Northeastern University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Middle-class white kids from New England (and Jersey and New York). Girls wearing Uggz, a North Face fleece, leggings, and an overdone tan. Red Sox gear is rampant.


Lots of nonconformists, democrats, and international students.


People think Northeastern students are big time party-ers and that we aren't as academically inclined as the other top schools in boston.


plenty of americans, and very nice people, a very cozy campus.


People believe that Northeastern students attend this school because they were denied admission to "better" schools: Boston College, Boston University, or other "top-notch" schools. Also, people believe Northeastern University is a safety school and lacks academic clout.


Not a very diverse student body, a fair amount of preppy students. Also, some older people in their 40s and 50s who went to college in the 70s and 80s think NU is a crappy school.


The Co-op program is very strong, it helps a lot with the future. Northeastern students are all engineers.


I've heard some kids from other Boston colleges say that Northeastern is a party school and that the students aren't as smart as those from other schools.


I don't know!


Northeastern is by no means cheap to attend, and therefore a lot of the students are seen as rich and spoiled. The fact that people dress very nice seem to strengthen that stereotype.


Northeastern students are partiers, they riot after sporting events, they aren't as smart or motivated as students at other Boston schools


We are respected individuals in the workplace, but our reputation sometimes differs from location to location. To local residents in the Back Bay as well as up on "the Hill" (Mission Hill), we are a general nuisance. Most residents believe or sole reason we are enrolled at the university is to make a noise violation of some sort. Boston Police Department always assumes the worst every time the Red Sox or Patriots win and line or campus with anti-riot measures. Otherwise, we are generally liked by our peers and by the business in the area because we offer cheap labor through coop and business through purchasing. Post-graduates are becoming more well liked in the Boston-area as well as the country as the school is becoming more selective, which helps all of us.


1. That we want to go right into the real world and therefore miss that college-y step of having fun and sleeping in late. 2. When you're on co-op it doesn't feel like you're in school - you are not tied to the campus.


I really can't think of any stereotypes, we just chill.


That we love the fact were in school for 5 years


They are not as serious as students from other colleges in MA


All the students are pretty flamboyant... I don't think it's intentional but damn, do we love our name brand designers. Versace, D&G, Armani, and so so many more brands are always on display on campus whether its finals week or the week back from vacation.


A lot of people in Boston think Northeastern girls wear Uggs, have Coach bags, and go tanning until they are orange. Students who live off-campus are known for getting drunk and being loud.


There is not one whole stereotype for NU or the students. You have a lot of cliques though. Similar to the ones in high school, only these cliques are much larger. You have the jocks, greek life, skaters, social activists, etc.


Since our parents time, Northeastern has always had a bad reputation. It was dirty rundown and located in a bad part of the city, bordering Roxbury. The truth is that the school has been revamped over the past 10 or so years and it is a safe and modern campus.


Rich prissy kids that are at school for fun, not to learn.


The diversity of the student body and the Co-op


Amongst local schools that are historically high in the rankings, people often think that the academics at NU are less distinguished. Also, NU students get a bad rap for being unruly drunks, thanks to the World Series and Super Bowl riots.


That they are inconsiderate of the surrounding community; that their sports teams aren't any good


We are an apathetic campus.


It's a preppy rich-kid school. It doesn't have good academics. Everyone participates in the co-op program.


There's two different stereotypes - one from the local community and one from outsiders who only know NU by name. Locals (including my landlord, apparently) think NU students are huge party kids. Even the university itself reinforces this stereotype when it sends out dire messages via every possible channel of communication warning us not to do anything too stupid (especially wearing NU gear) during "riots" after sporting events. I'm sure residents of Mission Hill also think that every student at Northeastern is liable to vomit all over their lawn on any given Friday or Saturday night. Contrastly, there are definitely a lot of people who view NU (due in part to strong marketing by the school) as a place full of young professionals who happen to still be working on their education. The incorporation of co-op leads them to believe that we're more like grad students than undergrads.


Party a lot, rich kids,


working class, aggressive, stupid, white


That it is not a challenging school, that it isn't a real university or a good school.


Its all about the coop, they are goal driven, they are preparing to be middle management, they are confrontational, they never win the Beanpot


I think there are less stereotypes about Northeastern Students than about students from other schools, because of its location and because the student population is fairly diverse. Lots of people see NU students as a bunch of rich white kids though.


Preppy. Females wear a north face jacket and uggs.


No one outside of Boston has ever heard of NU, but around the city, we're supposedly the rowdy kids that take over surrounding neighborhoods. From inside, the stereotypes are the girls were mini skirts, leggings, uggs, and northface jackets and have no brains.


The only ones i can really think of is that we are the kids who didnt get into BU or BC, but i didnt even apply for either of those and neither did most of my friends.


All we do is drink and party and riot after sporting events. Also all the girls are super hot.


I once heard a BU student say, "Northeastern is where rich parents send their overachieving kids." So I think some stereotypes include deep pockets and an unusual amount of drive for people in college (I think he said that because of co-op, and how a lot of students end up with a career right when they graduate).


That the study body is made up of rich white kids who do nothing but get fucked up and watch family guy.


Frat oriented, rich kids from CT


A lot of the students seem privileged.