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North Hennepin Community College

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What's unique about your campus?

The best thing about my school are the counselling and adivising office at North Hennepin Community College. They basically take the time and patience to help student with academics, registering for classes, helping and guiding students through financial aid and scholarship programmes but most importantly direct them in the right path to success in future. The school advising officers, actually step out to other collegues to find help or answers for a student who is deperate enough to finish school with flying colors, and this alone make me cheerish their help and will make you want to give back someday.

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I really appreciate the night classes enabling me to go back to school part-time as I start my Pre-Dental courses. Nights classes are a great way to get started if your unsure what you want to major in or if you need to keep working while taking credits.

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The thing I like the best about the Capella program is the flexibility you have to go into your course room. I work full time and have a family so I am able to work on school 24/7. Makes it very convenient.

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