Northeastern University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I am surrounded by demographically diverse individuals who give the impression that they are fortunate to attend this respected school and the opportunities and challenges it presents acadmically, socially and emotionally.


They're open minded and creative students looking for the best in eachother


Diverse and hardworking individuals who strive to balance education with the more fun social aspects of the college experience.




They are fun, highly involved and serious about their work and commitments.


White, white, white, some Asian, some black. There are some international students, but generally campus is filled with white kids. But then again, central Boston is primarily white. And many of the kids are from wealthy or upper middle-class families. Some students joke about the "dress code" for the ladies including leggings, Uggs, and Longchamp bags, but you can pretty much get away with wearing anything.


The students are hard working, smart, and want to have a good time.


Northeastern has what seems like an unlimited amount of student groups. We have religious groups, academic groups, political groups, major-focused groups, residential-focused groups - the list could go on and on. All I can say is that I can guarantee that someone who attends this school can find at least one group that they love. Students here are from all around the world - about 12% of each class is made up of international students from around 120 countries. There is no problem finding a group of people that you feel comfortable with, and everyone is generally very friendly toward one another. Our school is one of the most diverse campuses, and promotes committment to diversity awareness and education.


The students are very diverse, but they all share one trait in common: devotion. Everyone has a goal in life, and sometimes that goal changes, but NU students work hard to get to where they want. Many students are entrepreneurs, starting businesses in their early years. NU students are very opinionated, and many use the student government and other organizations to put their ideas to action. The majority of students are from middle-upper class backgrounds, though programs like the Torch Scholars make it possible for anyone to attend.



A good thing about the school is that there is a lot of diversity. There are many international students, but also people from all over the U.S. People are also open about what culture they are from and sexual orientation. I think that people definitely "find themselves" in college and are proud of that. Many people come from affluent families, but you will also see a lot of people with scholarships that allowed them to come to this school even though they didn't have the money. Everyone can find their place here through the hundreds of student groups we have.


Northeastern is very diverse. Students from all around the world attend. There are a good amount of students from the Northeast, many being of the upper-middle class community. Most students dress casually to class, but rarely in pajamas.


We're a diverse group of students. We're a large university in Boston, so political views run both ways (as do sexual orientations). We have an open atmosphere about Sex, so much that we have a week devoted to it. People are focused on finding jobs since a large impact of our school is the co-op program.


Since I am a new student in Northeastern, I don't know many students except my classmates. My classmates are very funny in class, so I have a lot of fun and enjoy my class. It is hard to say what average students are like at Northeastern. They are very friendly to me, perhaps, because I am an international student. Many activities happen in university everyday. I participate in some at the beginning of my first semester. They are quite interesting and offer some souvenirs. If you like, you can join them.


There is every time of student at our school. All different races are found and there were far more international students than I expected. I was surprised with how many Massachusetts residents there were at our school, but I think with NEU’s increasing popularity, this is slowly decreasing. There are a ton of groups on campus, religious, clubs, sports, music, academic groups, etc.. I think you need to be rather independent to attend Northeastern. People will not hold your hand and professors will not care if you aren’t performing well. It is also in a city with lots going on. A lot of students get involved with extracurriculars, which I highly recommend. I know people who have regretted not getting involved with campus doings..Students wear a lot of scrubs, sweats, work out clothes to class, and in the winter it is brutal so you’ll see students bundled up walking to class. I would say most students are pretty liberal, but maybe that is just the group of people I hang out with. I am actually friends with a person on the e-board for the college of republicans though so I don’t think our school is predominantly one sided. A lot of students at our school are on work study and receive financial aid, thus I think many people come from different academic backgrounds. I have had friends who are on full scholarship, and I have friends who are paying full tuition so it very much varies.. Overall I really like the diversity of Northeastern and I think it is a perfect size. Some may feel like it is too large 15,000 undergraduate, but I always see people I know, but it is still large enough to be your own person and meet new people every semester.


lots of environmental and social awareness. there are all kinds of people though. a good amount of internationl students too.


I think Northeastern has a really interesting study body. Because so many people choose NU due to the urban location and fantastic co-op program I believe we tend to attract more driven, independent type students. If you want to go to a college town where you can join a fraternity / sorority and party all the time this probably isn't the place. We have greek life but it's not that big here and why just stay on campus when you have a whole city at your feet? That's why i feel like people tend to do their own thing. Of course when you're a freshman everyone lives on campus but people do start branching out and embracing the city. A lot of people that come to NU are pretty well off I mean you kinda have to be since tuition is through the roof. We have a lot of international students particularly from Asia and South America but really from all over.


