Northcentral Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have told my self to study harder! I also with I would have gone to school instead of being home schooled.


To take a lot class that you know that you know are going to help you when you get to college, show up to class on time or even earlier, have all homework done on time and hand in on time, if you have question for the teacher don't be afraid to ask, and for the biggest part understand everything that your working on because it helps. Help out other people that need the help because some day they may be able to help you out to. When you learn something in school you may think it's unless now but it may just help when you less except it to. High school may not always be fun but it's what is going to make your life in the long run.


Being a single mother to two children, I struggle to balance education with work and family life. This can make meeting educational goals and career goals very challenging. While attending high school, I would have made better choices to pursue college just after high school instead of entering the workforce due to having insufficient funds for college. Holding off on my decision to have a family would have given me the ability to pursue a doctorate so that I could better provide for my family and make better choices in a partner.