Northampton County Area Community College-Monroe Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I honestly don't know what the worst thing about my school is, I would say it's probably just the reputation it gets for being a community college. Since it's just a community college, people tend to think that it's child's play, in some aspects in can be, depending on the work we get, but it's helping us move foward to a bigger college for less. I think people get discouraged to go there because it's just a community college.


the bathrooms dirty they can be, sometimes they don't even work. i dislike how there aren't any private bathrooms because females are more likely to be concious of going number 2 in public. sometimes the odor can also be another problem. there are not enough bathrooms in the school. sometimes the motion soaps or the sinks won't be poroficient.