North Idaho College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


North Idaho College is a school that is for every one that wants to earn a quality education and doesnt have the resources to go to a bigger university just yet.


I think that anyone can attend North Idaho College. There is a huge variety of skills, and levels of the students at NIC. I believe that any person who wants to learn and better their education, as well as having good study habits would do great at NIC.


I think anybody could go to NIC. It's a great school for everyone. Students right out of high school to s ingle moms like me. It's a great starting point for a better tomrrow.


Someone who is there for the learning and not just to party. It's a dry campus, which helps the students stay on track.


Anyone can attend North Idaho College. However, people searching for a way to get their feet off the ground, to obtain even the barest margin of higher education should attend NIC. Being a community oriented school, NIC provides the fundamentals to becoming aclimated to college life. Even students that don't know what they want to do with themselves after high school can get their feet wet in the college arena which NIC offers. Anyone seeking to better themselves or anyone who has the ambition to continue with their education should attend North Idaho College.


The type of person for this school would be one that wants to start out with their college experience in a smaller surrounding, where people tend to be more friendly. Someone who likes to kow their teachers personally would also most likely enjoy going to NIC. Additionally, a person who doesn't have very much money should attend NIC because it is cheaper than other bigger school.