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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Acapella is pretty big, as well as club/intramural sports. But most kids simply juggle classes, co-ops, and trying different bars throughout the city on the weekends. There is definitely a club for everything, but I find most are pretty unorganized. Luckily Boston has a lot to offer so you don't have to stick around campus. Freshman and sophomore years are usually spent on campus getting to know people and then you move off-campus and keep the friends you made. Upperclassmen tend to live more like "real world" people and have to sign leases and apply for jobs and such.


The "popular" student groups tend to be based on perspective, which is based on what groups you and your friends are in. I am in Peace Through Play, a volunteer organization, but have friends in Circle K and Jumpstart, also very popular volunteer groups. The a Capella groups on campus get quite the buzz, as does Hockey, one of our bigger sports. The athletic community tends to be separated from the rest of Northeastern, but everyone is a "huskies" fan at heart! Fraternities and sororities are nonexistent in the traditional sense. We do not have frat houses, or hazing. However, there ARE sororities and frats and their focus is on academics and community service. A lot of kids choose to go to parties at MIT or BU on the typical Friday night, but there are many things to do that don't involve drinking. You literally have an entire city at your fingertips! The school also sponsors things like outdoor movie nights, bbqs, dances (at our "nightclub," AfterHours, concerts, and much more!


I don't think that I could narrow down the most popular student activities or groups. This is due to the fact that we have hundreds of different student groups and athletic teams. Many of the students like to support our hockey team every winter, so many students attend those games. We are not solely a sport focused school though - we cater to everyone's interests. We have guest speakers and comedians come to our school and perform; we have a large range of interest-based student groups, as well as school related groups and groups related to your major. I am currently a part of the Northeastern chapter of the American Chemical Society, a chemistry based group here. I have also been a part of the Residential Student Association, which plans many activities for residents, as well as our infamour "Husky Hunt," a 24 hour scavenger hunt that happens once a year. There is always something to do in this city, and at this campus.


I was personally involved with MEISA, a group which brought music acts to campus. There is truly a club for anything, including many socially active political groups (environmentally friendly groups such as HEAT, campus democrats/republicans, etc.). These organizations are breeding grounds for large groups of friends who work hard and play hard on occasion.


Being an urban campus, Northeastern isn't like most colleges in terms of the party scene. A lot of parties are low key, some you have to pay for (like $5). Usually you can find things to do, obviously the more people you know the better. Some nights are very slow though. Students in the freshman dorms usually leave their doors propped open. In my dorm it was more common to just hang out and do homework in the common areas of the dorms. Hockey games are very popular, especially when we are against rival schools BC and BU people get very into the games. If you don't drink there are still things to do on the weekend. Sports games, sometimes there are events (Bob Saget and Kenan Thompson came during rush week for instance). A lot of freshman end up just staying in the dorms and having a good time with friends there. Off campus there is shopping, great food and sooo many other college campuses full of soo many college kids... If there is nothing to do at Northeastern a lot of time people will go to MIT or Harvard for parties. Frats/Sororities aren't super popular, but enough that you know they are there.


Cultural groups are very popular on campus. We have organizations for Latino, black, and asian culture, as well as for all different cultures of the world. We also have a strong Resident Student Association and Student Government association that put on a lot of great events and make sure that all students are having a good time. There is also Greek life, and academic groups. There is really something for everyone.


Northeastern's number one sport is definitely hockey. The hockey games are always packed and school spirit is really apparent. Other than that, most people are involved in some sort of organization whether its volunteer, for fun, or geared toward their major. Each year we have the annual Underwear run, where literally hundreds of students strip down to their underwear and run around campus and Boston. It's a lot of fun! Northeastern is not the biggest party school, but you will always be able to find a party going on on the weekends or go to a local bar.


Northeastern's number one sport is definitely hockey. The hockey games are always packed and school spirit is really apparent. Other than that, most people are involved in some sort of organization whether its volunteer, for fun, or geared toward their major. Each year we have the annual Underwear run, where literally hundreds of students strip down to their underwear and run around campus and Boston. It's a lot of fun! Northeastern is not the biggest party school, but you will always be able to find a party going on on the weekends or go to a local bar.


