North Park University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The location of my campus and the diversity of people that are there. North Park University is located in the 2nd most diverse zip code in the nation which priovides opportunities to interact with students from all over the world. Also, the variety of resturants is amazing and gives me opportunities to try many different types of food within walking distance of the campus. I love the variety of experiences this location provides!


The best thing about North Park University is the thoughtful, empathetic teachers. They try their best to help us grasp the concepts being taught. They teach in a way that we don?t have to ask a lot of questions to understand what is going on and most teachers call their students by their names! I heard a lot of college professors from other universities don?t even know their student?s names by the end of the course, but I had a teacher who knew all of his100 kids names by the second day of school!


The best thing about North Park is that you can be who you really are and be accepted in so many different groups. It is a Christian affiliated school, but I like it a lot because if you are not a Christian you are accepted just as much.


The academic community in my school really fosters shared learning. We all learn from each other.


I think that North Park is a great place to learn and grow socially and intellectually. There is a great balance of readily available social activities and an understanding of the private time needed pursue your class work. The students at North Park work hard, and their effort rubs off on all of the other students. It is odd if you do not perform well or at least try very hard with your studies. Because of the size of the school it is easy to create friends that last for a life time.


There is no best thing about my school in my opinion. I really do not like my school. Unless you are an african american guy, or an african american girl who drinks all the time and acts like you have money, the white people dont talk to you. they are very jealous and dont want to help the african americans out with their school work because they are afraid we will do better.


The school places high priority on service. North park is in an amazing community; one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago, so living in Albany Park on the campus of North Park I am constantly exposed to so many different cultures. North Park is a Christian University, so you see that the religious background is important but never brings about any sort of discrimination or pressure to believe certain things.


the setting so close to the city and the size.


I enjoy the people and the community the most. The living situation that I am currently situated at is also the wonderful. The best thing is being able to learn at a higher education level.


Chicago was the best thing about my school. Being in the city limits allowed many learning opportunities to engage in the community and make a positive difference as well as explore and be engulfed in the culture of the city.


The Professors. They hold this campus together. They care about the students for the most part, and they are passionate about their subject.


The best thing about North Park is that it is a liberal Christian university. There are very few rules regarding lifestyle or interaction with each other and the world. It makes North Park feel like a real college rather than a Christian bubble.


One of the best things about North Park is the class sizes. I went to a community college with 500 people plus per class. I never once got a chance to talk to the teacher and was just a number in the system. At North Park you get to really know your teachers and they really get to know you. Students really get a hands on education.


The thing that i love most about North Park University is that they are a small campus with proffessers that actually care. The classes sizes are not big by an means, which helps everyone. The campus is located right outside of downtown Chicago but not too close. We can come and go as we please. Students here are very helpful as well as the teachers.


The Gospel Choir is great because its a place to grow in community and praise the lord like it should be done! It gives me a sense of blelonging and gives me a fun extra carricular activity to attend. I also like the campus. Its inner city but has lots of wild life you wouldnt expect.


The people here are so nice. It makes it easy to fit in wherever you are at on campus. You don't always have to be with friends becuase everyone is friendly and it's small so you know most of the people.


they are so welcoming. and small. and everyone genuinely wants you to be here. it's an intentionally christian university, so i can get that aspect as well as the big city feel. in short, it's a perfect fit for me!