North Greenville University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would have wanted to know how much of a great atmosphere North Greenville has. The teachers there care a lot about their students unlike the majority of other college professors. There are always activities, clubs, and organizations to be apart of that focus on bettering the community. The atmosphere is always happy and Christ-centered which allows me to never feel as if I do not belong at NGU.


The school informed me of everything I wanted to know, so I knew what I was getting into.


The fact that it is totally amazing here!


Living on campus is much more rewarding than commuting. I started out as a commuter and found I was not as involved as I wanted to be. I didn't have very many friends because I was rarely had time to just hang out and get to know other students. I just recently moved on campus and I love it! I am already making friends, I am more motivated to get my work done, and I can get involved with school activities much more easily.


I would have liked to have know more about their student life. Also the strictness of the school.


Everyone here at NGU is unexpectedly nice. Just walk up to about anyone and start a conversation and by the end of it you are good friends. Just knowing that before hand helps take the majority of the stress away.


I wish I would have known how hard the biology program is.


I wish I would have known how great of a school this is. The classes are small and the professors get to know you as an individual person. They are willing to help you with any problems you may have. Students here are like family and will help you with anything as well. I could not ask for anything better.


I wish I had known how helpful the professors were going to be. I have always heard that professors at most schools do not really care about their students. Therefore, I entered North Greenville with the mindset that I was on my own in my classes. I had no idea that the teachers would be so willing to help the students both in and out of the classroom. Not only do they care about our work in their classes, but they also care about our lives outside of the classroom.


One thing I wish I would have known before attending North Greenville is more about college scholarships, loans/grants and financial aid. Being the first college I attended, I was not very ignorant to the total cost and expenses I was getting into. Being the first person to go to college in my home, we were not really sure how to go about all the many details of college. Had I known the total expense differences of private and public schools, I would have applied for more scholarships so I would not have to take out as many loans.


How good it really was. I was under the wrong impression about the school. I thought it would be a bad place to be becuase of the size and placement. Turns out it is the place I needed to be and it has offered me everything I need to succeed in the education field.


That a lot of activities outside of campus are 20-30 mintues away.


I wish I would have known how to search for more scholarships. North Greenville does a wonderful job of assisting potential and committed students in finding scholarships/grants/financial aid; however, as an only child and a daughter of only one college graduate(from an extremely small Bible college), the whole college experience(finding money to pay for college, signing up for classes, etc.) was completely new and overwhelming for me. North Greenville University and its staff is beyond wonderful. There were nothing but good surprises once I was in enrolled.


Before arriving to the school I wish I knew the specific rules and how they enforce them with procedures. I also believed that my school was a little bigger in porportion, because I visited the school at night on my arrival.


That the campus housing and food plans were so poorly set up and bad to put it simply.


I wish I had known more about how and when to buy books. I also wish I had known more about which classes I needed to take and which professors were the best.


I wish I had applied for more scholarships because I am now in need of financial aid as a sophomore.


an easier way for financial aid


That they were not super-thrilled about study abroad.


Before attending North Greenville University, I wish I would of known that all my scholarships weren't renewable. This could leave my family in debt and taking out various loans.


I wish i would have known that the secondary education degree focused mainly on the high school level.


I wish that I would have known more about the programs you can be involved in. There are so many different activities to be involved in and I fully intend to be apart of as many as I can.


I wish I would have known how strict a lot of the rules here are. I also wish I would of known how much this school is really focused on education and spirtutial beliefs.


I wish I had known that the friends that are perfect for you don't just fall right into your lap. You have to seek them out.


Nothing. I knew everything that was expected of me.


How strict the school is


That it was really biased in some areas. The leader's feel like there is only one true way to worship Christ, and that's by never making mistakes and being in chapel 2 times a week. That they had a STRICT attendence policy, no dyed hair, no piercing. That they didn't have cross-sex visitation and the fact that they have a dress code.


how strict rules are