The most popular student groups are either the Student Government or NUCALLS (a language club). We have a lot of smaller clubs with specific focuses like engineers without borders, chess club, habitat for humanity, or a tight-rope walking club. We also have free admission to our sports games, so those are popular to watch as well.


As I have said before, I am a new and international student at Northeastern, I am not sure about this question. I will talk about it later.


Campus groups are very large at Northeastern. There is everything from environmental groups, to dance groups, to religious groups, to political groups, to frats and sororities. Greek like is definitely NOT big at our school. There are always activities going on around campus, free bbqs, cooking demos, comedians, concerts, lectures, etc. I don’t think enough students take advantage of the many things offered. I have enjoyed going to free yoga and meditation which takes place during finals week every semester. Partying is pretty big a our school. Apartment parties and the bar scene are very popular. Once you’re 21, there is WAY more to do in Boston. Many students live off campus. I have lived off campus since sophomore year because the on campus thing wasn’t my scene. You have to be more independent, pay bills, and be responsible.. it takes a bit more work at first, but I like the independence far more than living in the on campus dorms, paying too much money, and sharing a room with someone… Hockey is our biggest sport by far. If drinking isn’t your scene, there are always other things going on like concerts, shows, etc...


finance and investment club is very popular for finance majors. there are all kinds of groups and clubs. lots of stuff to do off campus. there are house parties and lots of bars to go to on the weekends.


Student life is fairly typical of any large school. While there are distinct social groups (you have your bro's, "nerds", fraternity/sorority, SGA, etc), these groups mix seamlessly in a way that is unique to Northeastern. I myself am in a Fraternity, however I have met some of my closest friends (and current roommates) through other organizations, mainly Student Government and the College Republicans. Regardless of other factors, Northeastern students tend to be extremely involved on campus. There are organizations for virtually any hobby, interest, or any other point of commonality really. Also if a student does not find something they like, the Student Activities office makes it very easy to create a group and gather interest. The student life here is awesome, and the mixing between different student and social groups at Northeastern and is an experience that would be hard to duplicate at other schools.


Fraternity and sororities are not that big here but they are available. To clarify there's probably a few fraternity houses (all like 10 min off campus) and no sorority houses (they are not allowed in Boston oddly). There is a party scene there but the frats/soroties tend to be very active in community stuff. As you may know we got rid of our football team...yay...there was really no point since there isn't a field on campus I don't think many people went to the games. We do however go to a ton of hockey and basketball games, especially in the earlier years of attendance. The dorms are a great place to live. i would say I met everyone in college either 1.At orientation, 2.from my freshman dorm/dorms of others and 3. from my major. Once you turn 21 there's a nice little bar scene on campus and evryone goes to the nearby bars at fenway and in the Boyleston area.


Northeastern has about 280 clubs on campus; that means a LOT of variety. The biggest would have to the Resident Student Association or Student Government Association, but if you were to count it as a whole, Fraternity and Sorority Life would probably be the largest, with bout 11% of students involved. There are no fraternity or sorority houses, so the parties aren't quite what you'd experience at a big southern school, but there definitely enough of them where you can find them with ease. There are a couple bars on campus that are very popular once students are of age (and often times a couple years before then), but Northeastern doesn't want to gain the rep of a party school, so there are constantly non-drinking events going on on-campus as well. The hockey and basketball games are popular, as we don't have a football team (but trust me, they weren't worth going to when they were here!). But the really beauty of Northeastern is its location in Boston. No matter what you are interested in, you can find a place to do it in Boston. Shopping, bars, clubs, comedy shows, concerts, major sports games, there is absolutely nothing you can't find.


