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I specifically liked the location and the diversity of it students as well as the curriculum.


Northeastern offers a coperative education department. This allows students to work in thier field of study while attending school and learning in the classroom. The combination of real-world and traditional lecuture experience enables students to get a jump start in their choice of career.


The university is right in the middle of Boston but has that college campus feel to it.


Northeastern is great - when things are going smoothly. When shit hits the fan: that's when you realize that Northeastern is a large bureaucracy and it is difficult to get help from the administration. And don't be surprised if you end up paying for a lot more than just tuition.


There are many unique aspects to Northeastern University. First of all, there is the co-op program that gives students valuable work experience. Second of all, Northeastern differs from other schools because it is immersed in a city but has a confined campus feel at the same time. Finally, Northeastern University provides many unique oppurtunities to go abroad whether it is in order to study, complete a co-op, or participate in a Dialogue of Civilizations.


Northeastern University has a nice feel to the campus. When I visited it felt good to walk around and see the buildings. The architecture program at Northeastern is very good and I've heard good things about it from the architecture students. Northeastern has a coop program which will let me gain experience before graduating. They also have a required study abroad semester in the architecture program which I really wanted. The school is also a university so I can meet a variety of different kinds of people. And last but not least, it is in Boston!


I would say the most distinctive characteristic of my school is the coop program. Partipating in this program gives students first-hand working experience in the real world just as you would work as a full-time worker. This is very helpful in that not only students gain job experience while in school, but it also enables us to build networks and connections with potential future employers.


Northeastern's success in it's Co-op program was undoubtedly one of my strongest reasons for choosing this school. Co-op is the norm, the standard and the academic track that most students adhere too. As such, your classes, professors and way of life on campus revolve around experiential learning. You have full support from the say you enter Northeastern to applying to Co-op jobs to preparing graduate school applications. It truly is a unique experience.


Their co-op program.


This school had the co-op program which makes it unique. For certain semesters you work in the field of your major insted of taking classes to get real world experience. Also this school has dozens of choices for majors, classes and clubs, which I like. Finally they are flexible with changing your major which I find comforting.


The professors here in my intended masters field of criminal justice are widely known for their research and experience in their field of criminal justice.


The attention to your career after you graduate


The co-op program is what really makes Northeastern stand out. Nowhere else can you work for a full 18 months as a part of your undergraduate curriculum and get paid for it, and usually come out with a nice job offer. The location is also unbeatable, right in the middle of the city, but with an enclosed campus with lots of green space.


What is unique about Northeastern University is its coop program. This program is what sold me to come to this school. As a Pharmacy major, I will be going on coop 3 times in 4 month periods. Coop is when a student works in a hospital or retail pharmacy to learn first hand about Pharmacy. I think it is an amazing program because it teaches students things they would not be able to learn in class.


What I enjoy most about this school is the diversity it offers to students, not only in academics but within the student body itself, lending to a unique collegiate atmosphere and experience.


Northeastern offers the co-op program which is something I had never seen before in a university. Up to three semester long co-ops are structured into each students scheduling and the student is truly able to explore what they will actually be doing when they graduate as well as making money and gaining up to a year and a half experience in the workforce. Co-ops offer valuble experience and are an incredible opportunity to make connections and land job offers when graduating.


Coop internships allow us to gain a preview of what its like in the real world. Work experience in our major related field helps us see what we like and dont like about our career interests


Northeastern University has a co-op program which allows students to work in fields of intrest for 3-6 months to gain information and experience as well as make some extra monaey. This program allows students to taylor their college education more closely toward exactly what they want to do as a career.


Northeastern offers the tight-knit campus typically seen in rural or suburban areas in a busy and thriving metropolitan area.


Northeastern University stands apart from other schools because it is a 5 year college which incorporates a cooperative education learning experience. This is unique since students can participate in up to three co-ops allowing full-time employment in jobs that will directly prepare us for our career. When students go on co-op, they work full-time in designated areas of their choosing allowing up to one and one half years of practical work experience prior to graduation. Additionally, I can declare a fast track of study to graduate with a master's degree.




THE COOPERATIVE/EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING PROGRAM!!! I love that I can get work experience in my field of interest. Even in this hard economy, the falculty that assists students in finding co-op jobs has been wonderful! These jobs also help students know if they are on the right career path that they are truly interested in. As a part of the experiential learning, Northeastern also offers several ways to study abroad. One can do a co-op abroad for 6 months, a semester abroad for 4 months, or a summer session dialogue which can be 3-6 weeks.


