North Lake College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I wish I could go back and show myself, because if I told myself I wouldn't believe it, that it will get better and it did get better. I heard this phrase so many times that it had become just that, a phrase, and it meant nothing to me. There was too many times where I could have sworn I had drawn the shortest stick and there was no "givesies backsies". This information would have eliminated so many sleepless nights, 30 minute showers were I couldn't distinguish the tears from the water stream, and days were I did nothing but lay in bed and wait to go back to sleep.


Some say we have just one life to live. I agree to that, so make the best of it while you can. There might be one life, but in this “life”, there are two kinds of lives lived. The life after 40years; when you feel fulfilled, achieved.The life before 40years; your born, you grow up, you appreciate, you criticize, trying to answer the questions; how will my life be? What do I want? What do I do? More than 80% of university students in the world fall in this kind of life. It is a difficult path, to struggle to be something. The most amazing part is that “it is not impossible, it’s just difficult” but there’ s always a way out. You need, determination, sacrifice, and above all love who you are, share the love where you are, take it it where you want to be. There’s just one thing you have to do “ Make A Choice”. It’s your responsibility, where do you fall? Thank you all and I don’t wish neither do I hope but I say this should change you if you have not thought of it. I love you.


Not completing college right out of high school is definitely a 'do-over'. Here I am now submitting for a scholarship hoping that I can further my education with assistance. If I would have taken advantage of my opportunity as a young adult, I would be in a different place. A place where I could be focusing on a career instead of wishing what I should already have. Finishing college was not a primary thought when I was younger. So here and now I'm going back in time shaking my younger self saying ' stay in school' and get a degree.


Community college is the only way to go. It is good to save money, stay at home and develop "adult" skills", and the transition from high school to college is easier. High school course work does not compare to college in any way and it will not prepare you. Community college is a good way to learn skills to be able to succeed in college.


If I was a senior in high school I would tell my self, "Vanessa you better be filling out those scholarship applications because even though you are going to a community college it is still expensive. When you add up the tuition and books you can tell that you are going to need the money so never think it is too early to be appling for scholarships they are out their for a reason and you should take advantage of them."


Like I said, I'm not a college student yet, but I have been given advice from some friends that go to college. One of the most important advices I got was probably when my friend told me not to let anything distract you from succeeding. He told me that he was getting distracted with all the parties and that really backed him off a bit. But then he relized and got back to doing what's right and ended up graduating last year.


I would tell myself to not give up, to make myself relaize that there are thousands of colleges out there and to get confused about which one to go to is normal.


Take your time and pick the class schedule that works for you. Make sure you have applied for as many scholarships as possible; there is no such thing as too much. Leave the social websites alone and prioritize your school work. Do not stay up late studying it will only make you unfocused and you will miss classes. Exercise and eat healthy to keep up your energy. Study in the Library so that you won't incur many distractions. Sororities tend to keep test banks, when you join one utilize it. Make friends with upper classmen who have been where you are. Join the Science Club they have mentors that will help you. Get well aquainted with your professors and remember they are a resource. Review the topic after lecture while fresh in your mind. Stay organized at all times. Go to study and review sessions. Make sure to be flexible (sickness, family death, emergencies do happen). Befriend the smart kids and milk them for their knowledge. Partner with your advisor they can be your biggest advocate. Be on the lookout for more scholarships once in a program.


As a high school senior I would tell myself the same thing that education is the key to success. Going to school is very important if you plan to further in life. From what I've been through it has proven that with an education there are more open doors to success. I would have given myself the same advice. An education is with you for life.


GO TO CLASS! I know that the new freedom to sleep in or go hang out with your friends instead of going to class can be strong, but it is not worth the time and money you will waste. Also, do lots of research into different career fields and Financial aid as soon as possible. you can never start too early. Don't give up if you have set backs, like a low grade or personal problems, use it as motivation to try even harder.