Sororities and fraternities are available on campus and are fun to get involved in if you are interested. However, it is not a thing of utmost importance on campus. Most students are not involved and it is more of a minority than majority that are involved. Sports are a huge part of Northeastern. Athletic events are promoted on campus and students are encouraged to attend. Students definitely leave their doors open in the dorm, especially at the freshman/sophomore level. It is an easy way to get to know your neighbors and everyone is really open to the idea of doing so for the most part. The social scene at Northeastern is amazing! There is an active nightlife in Boston that we are all able to become a part of. Once you are 21, there are tons of options of bars and clubs to go to which is great. In addition, there are always activities happening on campus for those not interested in going out such as guest speakers (comedians, etc) and Northeastern takes pride in this! People definitely like to party on the weekends but during the week it is usually rare as students do take pride in their academics and have the motivation to go to class each day.


Athletics are not big at Northeastern. You will see the highest attendence at hockey and basketball games against rivals such as BU, BC or Harvard. Students are very active in campus activities. Community service organizations and student leadership groups are among the largest.


If there was one thing I would recommend to an incoming freshman at Northeastern, it would be to GET INVOLVED ON CAMPUS. It's easy at a large school in a city to get lost in the masses and wonder if you're going to college or just another citizen of the city. I experienced this my freshman year, but thankfully found a niche amongst people in my dorm. That niche; however, multiplied when I became more involved on campus my third year. I became an RA and joined the student group Social Change through Peace Games. Peace Games is a national organization that teaches students (from K-8) about various issues and how to deal with them in a positive way and become better peacemakers. This is usually done by playing a relevant game. The student group on campus has grown immensely since it's inception several years ago and is the largest service student group on campus. It's basically a bunch of friendly and sassy folk on campus who smile way too much and want to make a huge difference in the world! As far as social life, it's Boston so expect something to do every night of the week. You are pretty confined to campus parties (whether at NU or other colleges in the area) until you turn 21 but it's all part of the college experience.


Broomball is a popular intramural sport played at Northeastern University.


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Great on campus events like music (Nas, Lupe, the Roots have all come in the past 2 yrs), esp. at afterhours the club on campus. Most freshmen make friends in their res halls and go out on the weekends. Can't go clubbing till your 21 because of a law in Boston but there are tons of places to check out in the city. Frats and sor. are not that popular but seems like more people join them every year..The main social activity at northeastern is well, BOSTON!


When it comes to partying at Northeastern, there are two kinds of students. One kind is completely straight-edge while the other is a full-blown alcoholic. Most students here are alcoholics and love to party until dawn. When I party, I party hard. I drink until I cannot stand or throw another ping-pong ball. However, if you are not a party fiend, there are several fabulous restaurants, theatres, etc. to go to. The shopping in Boston is extraordinary. People love to hook-up and I have only encoutered a few couples. There are so many people here that you can definitely find what you are looking for when it comes to romance. Guest speakers are pretty popular here. We had the comedian Lisa Lampanelli here and it was fantastic!! I met my closest friends at orientation, and from there I met an array of people from classes and parties. If you are an extrovert, there should be no problem making friends. However, if you are an introvert, you might want to go to a small-town college.


One can walk up and down the hall in any dorm and find doors wide open and students inside having a good time. Hockey is the most popular sport, and this past year was one of the most successful in recent memory. The school has several speakers, comedians, concerts, etc. throughout the year. The dating scene seems to be vivacious, however I have tried to stay away from any sort of relationship. Weekends are party time, although usually at an apartment or dorm since the frats/sororities are not a huge part of student life. Being in Boston, there is a ton of stuff to do.


Hockey games are awesome, there is some Greek Life but it doesn't over power anything. Its in the city so you can do anything, and there are so many places to eat. Boston has a great Music scene so you can go to concerts. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of places to shop near campus. (Newbury street, the prudential center, and the copley mall are all within 15 minutes walk).


I loved broomball! It is the crazy game that involves a small ball, "brooms," and ice. Yes, it is played on the ice in Matthews. Honestly, if you want to have some fun get a team together and sign up. I promise it is a good time!


