Northeast State Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any one who wants to get a great start with a college education and doesn't have alot of cash should attend this school.


I believe that Northeast is great school, but only for those who really want to learn. School is hard, yes, but I recomend not attending until you are ready. There are some who are really eager to learn and then there are some who aren't and the ones who drop out seem to take up space for those of who need the classes. College is a big step on one's life, I hope that the people who go to Northeast are strong willed and determined to graduate.


Everybody should attend this school it is highly accredited Nationaly and is filled with freindly students and great teachers. Many students there work part time and some even work full time jobs. Their are student young and old. On campus one could easily see many different races and religions. Northeast state offers day and night class. They even have class on Saterdays. The best part about Northeast state is credits transfer to several local collages and the tuition at Northeast state can not be beat.