North Park University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would have to say to anyone can. North Park University is a very diverse school. Everyone is very friendly and nice to other people.


I believe the right person to attend this school is actually a person who shows a little motivation and a little determination. If they choose to come to North park University they will see that thier motivation will increase becuase of the reluctance of all the professors and academic advisors to keep them going and make sure they get out exactly what they need. And to show them that thier determination to succeed somewhere starts here at North Park University. I believe that that person will be a ideal candidate because they will shap them here.


Someone that is serious about getting their degree from a school that values students and places extra emphasis on not only learning in the classroom, but continued self learning.


Someone who is looking to be challenged achedemically and spiritually. This school is best for those looking to have an open mind and attitude to diversity, spirituality, service, etc.


The majority of people here are very religious. Many are still down to earth, and focused on success.


A person attending this school should want a smaller college atmosphere, with an excellent professor-student ratio, and great individual attention. The school's location in Chicago makes it perfect for anyone wanting to be in a world-class city, while not being right downtown, which eases securtiy concerns, but merely a short "L" ride away. This school is a great fit for anyone who likes being social and meeting new people, with different backgrounds and experiences. Also, while students are studious, most are not completely consumed with studying twenty-four seven, as at some schools.


North Park seems to be a great school for every person.


a liberal Christian seeking to learn how to serve people and live a life of significance and service


A religous person.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a somewhat liberal christian that doesnt mind the usually college characteristics and also someone that can be social and work in smaller groups.


Some one looking for the "big city" experience but wants a quality education with the small town feel.