North Park University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Since NPU is a private college, tuition costs more than a public university.


The paper cut; now we are charged for printing after 200 pages per semester. Nursing students pay a lot as it is and have a lot of things to print. And I wish we had cta/upasses like other schools in the city have, for public transportation


For the most part I have not had negative feedback about the school. My experience thus far has been very positive and rewarding. I enrolled as an adult student and they have helped me a great deal in transitioning into a college student.


The teacher's that are working part-time at the university are at times hard to get in contact with if a student needs to speak with them right away because of an emergency, so the school might give them an office number which would help a great deal. This would be extremely helpful for those students who live off campus.


The worst thing is the noise at night. We are in the city, so there is a lot going on at night.


IF you transfer in from another college, taking the right classes at the right time is a challenge. The Transfer advisor knows nothing about any required classes for a major.. only for gen eds. If you transfer in, and know what your major is, ask to speak to someone from that field.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that you don't see the same kids all the time. Though enrollment's fifteen hundred students, you don't interact much with upperclassmen living in on-campus houses and apartments. In the cafeteria and dorms, however, if you don't want to run into someone , chances are pretty high that you still will. If you hooked-up with someone, you can bet that you'll see them the next day. This makes awkward situations common, but if you don't mind them, its a pretty entertaining place to go.


One of the things about a small school is they don't offer all of the classes you want to take ant the same time. I wanted to take some art classes but because I am a chemistry major those classes were scheduled at the same time.


I think the worst thing about my school is how strict the rules are here. There is the one rule that I hate the most: No boys allowed in your room after a certain time. I feel like I am treated like a child when they tell me that my long-term boyfriend cannot stay in my room or cannot come into my room because it is too early. I am an adult and I know how to take care of myself.


Our food is not that great yet it is pretty pricey. ARAMARK is our provider and I would consider it to be the worst part of our school! We need to get a new program in with more food choices and more flexible dining hours.


the community suffers a lot because there are few places to congregate and the activities do not take into account the schedules of the commuters very well.