I've been Ms. Student Life my entire time here. As a freshman I joined the orchestra, the literary magazine, the gay-straight alliance (called NUBiLAGA), the NU Downhiller ski club, the American Chemical Society... the list goes on and on. I began to drop out of some activities as I stepped into a leadership position as the Layout editor of the Spectrum Literary Arts Magazine. I basically lived in the Student Center some nights, editing. I found the staff of the magazine, the media board and everyone involved in student life around me passionate, friendly and fun. Having an executive board position is very rewarding, but also demanding. Sometimes it doesn't seem like much, but running a student group is a big job! You have to manage finances, advertising, adhere to university regulations, have meetings, make decisions and speak to advisers. Not to mention planning and hosting events! But the end result is a student body that gives the Northeastern community a lot of activities to choose from. We have an on campus night-club where everything from open-mic nights to drag shows are held. And on any given night that it's quiet on campus, you bet that the city of Boston has something to offer. Today I'm going at 4pm down to get ice cream at the annual scouper-bowl in government center, which I learned about from, which I highly recommend. Every Saturday night I go to open-mic poetry at the Put of the Blue Gallery in Central Square (Cambridge) and then skip down to Inman square and catch improv comedy discouted for students, at Improv Boston. There's still tons more to do around the north end, and in the theater district. No need to be 21 you'll find a good time just about anywhere.


Being in a such a large and exciting city means lots of opportunities for socializing - for the 21+ crowd. Boston's new law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from going to bars, nightclubs, concert venues, pool halls, bowling alleys and many restaurants - basically any place that serves alcohol - on weekends and certain nights of the week. This leaves the 18-20 crowd with nothing to do in the city, other than attend house parties. A lot of these parties aren't in the safest areas, either. It's tough to find things to do if you aren't 21 here. Even the parties can be scarce, because a lot of students travel home or to other schools, have work, or are studying. Campus security is tight, making anything more than a simple get-together impossible due to housing guest rules.


I'm not involved in many student groups, but it's all what you make of it - there are lots of groups to join. Freshmen dorms are very open, but once you're an upperclassman, it gets harder to meet new people. Hockey is the big athletic event that people go to. The dating scene is similar to that of any other college. I met most of my closest friends freshman year, and my best friend I met last summer when we shared a dorm room together (it was a random assignment). People party pretty often, but there aren't huge parties, since everyone lives in smaller apartments of the dorms. The alcohol policy on campus is very strict - Don't get written up, it sucks! There is lots to do off-capus that doesn't involve drinking - movies, concerts, plays, restaurants, it's Boston! Just remember that the T closes at 12:30am.


Many students live off campus or in apartment style housing on campus, so you do miss out on the "dorm life" that you get at most schools, with the exception of some freshmen. There are always events going on on campus, but attendence is not always high because there are so many other things to do in boston. If you want something to do, you will never be bored. There are always parties, but in addition there are movies and speakers and comedians and concerts and plays and trips and a million other things to keep you entertained. Greek life is a small percentage of the student population, but it is very active, so if you want to be involved with them there are always things going on, and if you hate greek life, you can easily ignore them.


I would say for any incoming students-- get involved. If you stay in your room, or within the same clique of friends, you will not understand the awesome social life that Boston has to offer. Leave your dorm room open and WANT to meet people. Go to the Beanpot, and go to Hockey games, enjoy our clubs and club sports. Play rugby! Thats what its here for. Northeastern has amazing activities to offer. But a social life is really up to you.


Freshman year people leave their doors open in the dorms. After that you go to appartment style (which are great!!), so it's not as commonly used. People are friendly though and even in apartment style I'd meet a couple new neighbors. I met my best friend on co-op. And that group of friends knows each other from freshman year (most in same dorm). My other group of friends I met through being involved on campus. I met my two other really close friends in a student group called RSA. It is through them that I met my boyfriend. Greek life isn't important, per se... however it is popular depending on who you talk to. I've talked to people who say "I don't know anyone in greek life - it's so small it's not worth it." However the majority of my friends are in fraternities and sororities (I'm not), and I hear all about them. So to me, it seems like a big deal. If you are in the greek community, it's big enough that it has a significant presence. If you're not in the greek community you don't feel as though you necessarily should be in order to have fun.


