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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


For a decent portion of the student body the stereotypes are true, but with a large university in such a big city there is also a lot of diversity.




Ehh, somewhat. Not everyone at NU goes to crazy parties all the time and it's definitely not your typical college campus with frat houses and all that. Most people go to apt. parties or stay low key with friends..As far as academics go, I've found a LOT of dumb people here. I've had way more stimulating class discussions in high school than at NU.




While Northeastern is, as of right now, number 96 in the nation (a 3rd tier school), this school has a lot to offer. People do not understand that Northeastern is number 1 in the nation for internships and most of its colleges rank somewhere in the top. Students that attend this school are ambitious and determined to make something of themselves. People go here for a reason: to succeed in the real world.


The student body, in my experience, is mostly white, Asian/Pacific Islander or Indian (not Native American). There is a small population of African-Americans and an even smaller population of Hispanics. Northeastern is no longer a safety school for commuters. I have no commuter friends, and all of my friends are very smart. Northeastern is one of the top colleges in the country, and rankings like US News provide no information about the college at all, so disregard them. Also, NU is ranked low in US News because barely any students graduate within 4 years because of co-op.


some, but not all northeastern students are Engineers. Infact, most people I know are not. And those that are, are not nerds and they are awesome and smart.


Not at all. Northeastern is unique in that we have a co-op program, giving all students who participate in it a 6 month period each year where we're free at night! When you're working, you're not in classes, and that gives us more time to be social and participate in fun student activities and event around the city while on our break from the many stresses of juggling 4 or 5 set of homework from classes. Not to mention, we're getting a stronger, comprehensive set of experiences out in the real world built into our curriculum that students at other colleges won't get until they graduate... and they're just jealous.


I don't know


While there are plenty of students from a wealthy background, there are all sorts of students coming from families with diverse incomes.


All sterotypes are based off of some facts, but it doesn't make them entirely accurate. Yes, some Northeastern students did riot after the patriots won the superbowl and the sox won the world series, but so did students from every other university in new england, yet Northeastern was singled out. Because of this, police line campus after every major sporting event, not taking into consideration the thousands of Northeastern students who never have, and never will disturb the police. Every school has "partiers", but I do not and never will consider NU a party school. The stereotypes that Northeastern students aren't as smart or that Northeastern is easier to get into are not just wrong, they're insulting. BU has a higher acceptance rate than Northeastern, but stories like that are not what stick in peoples mind. It doesn't matter that Northeastern is usually students top choice, not BU, not BC, doesn't seem to matter, as we still get stuck with the stereotypes..


Sometimes. Most of the time its taken out of control with the riot police. But, most of the time we are just regular college students.


1. Not really. You do have to go to work when you are on co-op, but that just makes it easier to fund your nights out. I drank, explored, had fun with friends plenty. I just happened to get paid and get a good resume while doing it. 2. This is up to you. If you live of campus and you are on co-op then you do have to make a little effort because you are not going to class every day. However there are TONS of things to do on campus: student groups, club sports, varsity sports, clubs, fraternities/sororities, cafeterias, the gym, programs put on by student groups/clubs (including movies, speakers, "sex week" including "condom casino," spring fest). You just need to WANT to be a part of the Northeastern community. There are so many ways to be connected.


yes and no, you pick Northeastern because you want to have experience before you are done with college and on your own. Would we like to graduate in 4 years...of course, but would we be able to have our co-op without


Not really. Most of the students work really hard




These stereotypes are accurate for a lot of the Northeastern student population.


These stereotypes are mostly accurate.




yes, half my class is international which make is very interesting


The academic performance stereotype is absolutely wrong. NU has made strides in the past few years and while rankings change from college to college within NU, (Business, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, etc.) we generally have programs that match or surpass many of the traditionally higher ranking schools. The students stereotype is unfortunately upheld by a small percentage of students who just happen to get attention because they are the loudest. I have found that the majority of students however, do not match this.


I feel there are a select few who are not considerate to the outside community that end up giving the whole student body a bad reputation. If you're going to a university to be able to have an exciting sports events experience this is NOT the place for you. I think I only went to football games when someone I knew was nominated for Homecoming King/Queen.


Yes, but they are changing.




I think what happens is that people take a segment of the population, or an individual experience and build it out into "this is what every Northeastern student is like ALL THE TIME." Granted, yes, compared to Berklee or Mass Art or even Wentworth kids, NU has a big presence in the local community and can be seen out in full force on any given weekend. However, these also tend to be less upperclass students because we can also go to bars in other neighborhoods (torture some BU-Allston/Brighton residents for a change). But the same kids who are running down Huntington at 2 am on Saturday morning are also probably the same students who are on executive boards for various student groups and spending all of their Sunday in the library working on homework. Work hard, play hard. In my opinion stereotypes are never totally accurate and people will see what they want to see. Residents have to remember that students are really barely 20 years old sometimes and outsiders should keep in mind that even young professionals need to let their hair down and relax every once in awhile.


Sometimes. Globally no though.


not a very diverse campus. pretty aggressive, especially when drunk.


Absolutely not. I have taken some of the most challenging and the most interesting courses. I have a few friends that transfered to Northeastern and said that they do more work for NU classes then they did at some other prestigious schools in Boston.




To some degree it's accurate, but I think there is a good amount of financial/ethnic diversity.


Yes. However it isn't so bad because you can avoid them.


The first stereotype is untrue on the rowdy part and partially true on the invasion of neighborhoods. But when you have a school of 16000 with not enough affordable on-campus housing, what else is going to happen. The girls in uggs stereotype, is ashamedly true for much of the female student population.


Not really.


Yes, but in a good way. We actually have fun here.


Deep pockets-- sometimes. I know I could never have gone if went for student loans; the price tag IS up there. Overachievers-- maybe. I think there are more students at NU that are serious about school and their careers than aren't.


Sorta- not many NEU students ever leave campus. But the school is diverse and the students are definitely really smart.


The abundence of rich kids (at least materialistic) are so obvious on campus, whether it be from their parents or money made on co-op


True for some people, but for the most part the student body is pretty diverse.