If I was to return to my senior year of 1986 to give myself advice, I would first have to separate the earphones of a walkman from my younger self's head making it possible to hear something other than Duran Duran. I would then advise my younger self to prepare for the transition from high school to college by learning about the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and its surroundings as much as possible. I would tell my younger self to discover how the Art Institute is tightly woven into the art and business culture of Pittsburgh. I would speak to her of the abundant resources available to her, such as the Carnegie Museum; the Mattress Factory Museum; the Three Rivers Arts Festival and local galleries. I would express my desire for her to find inspiration from these offerings of culture. And before my younger self would replace her earphones and press play on the cassette, I would implore her to live her college life as a reflection of her own work; bold, colorful and without limits to the imagination.


I would start by telling myself to concentrate. In my senior year I didnt over-achieve. I think i would tell myself, even though it is my senior year, dont stop, Just keep going. I would make the extra effort to take the one or two extra classes that would keep my memory refreshed or go ahead and enroll in one college course to help me start off. I would also make the effort to apply for scholarships and my fasfa. I think that I am doing well now but I do think there could have been extra steps i could have taken for more possibilites for myself.


I would have given myself the advice to move to Dallas like I did since it is a prosperous economy. Then enroll in Northlake or another community college to take my basics. I would not have went to Devry because it cost so much money and I was misinformed and didn't know what I was doing and now I feel very depressed because I am around $15,000 to $20,000 in debt and no way to pay it. And I have barely started my college career! I would have advised myself to get a internship and a job at a company like I did. That was the only thing I did good. I also would have told myself to start going to school for International Business like I am now instead of wasting time doing Computer Information Systems. Something I wasn't interested in. I wanted to learn languages and do business and didn't know there was an opportunity like that or a degree program that offereed that. I really wish I could go back in time. I would have done things right and not be in debt. Please help me with debt! Sincerely, depressed.


As a high school senior I had a laid back attitude towards nearly everything. I procrastinated visiting and researching colleges and I didn't apply for any scholarships. Were I able to talk to my senior self I?d shake her and force her into action! College is expensive, no joke, and earning scholarships could determine if I'm able to transfer to a major college. I would make myself do research, talk to friends about their college choices, and visit campuses. I?d try to prepare the senior me for a transition into an environment in which I?d have to do balance homework, work, friends. To keep my high school self from continuing to tread water over important decisions I?d make senior me apply to as many colleges as I possibly could, no matter the distance from home, in order to branch out and do something new and exciting with my life. I?d warn myself that the first steps into full-fledged adulthood are hard, and that most of the life lessons I?ll learn will be learned the hard way. But I?d also tell me that it?s all worth it in the end.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school and talk to myself, with the knowledge that I have now about college life, I would tell myself to make sure I paid attention and did my school work. I would say to find my study ways and stick to them. I would also tell myself to take college seriously and focus on why I am there, and not focus on all of the "making friends" and the parties and taking advantage of having the option to skip class. I would tell myself to concentrate and focus on why I was really there., so when I was finished I could move on to bigger and better things, like a career. I would say to think about what I ultimatly want out of college, and make goals to get where I want to be.


to make an even harder effort at school work,at look into colleges more in-depth.


I would go back and tell my self to take another math class and to focus more on studying rather than my boyfriend. And to also relax a little and not stress over the small stuff that everything will work out and that north lake college isnt that bad and dont get upset about not going right to a 4 year college.


Going to college is going to be one of your greatest adventures! You will make your own choices, manage your own schedule, and meet all new people; some of which will become your friends. Now as you fill out all these college applications, explore the college sites, and visit the campuses, make time to fill out scholarship applications! The college you want to go to is private and although you will get accepted, without scholarships, you can't afford it and you won't go. Community college is not a bad thing but when you hear your friends talking about getting their room assignments and finding out who their roommates are and which dorm they're in, you won't be a part of it and you will feel left out. The only person left to blame is you. You have so many people willing to help you and handing you scholarships you are eligible for. Fill them out, find out who your roommate is, and be a part of an even greater adventure at a University!


I would take colleg classes in the summer so I would be ahead and apply for more scholarships. Learn how to study and provide my body with the proper rest for tests.