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It is beautiful beside the beach. I live in a nearby small town, where NIC has a satellite campus, after inquiring there, they led me to the main campus. I am 22 year old single father, near-full time employee and a full time student. The teachers, students and atmosphere have been so accomodating to me and the situation I am in. I am a recovering addict and NIC has been the perfect college so far.


What's unique is the location. The college is on a Lake, the school owns beach front on the lake so the students have access to lots of water sports activities and equipment (students get a rental discount). Besides the lake, the town is small and everyone in and outside the college are so friendly.


I feel that NIC(North Idaho College) is more of people college i guess you could say. What i mean by that is, it's a comfotable atmosphere. Its been 14+yrs. since i last attended school, and i was so nervouse until i actually went and spoke to an advisor, he was straight up, honest and very helpful. The other schools i looked into basically told me what i wanted too hear, not what i needed to hear.


I went with the school where I could remain living at home, as well as the one that offered the best education compared to the price.


I lived in this area my whole life. Growing up we went to NIC for games and plays. I live only 15 min alway from the school. So I'm still close to family and friends.