Northampton County Area Community College-Monroe Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Northampton County Area Community College-Monroe?


I believe what I brag about the most to my friends when it comes to NCC, is how intimate the place is. It's a small enough area where everyone can really come together and meet each other, it's so diverse and I love meeting new people. Especially with all the clubs they offer, even with being just a community college, NCC offers a lot more than most. They want you to get the college experience and work towards your goals, and the teachers are outstanding when it comes to being supportive.


I brag about all of the activities and classes offered at my college. There are many different clubs, sports, and different classes that go with what you're majoring in. From what I hear at the college, many people enjoy getting into college activities and even just getting involved to have fun. Once you walk into the college for orientation or for your first time, you will always be told how great all the activities are that are offered at this college.