North Park University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


North Park University is best known for, as it's motto describes, being "distinctively Christian, intentionally urban, and purposefully multicultural". It is a small, caring community of engaged students and teachers who care about each other and strive to positively impact the world.


My school is best known for being founded by swedish people.


My school is best known for its spiritual emphasis in teaching, small classes and engaging professors.


Being a diverse Christian school in an urban setting that allows people from all backgrounds to attend, including religion.


The Nursing and Education programs are well known. It's also known in its connection with the Evangelical Covenant Church.


North Park University is known as a small, Christian university placed in an extremely diverse neighborhood in Chicago, IL. It is a school that although Christian in roots does not force a belief on any of the students attending. Most students living on campus come from strong faith backgrounds however there are also a fair amount of students with no faith backgrounds which is unique to a Christian college. North Park's focus is not on evangelizing in the traditional sense but instead, living the word by serving those locally and internationally.