North Park University Top Questions

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North Park University is a smaller campus, and allows for a closer relationship between students and faculty. You are not treated like just another number attending campus. The Academic Advisor is very helpful. North Park University's Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management touts itself as one of the best schools in its region, if not the nation. Given the list of faculty members, access to Professional Development Workshops, and Annual "bootcamp" for new nonprofit CEOs, I am certain that I've made the right choice!


My school is intentionally multi-cultural. It is located in one of the most diverse neighboorhoods in the country so as a student you get to experience a lot of culture.


North Park University is unique compared to the other schools I considered because for one thing it is a Christian school. It is unique due to the level of diversity amoungst the students, but also the faculty. Due to the smaller class sizes North Park University allows students the opportunity to build more one on one relationships with their professors and fellow classmates. It creates a safe enviornment for students to express their views and oppions without having to be judged. North Park University encourages students to get to know fellow students of different backgrounds.


North Park University has a English with Creative Writing emphasis degree as opposed to a standard English degree. As a lover of writing, this greatly appealed to me. My school is also small and feels like a hometwon, but with its urban location it has a huge backyard of diversity to discover. North Park University also has a lot of local ministry opportunites like Friday Night Homeless Ministries on Lower Wacker.


I applied to all Christian colleges. North Park is one of the only Christian schools that is in a major city, that does not force students to go to any form of chapel and is considered very liberal. North Park uses the Christian background that it upholds and the urban environment in serving others throughout the community. North Park is a dry campus but there are plenty of opportunities to drink in the city as well as off-campus parties. North Park is one of the only Christian Universities that allows students to be intoxicated on campus without penalty.


The school is a hypocritical rip off.


We are close to downtown but not in the middle of it.


This campus is a small community in the city of Chicago. Inside the campus is quiet, but step across the street, and you have the noise of the city.


North Park is one of the only urban Christian universities in the country.


The diversity...the community-driven image it strives for... I like that, even though it's a Christian/private institution, the rules/standards are lax enough that the student really does have to intentionally choose their behaviors/beliefs/ other words, there are no unreasonably strict/uptight rules about required participation, dress, visiting hours, sexuality, religion, etc... the openness of the campus makes it a unique community. I'm just saying that because the admissions office spoon-feeds it to prospective students, its true.