Northeast Catholic College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could give my high-school self some advice about college, I would tell her three things. First, in the way of academic advice, I would tell her never to procrastinate and always do assignments right the first time. So much time in college is wasted procrastinating on that ten page philosophy paper or that 50 page humanities reading, when you could have finished it days ago and avoided all the stress of pressing deadlines. Procrastination separates the mediocre students from the really excellent ones. Second, the college experience is not limited to academics, though they're of first importance. College offers so many opportunities and new experiences, so be open to them and enjoy life. Go out and see New Engand's rich variety of historical sites, take on a new challenge (snowboarding!), or get involved in a theater group. You encounter some of your best college experiences when you get out of your comfort zone and get involved in the community. Third, give back to the community in your own way or with others. Take time to show others how much you appreciate what they've given you, and ultimately it will make you a happier person.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that education is everything. When I was first in college I had a good full time job at a hospital and went to school on the side. Now that I live in a different state, own a home, and I am married, I cannot seem to find a way to afford college. I now know education is everything especially after having to go back into retail and working two part time jobs to compensate for expenses and now school expenses again. It is beyond valuable to attend and maintain a 4.0 in such a competitive school such as mine. I wish when I was working at the hospital I would have taken more courses in the medical field instead of just the basics I needed for the Arizona requirements for Nursing. Now that I am in a different state with completely different circumstances I have much more respect for my college experience and how valuable it really is. Especially now that I want to start a family but cannot until after my studies are completed, I am graduated, and a nurse.


In my freshman year at Magdalen College I discovered that I need to be focused not only on continueing my education so as to acheive my personal goals and succeed in life, but so I can do my part in helping the world become a better place. Being able to take care of myself, be a good citizin, and do my part in my community is only the beginning of the things I will be able to offer the world after graduating with a higher education.