Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Remember when you said you couldn't be a mom, go to work and go to college? I sure do! Well you were wrong, it would have been much easier 19 years ago. I think you should go and talk to the counselor and ask for help. It is okay not to have all of the answers and need advice, that is what they are there for. If you don't go to college now when exactly are you planning to go? Five years? Ten? No the answer is 19 years late. You are so smart, quit oversleeping, I know you are tired but he will sleep through the night soon. Don't work quite so much, he doesn't need so many things. You would be a better mother if you spent more time with him and thought about the future. Set a better example for your son, don't waste your life, be careful who you spend your time with, pick better friends. You are important, you are intelligent, you are hilarious, you are beautiful, you are an amazing person. You can have it all and you can do it all, just apply yourself. I wish I had!


That I would have fought harder to not have switched schools during my senior year, and that I would have listened to those around me for once and not have made the grave mistake of returning to my father. If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing, it would be: For once, Teresa Turner, do not fight the system. For once, you ignorant child, they actually know what they are talking about. Do not leave, and do not return to the place you only thought was home. For there lies the true hardship and despair you ran away from in the beginning, remember?


You know what you want, nursing isn't something you need to think about. You can feel it deep down that's what you were made for. It's a special person required for this profession, you know that what you are; created for. Meaning you know you enjoy helping people and taking care of them. Truely been the hero in their life even if its for bringing a warm blanket during the night or to get pain under control with medicine. Don't think about nursing, get on the ball! Fill out papers for financial aid, study hard and stick with school. You know Nursing is what you want to do for life its a part of you. A special person a nurse.


If I could go back and tell myself something I learned about college life, I would tell myself that life gets harder when you get out of high school. That you actually have to work harder because if you have a big family with 7 people, like I have in my family, putting 3 kids through college and 1 through high school and raising a 3 yr. old is really expensive for on your parents, especially when the 3 in college are in their first years. I would have told myself to work through high school so I wouldn't have to take out loans to pay for school becasue my parents wouldn't have enough to pay for 3 college students and a high schooler. I would have told myself that I should save my money to buy a car so a parent didn't have to make a sacrifice so I could get to school. Every parent wishes the best for their kids and wants them to have everything that they would like, but I would have told myself to do without and learn to if it helped my parents help me more towards my education.


The transition of a high school kid into a young man or woman in college can be very difficult. For many of us, high school is a place to hang out with friends and have fun. Though this is not bad in and of itself, it can and does lead many down wrong paths. Many of us while in high school, get so focused on our social relationships, that we do not put the effort forth towards our schooling that we should. If I could go back into time and give myself advice about the transition from high school to college I would give myself the following advice. First of all, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I did not apply for many scholarships while in high school, and this was a mistake. Next, I would tell myself to ask my high school advisors and people that had already been to college, questions about college to help me make wise decisions towards my schooling . Last, I would tell myself to keep my schoolwork a priority, because it is important to know how to study once you get into college.


I would tell myself to take my grades and studying more seriously. If I had studied in high school it would be a habit now and I wouldn't have to work at making myself study. I would also tell myself not to be so nervous about college. I have learned so many great things while in college. If I would have studied in high school then I would not have had to be so worried that I was not prepared for college.


Take some assessment skill tests to discover where your talents lie and pick a major that matches that. Don't pick something just because it makes good money, or because I'll look good. You may find out that you just hate doing that kind of work in the first place.