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North Hennepin Community College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

Those who may not know what they want to major in or do not wish to spend the money on a four-year university. This is a great school to attend in order to complete general education requirements or for any two-year degree. Anyone who is interested in the nursing field should definitely consider North Hennepin Community College for it's highly respected curriculum and professors.

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This is a good school for someone who is not sure what they are majoring in because students start taking generals and that helps gear students to find a major that they might like. It is also a good school to attend if a student is planning on working throughout the school year. As someone who is a full time student, the work load has helped me be able to do that.

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Any student, fresh from high school or a returning adult, is welcome at North Hennepin. The age differences within the classroom are what truly make the learning experience here different and more rewarding. We can never stop learning from each other.

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