Northeastern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Focused on future success of its students by providing them plenty of opportunity to intern and "try out" the field they are interested in before graduation.


Northeastern is a school for self-motivated kids who can use the many opportunities given to them to do what they want, with less guidance than you might find at other univeristies.


Northeasten University is an instituition that sees the potential in students that most people over look.


Throughout my graduate program (Doctor of Audiology) I have felt that Northeastern University has been academically challenging and rewarding both in the classroom and outside.


The best decision I've ever made.




Although looked at as just a private university, the campus of Northeastern University brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world that interact on a daily basis as a community and more importantly a family.


Northeastern is a gem in the middle of the "Hub of the Universe" (Boston) offering students not only the opportunity to receive a top notch education, but also to receive the experience and skills necessary to become high funtioning and successful members of our communities.


Offers great co-op experiences but way too expensive.


Northeastern University combines the best of the city of Boston with a world-class education to produce a school where students and faculty work together in a classroom and real-world setting.


Career and goal oriented.


my school is fun, exciting and a challange


Northeastern is a city school that focuses on research, business, and engineering.


Northeastern University is a melting pot of great people, places, activities, and academics in a spectacular city.


Northeastern University is a superb and diverse co-op school that gives its students the ability to prepare for life after college by working two or three co-ops over four or five years, while still a student in the highly-motivated, enthusiastic, energetic and tight knit community that makes up Northeastern University and Boston, Massachusetts.


Northeastern Univerisity is very career driven, they prepare their students to become successful workers in whatever field of study they are in.


The University of Arizona is a large, prestigious university with the feel of a close-nit college which provides the tools for students to succeed.


Northeastern provides challenging courses, invaluable job experience, and a good feeling of community all in an easily accesible area of Boston where there is always something to do and never a dull moment.


Too expensive.


Northeastern University is more than just a strong name, it is an insitution that will help prepare you for success in any field or industy though broth education in the classroom as well as on-hands experience through their cooperative learning program that offers up to 18 months of work experience.


Northeastern is the kind of school where if you put the work in you can get a lot out of it.


Wonderful mix of COOP to expose students to real world experiences, city charm, great mix of people from all walks of life, many activities to help students interact with each other outside of class and always meet new people.


Northeastern University is a big school in an even bigger city but it somehow manages to provide the best of both worlds by providing not only a fantastic educational facility, but also a calming, friendly, and safe area for its many students, faculty, and staff.


Very urban campus with many different kinds of people


Really big and busy.


It is very friendly


Northeastern is a diverse university focused on broadening the horizons of students by giving them academic oppotunities that will give them a successful future.


Located in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University is a culturally diverse, expirience oriented university with a focus on research and internships but with a ton of organizations and activites to be involved with and too much fun stuff to miss.


Northeastern University is career-oriented, diverse, bustling, fun, academically challenging, and innovative.


Northeastern is culturally rich but still with that small town feel, full of academia, athletics and activities.




The best learning experience I have ever had!!


An environment that is accomodating to the students diversity, wether it be learning disabilities or career goals.


The night school is appalling, day school is fair -good.


Excellent experience for a career-focused student ready to work hard, but have a lot of fun and learn more than you will ever imagine from incredible professors focused on your success!


PT program is very intense.


Northeastern is exciting, in the center of the city of Boston with many things to do, on and off campus, yet also practical with superb professors, research opportunities, an incredible wealth of job opportunities, and an expansive professional network.


Northeastern University is institution that promotes the highest academic standard of learning and couples that foundation with invaluable field and industry experience to help students grow to reach their highest potential.


Northeastern is an urban school that focuses on education and interaction in the community; by applying what students learn in the classroom to daily life through service learning and cooperative education, Northeastern is becoming increasingly recognized and higher ranked on nationwide university scales.


Northeastern University (NU) is a great school overall. I transferred here about a year ago, and I feel that transferring here is was the best educational move for me. I've learned so much in the past year and I love all the classes I have taken so far. The professors are extremely engaging and informative. Although, I enjoy being a student here at NU, It is financial difficult for my parents and I to afford my education here. We don't recieve any finacial aid therefore were are left to pay the full cost of tuituion of of pocket.


Northeastern is very diverse and allows opportunities for people to really make something of themself or to at least learn who they are on the way.


Far too many of the students who come to school here are wasting a ton of money on getting a degree that has no practical value, but they're the ones who help pay for nice equipment that the rest of us get to use and learn from.


Northeastern is professional and a focus driven school.


Northeastern University is a large diversified group of highly motivated, dedicated, task oriented students.


Northeastern is a career driven school that emphasises on the quality of life and pushes students towards finding their own path


It's really good if you're looking for an urban school with a good campus, that is focused on academics and also places a lot of emphasis on future careers with the co-op program.


It is an open-minded place perfect for those who know who they are and are very outgoing.


Northeastern is a fairly large and expensive school, but is well worth the price you pay if you try to take advantage of what they have to offer-because there is ALOT to take advantage of.


Northeastern is a mix of education and work experience in a campus environment that also happens to exist in the middle of a big city.


Urban, academically challenging school, with a focus on the best connection between the classroom and real world working environment theri field on study.