Northeastern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




When speaking of Northeastern, I focus on the guarantee of a successful future. With the four major experiential learning opportunities - cooperative education, international studies, service learning, and research - there is a unique way for every student to take studies beyond the classroom, explore his/her passions, and prepare for the future. I am proud to boast that Northeastern is the leader in the cooperative education program, with many colleges using it as a model to form their own programs, seeing how successful Northeastern's has been. And the cherry on top is the ideal location - the city of Boston!


Northeastern University is located in a great area. It is not a clique based community like many high schools. Northeastern offers its students so many great programs; someone is always able to help you figure things out. The co-op program is the most exciting. Students get to work in their feild of study and get real life experience. This program not only helps students feel more confident working in their feild, it also gives them a better chance of finding a great job after graduation.


The co-op program and the great location of the school. Also the ability to travel all over the world and still receive credit at Northeastern.


It is great with research and coop opportunities and a very good school


Northeastern is in the heart of Boston. The city is an incredible place to attend college becuase you are surrounded by culture, great food, music and some of the smartest minds in the US.


Northeastern is an incredible university! We have many international students from all over the world who help to create a very diverse campus with many different perspectives. There are so many extracurriculars to choose from, everything from ballroom dancing and floor hockey to film club, making for an engaging campus where it's easy to make new friends and learn about Boston. Northeastern has an amazing international progarm where you can study or work in nearly any country around the world. And our cooperative work program is the best around, helping students to get real job experience before even graduating!


I get three paid internships before I graduate.


the co-op program


I got to work in a real newsroom as a staff writer after just my freshman year of college. That gave me a huge advantage in the workplace after graduating.


Co-op program for internships Being in Boston!


Northeastern University was an amazing undergraduate school. The campus was absolutely beautiful with wonderful ammenities for all students. The Marino Center athletic center was a 3 story gymnasium with a track and full court basketball courts inside. There were an abundance of majors offered which was wonderful for undecided students.


The libary is open 24 hours a day.


The thing I brag most about my school is the fact that it has a co-op program which gives us work experience and access to connections in industries.


We have an amazing Co-op Program that allows students to work and get paid at a real job while still in school. These six month breaks provide great real world experience to young adults, like us.




It's prestige. Northeastern is ranked as one of the top schools in the US and my program is AACSB accredited. I also tend to brag about how knowledgable my proffesors are and there credentials.


Northeastern University is in the middle of Boston, the college capital of the nation. Living in a city was the best decision I could have made, and I go off campus for the real Boston experience almost every day. I am surrounded by people from not only all over the nation but all over the world. Plus, Northeastern's co-op program gives students the competitive edge that is imperative in economy today. I will graduate with two or three big name corporations on my resume that shows so much more than a degree, a huge advantage over other graduates.


Northeastern University is a top notch school that offers me the opportunity to plan for my future in an ideal way. My current classes are fantastic - the professors approachable, intelligent and connected. Going forward, I hope to partake in the Dialogues of Civilization program in Japan, study abroad, and complete both an international co-op and a U.S. co-op. The student clubs, organizations and on campus activities are limitless. The resources to plan your career are superb. It is the perfect environment for me to thrive. Also, the city life allows for so much community service involvement.


When I tell my friends about my school I like to brag about the experiences. Between study abroad programs, co-op opportunities, interviews, seminars, and information fairs not only is there always something to do but there is always something to learn as well. At a fantastic school in an amazing city, one thing that's certain is there is no reason to ever be bored.


I love being right in the middle of Boston, it's great to eat and shop! The co-op program is great here. There is a lot of help to find jobs if you try hard and switching between school and work is great because you learn if you really like doing what you're studying and how to apply things learned in the classroom in real life.


The place the school is located in: the city.


how easy it is to meet people from other schools


Being in the city of Boston. Culturally rich and still accessable. Northeastern has given me many classes that have opened doors to my creative outlet of writing.


Good School


I don't brag about my school.


The only thing i brag about is the great resources we have like the acedemic advisors, multiple computer labs, and the oppurtunity for co-op.


Amazing surrounding area, Boston is great! Excellent school with the co-operative education program, would choose to go here again in a heartbeat!


Job opportunities upon graduation.


That I go to Northeastern. I'm a transfer student and this is the perfect school for me, I am very proud to go here because I am finally in a school that really tests my ability and motivation to learn. I brag about everything, from the teachers to the classes.


Night life


The name "Northestern Unversity" says it all. Most of my friends would love to go here because it's such a good school. NUhas really good intership oppurtunities and flexible class schedules. Most of all the classes are really interesting and allows me to actually enjoy learning. I am proud to be a student here at Northeastern University.


Job opportunities. Co-op program has let me work at some incredible places on projects that I'd never get to work on otherwise.


The location and the variety of things to do from living in the city. I also love that people that attend here are from all around the country/world and it allows you to make friends from all different places.


The campus is beautiful and I love Boston.


I like to talk about living in a city, and being exposed to all different cultures. I love talking about going to the Red Sox games and watching sports in local bars and restaurants.


Its cosmopolitan, and the faact that it is right in the center on an international city like Boston makes it that much better.


The coop program and our national ranking


That there is a lot to do off campus. That I live near Fenway Park. The co-op program here will help me attain a job after school and help me figure out what I want to do after graduation.


the co-op program


The social scene and how cohesive the campus feels. I love the city, there is so much to do and we can get food at just about any hour.


What I brag about most when I talk about my school is the new buildings that are just finished building or buildings that are in progress. Many people envy Northeastern Universities beautifully designed buildings.