Northeastern's student body is a mix of not just ethnic and racial diversity, but also sterotypes. If there is one constant, it would seem to be money. Northeastern is not cheap, and therefore many students come from quite a bit of money. That being said, how the students conduct themselves is just as widespread as where they come from. There are student groups such as College Democrats, College Republicans, NUBiLAGA (Bisexual, lesbian, gay, transexual, and questioning group), fraternities and sororities, NU Mix (the multicultural student group), and really everything in between. A few things you will definitely see lots of are Sperry's, North Face's, polo's and Ugg's. I can't think of a single college stereotype I haven't encountered over 5 years, which to me is good, because if they're going to exist you might as well get to experience them all.


Students at Northeastern are all very different. Everyone has a reason they came to Northeastern and it will likely be different than the person sitting next to you! I'm pretty sure just about all races are represented at Northeastern, it's one of the reasons I came to Northeastern. I was looking for diversity because I came from an all girls catholic school where everyone was similar. There are a ton of international students on campus which is awesome as well. It really makes class discussions interesting. Students are politically aware but it is not a politically active campus. There is a group of intramural for everyone to join and if you can find the one group that isn't formed yet, Northeastern is really good about letting you create it if you have the backing and interest from other students! The financial backing of students really isn't an issue or something that I take note of while on campus. There are students from Boston who go to the school on a full scholarship and there are others from China who can afford to pay their own way! Most are middle class students just looking to take advantage of class time and learn as much as possible!


Most Northeastern students come from New England and are fairly privileged, that being said most are not flaunting their backgrounds. The come from families that want their children to get jobs and be successful. It is a mostly white school, but because of the size their is a niche for everyone. There is a large international student population who tend to create a very tight nit community.


My classmates are motivated, studious, and personable.


My classmates came from diverse backgrounds, countries, states, and middle to upper class citizens.


People at Northeastern University are generally kind and intelligent, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. For the most part, students are enthusiastic about their educations and about getting involved with univeristy activities.


The students at Northeastern are very diverse, although a majority are from wealthy, east-coast families who can easily afford to pay Northeastern's high tuition, and as a result, those students tend to hang out exclusively with other wealthy students, often subtly excluding other students from parties and other activities.




The class is very diverse. There are lots of backgrounds and nationalities represented. They have a wide range of interests and you can learn a lot from them.


Overall, the student body at Northeastern is pretty relaxed; they work hard and they play just as hard.


I have yet to attend this school, so I do not know about classmates yet.


My classmates are extremely focused, independent, and always determined to do the very best they can.


Most of them are boys.because im Engineering major and everywhere I go most of the students are boys!


I think that my classmates are smart and good with interacting with each other.


My classmates at Northeastern University are very diverse, allowing for a good mixture of ideas and backgrounds which gives me a way to rethink the truths that have held proir to attending this institue.


My classmates are incredibly smart, cultured, and driven.


The population at my school is very diverse with people from all different countries and backgrounds. There are lots of athletes, lots of international students, lots of students from almost every social class. There are lots of different student groups that illustrate these differences and also how certain interests can bring lots of different people together for one cause.


My classmates are mostly all very nice and enjoyable to be around; I am an engineering major so my classes are mosty all boys, but girls dont worry they all do not fit the geeky engineering stereotype a lot of them are very normal and fun.


My classmates in my Linguistics classes are very open-minded individuals who love their majors. Even if we are all unsure of what to do in the future with our major, we genuinely enjoy what we study and research.


My class is comprised of a diverse mix of hard working, intelligent students from all over the world who openly embrace each others' differences.


People who really enjoy working and playing wiith comupters, otherwise known as geeks.


Friendly and very driven; Classmates are eager to get things done and take advantage of the opportunities provided to them.


My classmates are from every state, dozens of countries, religions, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, lifestyles, and every sort of diverse aspect of life; they are competitve, academically stimulating, and passionate but still know how to have fun and show compassion.


Most are focused, but there are the usual college kids who will eventually end up dropping out.


Mostly laid-back and fairly academically-driven students whom are fairly social and outgoing.


They are outgoing and very committed to their school work, and want to do well acedemically and socially.


Love their major


Friendly, Clique-y sometimes, helpful. Overall a good group of people.


My classmates are very intelligent hard-working individuals.


Diverse, young, cosmopolitan, .


My classmates are brilliant, friendly, and helpful.


Somewhat reliable.