ways they found to deal with them. Also, I would tell myself that even though it is my senior year, it is not a year just to celebrate, but a year that is going to have a direct impact on my first year of college and that each day should be taken very seriously as I head out on my path towards my future.


Do not wait until the last minute to get all the paperwork done! I would tell myself that North Greenville is where I want to go and make sure I got all my FAFSA paperwork finalized quickly, that way I wouldn't have missed the Tuition Scholarship by 8 days. That way I could have started the year off on campus and the transition would have been much easier.


You are worth it! Invest in yourself and take advantage of this time to find yourself through learning.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would most likely advice myself to start working on scholarships and finacial aid earlier. I would tell myself that even though I know it takes time it is worth it, because there are much fewer scholarships offerred once you are no longer a junior or senior in high school.


I would have really took my grades more serious. I wouldnt have took easy classes just to make my senior year easier. I would have made the effort to mature more. I would have also got a job to save money and work on money management skills.


I would remind myself that what you do with your education in high school will effect the rest of your career. If you do not apply yourself in high school, you will have a rough time when you get to college. Also, learn your study habits now, its hard to buckel down when you get to college if you did not do it in high school, there is way more distractions in college.


I would have taken more duel enrolled classes/ AP classes.


If I could go back to when I was a senior in highschool and talk to myself I would let myself know that college is not as intimidating as people make it out to be. As long as you do your work and study you will be sucessful in whatever you choose your major to be. I would also tell myself to do the best that you can in all of your classes because every class counts when it comes to transferring colleges/universities. Another thing I would tell myself is to enjoy college and take advantage of the activites that the college/university has to offer.


I am going to advice to myself that applying to college can be the most important part of your life. therefore, it would going to affact to your job, grade, company, family, even marrige. this is can be last chance of your life. think carefully that you don't need to regret about your choice, later. everyone expect you. the tuition of college or university is not free. keep it in your mind and never forget about it.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to work on my planning and organization skills. Keeping up with due dates and staying organized has been such an important factor to being successful now that I am in college, but it has not been easy trying to teach myself how to plan my schedule out and keep all of my materials and books organized. Not knowing exactly what is due when and how I should go about a process, such as writing a paper, leads to procrastinaition and causes me to have late nights finishing work I could have completed at an earlier time. These skills I am working to master will help lead me to success while preventing self-inflicted stress. I think if I had learned these abilities in high school then I would have an easier time adjusting to a more independent and responsible lifestyle that I am taking on now.