It has the best co-op program in the country and is ranked #1 for job placement for undergraduates.


The thing that makes Northeastern unique compared to other schools is the same thing that I consider "the best thing" about the school -- The internship program. Very few schools offer such a comprehensive internship program; through Northeastern you can find an internship in almost any state and in dozens of other countries that offers a completly unique experience from other schools.


Located in the middle of a city yet there is still a strong campus feel.


It had the music technology major that I am in which no other school has.


We have a five year co-op program. So for the most part, students are hardworking and very career focused. Students here want to have fun, but school work typically comes first.


It was the farthest away from my home town and also the most expesive but gave the most financial aid. It is more academically focused than sports focused compared to other schools I applied to


I don't think that there is really anything that makes my university unique compared to other universitiies.


It set me up with an engineering job through it's co-op program. I learned how to apply what I learned in class in the real world. Now I have a year of experience in engineering before I graduate as well as a good idea of what I enjoy doing in the field. Most of my friends who go to other schools don't have either so it is good to have an advantage when I start going on interviews.




The co-op program is definitely one of the most unique aspects of Northeastern, and definitely the reason it was my first choice University. I am in the pharmacy program and even though it's a six year program, versus the rest of the five year programs at the University, we are still able to participate in the program. I feel confident that because of this program I will graduate with acedemic and real-world knowledge that no other University could have provided me with.


Northeastern is unique because of its location. There are many colleges within the city which provides students with the opportunity to meet a very diverse group of peers. In addition to providing ample opportunities for social events from theaters, to bars, concerts, sporting events and mueseums.


This school offers opportunities you never thought possible. Co-op allows you to have real life experience in the work force and the hands-on learning is priceless.


We are in the middle of a city but it isn't too large so there is still a great sense of community among residents. My school is also surrounded by dozens of other colleges and our campus is open so we interact with students from these neighboring schools on a regular basis.


Northeastern University has a co-op program, where you stop taking classes for 6 months and get a job in your interested career field. It is great experience and looks amazing on a resume. Not to mention that many kids who do co-op finish thier degree with a job waiting for them. Also Northeastern University, while it is located in the heart of a city, Boston, it has a very suburb feel. Campus is alwasy gorgeous, and well kept. There are many quads and scenic areas used for studying or just haning out.


If you're one of those people, like me, who comes from a suburban high school with little to no diversity and want a guarantee that you'll find a group of friends with similarities to yourself, then Northeastern could certainly provide you with that. Probably the best things about Northeastern are it's location and it's campus. The campus (which is expanding with new dorms and buildings) is still a college campus with your grassy quads and brick pathways (unlike BU), only it's plopped right in the heart of Boston in a really great location - it's so centrally located to Fenway Park, the MFA, the Prudential building, Copley, Newbury St., Boylston St., everything!


It has a great COOP program.


I dont think that my school is that unique from other privated well known college institutions. I wouldnt say that this is a bad thing but I feel that my school is similar to many large universities.


It is in the center of a big metropolitan city. There is access to anything you can imagine and there is endless possibilities of things to do around campus


the co-op job program


The co-op program is what sets my school apart from all others. Everyone is amazed when I tell them I have worked full time for 6 months at a real job.


The co-op program involving hands on internships is invaluable.


The coop program. we do 3 internships before we graduate in our major. It's awesome.


boston is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! in study hours, in the day and the nightlife is great!!!


Northeastern really doesn't get enough credit.


NEU is a very good college. But as I am an international student I can't really say if this college is the best one in the U.S. All i know is that i love the campus, i love my classes and i love boston!


According to many college reviews, broomball is really popular,but this isn't true! No one here plays broomball. The popular things to do are attend local sports, go to the Springfest concert (with big names like Ludacris, Nas, Ben Folds, etc.), campus comedy shows (with Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Gaffigan) and Sex Week.


Go here.


Keep an eye out for the one-armed push-up man. He will do 10 one-armed push-ups for every dollar you donate. The cafeteria food is among the best I've tasted at universities. Stir-fry is a must. You are not a real Northeastern student if you have not been to a hockey game or ate at Chicken Lou's. In Boston, there is no such thing as a keg, so expect to see a beer ball for the first time if you are not from around the area.