Northampton County Area Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Northampton County Area Community College?


Anyone who wants to to attend a good school and has financial trouble.


If you are a person who is dedicated and hard working, this school has an enviornment which provokes learning and studying. Aside from the education side of NCC, this college has a very friendly enviornment. I am a shy person myself and attending this school has not only helped me academically but also socially. So if you are either a friendly interactive person or a timid individual, then I definately recommend Northampton as a great place to go.


I believe that anyone who wishes to start or continue their educational experience should attend this school. There are many different opportunities for all, and they have a great support system for anyone who may feel apprehensive about their decisions.


Anyone who needs to take their time to get their degrees, kids fresh out of highschool or returning after a break or stint in the workforce. Adults are welcome too, but it may be a bit daunting to be put equal with kids younger than their own.