Wide array of clubs to choose from. Broom ball is very entertaining and fun. Want to party? If you are a freshman male you must have at least two women per man in your company. That's just the way it is, the apartments are incapable of throwing full-blown ragers.


The Resident Student Activities, and Center for University Planning (RSA/CUP) are the most common clubs, and bring everything to campus from Ludacris and Ben Folds to Nickelodeon's Wild and Crazy Kids and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Your friends mostly come from people you lived with in a dorm, or the people you take classes with. I don't know if I have 5 friends who don't fit in either of those categories. There the ones who are in your room watching Sex and the City re-runs when you have an 8am class and its ticking into the early morning hours. there the ones you go out with on Saturday nights to parties all around Boston (and Cambridge...and Chestnut Hill) If your not into drinking, there the ones your going out to dinner with, going to a movie, or a show, or just walking around the city and soaking in all it has to offer.


I live off campus so it's harder for me but there are lots of student groups maybe even too many the fraternities and sororities are not a very big thing a Northeastern but they do exist


Utsav is the main club to join if you're indian. Students should usually join clubs that are similar to their major just to get tight with their professors and other networking sources.


Greek life is pretty active, as are student government and sports. In dorms students do tend to leave their doors open sometimes. Speakers come to campus very often. I met my closest friends in my dorm freshman year. People party on weekends but for the most part this is not too excessive. Every year there is springfest, which is a big concert in the spring. On a saturday night, you could go to the movies or stay in and watch a movie. Most social activities involve drinking on weekends.


Sports is pretty popular at NU. You have the official teams that play for the school but you also have the intramural teams. I am in the Entrepreneurship club. Its a fun club. We start our own mini business throughout the year. We'll make money and then invest that into more ventures. In freshman dorms, you find that it is more common for students to leave their doors open. In upperclassmen dorms, not really. The dating scene is pretty good here. You find a lot of coupling off in the spring time. I met my closest friends in freshmen year in the dorm. We lived on the same floor. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am probably partying. Some traditions and events every year are Springfest. These are always good. Always try to get tickets. And always get two. It is basically the biggest event of the school year and everyone goes. Hardcore partiers party a lot. The nights to go out are Tuesdays, Thursdays-Saturdays. This is when the bar scene is big. If you're not a big partier, then its mainly friday and saturdays. Greek life isn't all that big on campus. You'll find a couple of frat parties here and there. But you usually have to know someone. Last weekend I went out to the bars to celebrate a friend's 21st. Good times. Saturdays nights you can work if you don't drink. But everyone usually drinks. When I am off campus, I am usually working or spending time with friends. We'll go to sit in restaurants.


Clubs are great for meeting people, if you have time for them.


Again, there is something for everyone at NU, and in close proximity in the city. My biggest involvements have been with NUHOC, the outdoors sports and skiing club, of which I am the president, and also afterHOURS, the coffeshop/full performance music venue on campus, which I was a sound technician at. NUHOC has a lodge that is completely student run, and funded through the club about 4 hours north in New Hampshire/Maine. We lead trips, run educational sessions and are just generally involved with almost every kind of outdoorsy activity you could ask for. Check out Its a really cheap way for people to learn new skills, get out of the city, or just find like-minded people to go adventure with. Hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing, backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, camping, kayaking, rafting, caving, mountain biking, cycling... the list goes on. We do it in the woods. (Pun intended.) afterHOURS is our local small venue. We have local NU bands and larger acts play, and the venue is largely student-run, although well supported by the school. We usually have activities six nights a week. I've done sound for the likes of Zox, Soulive, Duncan Sheik and Hanson (yes, really, Hanson - they're all grown up.) We've had many, many more... Check out Depending on the night you can have hours of jam bands, reggae-jam, rap, hip-hop, punk, gospel, a capella. We do it all...


Tons of opportunities on and around campus in Boston. Anything for any type of experience that a student wishes.


Popular organizations are the cultural clubs, such as LASO (Latin American Student Org), as well as Student Government. The fraternities and sororities still seem to reign in several students, although there is little housing for greek life. Students don't really leave their doors open, because they lock automatically anyways. Not many people date, because the co-op program keeps students moving/changing lives every 6 months. The social life revolves around going to the bars and drinking heavily. I don't really do anything off campus unless I go out to eat somewhere.


I’m heavily involved in Northeastern’s Campus Girl Scouts. I’ve served as three of the four different executive board positions. We are all registered adult Girl Scouts. As a student group we like to go camping and are looking to become more involved on campus in the upcoming years. We also run three troops of as many as 30 younger girls, ranging in ages from 5 to 17. When we were freshmen we never closed our doors. The people that I lived near are my very best friends from college to this day. As we’ve gotten older our circle has expanded to include new and old roommates, classmates, and friends from different student groups. It’s an overlapping mix of a bunch of different groups.


So much stuff to do but nothing seems to be centrally orgainzed.


I think the most popular group is the outdoors club, but I'm not sure. There are lots of different groups. I'm involved with the Student Ambassadors to the Alumni. We do a lot of work with events where alumni come back. They recently installed a whole office for that, though, which took away a lot of what we do, so the group is sort of lacking energy now. Athletic events aren't that important. I didn't even know we had a football team until the end of freshman year, actually. Sometimes they have some pretty good guest speakers, although they sell out fairly fast. We have some events every year, like homecoming and stuff, but none of those are a big deal. The dating scene is okay since we're in Boston - you meet a lot of people at bars. I met all my closest friends freshman year. People party fairly often but there are also a lot of hard workers here. Not so many house parties once you get older, since everyone goes to bars. Mostly on weekends or late at night I am at a bar or a concert or a friend's apartment. Fraternities/sororities are almost nonexistent, at least to me. I've only ever been to one frat party.


My dorm is probably the least friendliest freshman dorm on campus so basically all doors are closed ( I personally like it that way, no one bothers me). Hockey games are the only games that people really go to. I really like to watch the hockey games. There are always productions going on so the theater people will have their fill. There are always guest speakers, sometimes you just have to look for them. Lots of bands come around too. I really haven't delved into the dating scene yet but girls, there are tons of hot guys here, you just have to stop searching and you'll start to notice them all. My closest friend here is my roommate which is rare but most people are friends with someone in their major. There are lots of traditions here including sex week, international culture week, etc etc. What I did last weekend was find a new restaurant I haven't been to. Quite honestly, there's not much to do on weekends if you dont party. I don't drink or party so I either go out to eat or hang out with friends in their dorm. Some people like to go to the movies and in the winter, some people go ice skating. There are definitely party people out there but it's easy to stay away if you dont want to do that. It's also pretty easy to find somewhere to drink too. There are sororities and fraternities and a few of them are pretty prevalent and hold a lot of activities. I personally dislike sororities so... I haven't been to any events.


My freshman year, every door on my floor was always open. There were only 17 of us on my floor but we were all best friends. 4 years later, I'm still good friends with all of them. As an RA in the same building last year, i was disappointed that no one really left their door open. I think it differs with each class and residence hall. Speakers on campus are actually pretty popular. I wish I went to more. No one cares about athletic events. Hockey is probably the most popular, but I don't think I could name 5 people I know who have been to a hockey game. My closest friends I met in my residence hall freshman year and in the dance company. I think most people meet their friends in their dorms. If people are invloved in social groups or clubs, there are often close friendships formed there. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm probably hanging out across the hall in my friends' room, playing mario kart or rockband and talking about nothing. It is one of my favorite things to do. Partying is pretty prevelent. There are frats and sororities on campus, but they aren't a huge deal. I think that in my 4 years at Northeastern I've been to one NEU frat party. The great thing about being in Boston is that there are a million other schools and therefore a million other parties. I've been to parties at BU, BC, MIT, Suffolk, Simmons, etc. Freshman year, when we didn't know many upperclassmen, we would just party in our dorm as much as 5 nights a week. It was always a group of about 15 or 20, and we were all very close. I always felt safe doing this, and it saved the trouble of going out and getting home late at night. There were actually a lot of nights when we didn't drink. We played games a lot. Apples to Apples, Cranium, and Balderdash can all turn into pretty crazy nights, even without alcohol involved. I miss those nights--we don't have them as much now that we are old enough to go to bars. Last weekend I went scuba diving at the Great Barrier reef. I am in Sydney doing a study abroad through Northeastern's program. It is a pretty great program, and in talking to other study abroad students here, I realize how much Northeastern takes care of. Unfortunately, some of the process was frusterating and we all felt like the study abroad office didn't care, but in the end, here I am. I switched majors my sophmore year and didn't have any credits transfer in from high school, and I was still able to do study abroad. If you want to do it, you can, and I would recommend everyone to take advantage of this program and travel. It is such a great opportunity and can really open your eyes.


i dont know what the most popular organizations are, but lots of people join frats and sororities, despite the Greek Life here being absolutely horrendous. im on the Ultimate frisbee team and we do anything that any other club would do. we play our sport, and take it pretty seriously, and we party when we dont have tournaments. people go to the hockey games, but thats really it. all our other sports suck. i met my closest friends on the frisbee team. thats really the best way to meet people. join a club. every year we have Sex week where thousands of free condoms are handed out and t-shirts are given and what not. people party every weekend. and im sure if you tried hard enough you could find a party every day of the week.


Biggest groups are Resident Student Association and Student Government Association. There are a ton of other groups to get involved with though. I'm in the United Nations Association which participates in collegiate Model United Nations and Model Arab League conferences and hosts conferences for middle and high school students. It's been a great experience and allowed me to meet tons of people from all over the world. Working with the high school kids is one of my favorite yearly events.


Most of the popular things on campus are club sports teams, general clubs, and of course frats and sororities are carving out a place as well. I myself am on the men's rugby team. Its a lot of fun to hang out with the guys and to play one of the best sports on the earth. We play a lot of big name teams like army, harvard, and BC so we get some recognition, but nothing spectacular. But sporting events with the exception of hockey and basketball games dont get much attention from students. our football/ soccer field isnt even on campus so they kind of take a backseat to parties or anything else you want to do. The campus itself is great, the food is decent and all freshman dorms are located in one area. Most kids keep their doors open so its easy to meet new people or hang out with anyone. Personally i meet most of my closest friends at orientation, then we all ended up living on a business themed floor so it worked out well that way, my other friends are predominantly from classes and rugby. Weekends and nightlife are also very prevalent on most days of the week. I mean on tuesday your not going to find a party, but from wednesday to saturday youre set for parties. The beanpot sparks a lot and so do most holidays so its like a typical college.


The most popular organizations on campus are probably the ones associated with culture. NU isn't a very Greek-oriented campus, though fraternities and sororities are very prominent. I was involved with NUTV every year I was at Northeastern, and the organization made amazing progress throughout those years. It started my freshman year as a project among a few people, and by the time I graduated, student-produced television shows were airing just about monthly from the campus intranet. Athletic events are not very popular at all. A far as football is concerned, the distant stadium was always blamed for that, despite the provided shuttles. Guest speakers were popular IF they were a comedian. Jim Bruer, Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon, and Pablo Francisco all had great student turnouts. Other speakers, not so much. Because the Northeastern theater program isn't very impressive, few people attended their shows. They were even in a separate theater that sat maybe 70 instead of the auditorium that sat over 1000. The dating scene was good, I guess. A lot of students venture of campus to visit students at neighboring colleges like Berklee, BU, Emerson, or Simmons. I met my closest friends in the dorms and at my work-study job, and if I was awake at 2am on a Tuesday (which I usually was), I would be hanging out in someone's dorm room or apartment watching a movie or shooting the shit. I never really participated in campus events that happened every year like the Beanpot or the homecoming parade, but I did participate in Boston events like the Pride Parade, First Night, St. Patrick's Day Parade, and the 4th of July on the Esplanade. Boston is full of stuff to do; you really can't get bored. There are tons of museums, restaurants, music venues, movie theaters, shops, and pool halls/bowling alleys. There's also the Common, Copley Square, the river...FREE places that are just nice to be in.