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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


There are a lot of white rich kids and international rich kids, in addition to poor kids from various large cities in the US on scholarship (like myself and a few of my friends).


I think the stereotype is that Northeastern students are very business-oriented, and its a relatively true stereotype. The co-op program makes us more aware of how our classes relate to the real world and give us a taste of what we're in for. But still, it is a mixed bag and some students are more serious than others.


I don't think there is just one "stereotype" of the students that attend Northeastern University. We have international students come from all over the world to come here, as well as local and national students. There are no student groups that particularly stand out here, so no one considers Northeastern students to all be jocks or frat kids, etc.


Northeastern kids are often thought of as very hard workers. This is a well earned stereotype. In the summer, we take classes or work. During the school year NU kids will hold jobs both in industry and as a part of the NU community. Whether it's an internship at a nearby company or starting their own ventures, or working on campus as tutors, proctors, library staff or organizing events, Northeastern students are the hardest working in the city. We also don't get many stereotypes as partiers, drinkers, or slackers- those go to other nearby universities ;)


Northeastern students are generally stereotyped as being pretty bright. We aren't a big party school and Greek life isn't very prevalent on campus. The drug scene isn't prominent either. The thing that really characterizes us is that we all worked really hard to get here.


I'd say the most common and general stereotype that I've witnessed and heard from Northeasterrn students is that we are "Pre-Professionals". Because of our co-op opportunities, the culture of Northeastern students is to maintain a strong sense of commitment to academics and professionalism. Of course, there are other stereotypes on campus like "The Greeks," "The Stoners," "Internationals," and "Gym Rats" but for the most part, because Northeastern is so large in population and because we are in a city, it's not like high school where there are known cliques (except for perhaps Greek Life).


The stereotype of kids at my school is very preppy, label conscious people. The typical uniform is a northface jacket, longchamp purse, and tory burch flats or uggs. While this is true for a lot of people, there are definitely a lot of people with their own style. Another sterotype is that people like to drink a lot and go to parties or Irish bars, which again is true for a lot of people, but you can also find different things to do on campus.


A prominent stereotype appears to be that we are all old school New England prepsters, and a lot of students are. The majority of students originate from the Northeast states, however, Northeastern really is a melting pot of culture, and students from all around the world are attracted to our Co-op program. There is a little something for everyone, no matter what niche you associate with.


I'm not really sure there is a stereotype. I guess it's that people here party but are serious about work. The first half is definitely true, there is a fair share of partiers and people always seem to be going out to them on weekends. As far as work, it's hard to say. I know a lot of people aren't focused on school work, but we do have a huge emphasis on co-op, which means people work towards that a lot.


I have just studied at Northeastern for half a year, so I don't know much about the stereotype at Northeastern. When I tell others I am a student at Northeastern, people reply me by good or great. In my limited view, students study very hard at Northeastern. The Snell Library is open for 24 hours, and many students study there over the whole night. In addition, students are insightful about the policy and society and brave enough to take actions. Once, students organised Occupy Northeastern, like Occupy Wall Street, to protest high tuition fee. That may be true that people think students at Northeastern are great.


People tend to think we're apathetic rich white kids at Northeastern - and to a large extent, that's fairly accurate. Lots of young professionals and career oriented people who are here to get a degree, but on the other hand it's a huge school and clubs, dorms, and gen eds let you meet people outside that stereotype.


Northeastern is a very diverse school with international students, jocks, hipsters, artists… we have it all… we aren’t very school spirited unfortunately. Our best sports team is hockey. Most people know Northeastern for our co-op, or internship program, making us a 5 year school. We are definitely a party school. Work hard, but play harder… There is a stereotype that Boston is the worst dressed city (not necessarily solely Northeastern) because of girls wearing Uggs and sweatpants all the time. This is very true, but definitely does not define our college stereotype.


There's always a few different 'stereotypes' you'll come accross. We're not a big school into 'jocks' or 'athlete' stereotypes, but you will see your fair amount of ditzy sorority girls and there's most definitely a northface/leggings/uggs ensemble presence. We are a very diverse group of people though so it's hard to make categories like that. We can be typical college students in terms of partying, getting drunk and going out every weekend, but then again we can be active citizens, putting on awareness programs, protesting, and fighting for what we believe in.


mix of everthing. frats are not so big. girls wear north face and leggings.


Northeastern generally has an extremely diverse student population, one of the best things about it is the lack of defined "cliques". Most students (myself included), have a large and diverse group of friends. Greek life is growing exponentially on campus, and recently 3 very prestigious national Fraternities have been chartered here; Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, and The Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity for Women. The student body here is one of the most diverse of any large major college, and any person will be able to find a large group of people that they share interests with.


It's tough to say because I haven't really heard any stereotypes about Northeastern students. I guess people might think the student body is mostly kids from the Northeast. I think a lot of people from the Northeast do come here but there is a pretty good mix of people from around the country. We also seem to have a HUGE international population that is very actively involved in student life. We kind of have a stereotype of being rowdy during big celebrations such as word series, super-bowl, presidential elections, etc. and i'll have to admit that's pretty accurate. We do love a good mass exodus to the street and have been known to jump in the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Center down the street. But of course it's all in good fun and is never in destructive manner.


Northeastern is the school students choose because there are no stereotypes. Everyone fits in. So I guess you could say the stereotype is that if you can't find a school where you'll fit in, you will definitely fit in at Northeastern. I consider myself a hard working student who came from a small, all girls, catholic school. One of my two best friends is a smart, jock who played hockey in prep school for a year before coming to Northeastern. My other close friend was your typical prep straight out of a public school. Everyone on campus is a little different, which makes Northeastern a unique school. Everyone is embraced and encouraged to do their own thing, which is definitely an accurate stereotype!


The people at Northeastern are typically those who where close to the top of their classes and pretty involved in high school. When applying to college they went for big name, top universities, but where either denied or chose Northeastern for the benefits it provided them later in life. This stereotype is accurate to an extent, but in very recent years is changing rapidly. Northeastern provides an education that is filled with real world experience and ultimately places students who graduate in jobs. Northeastern students are grounded in the real world and want to succeed at high levels in life.


The people at Northeastern are typically those who where close to the top of their classes and pretty involved in high school. When applying to college they went for big name, top universities, but where either denied or chose Northeastern for the benefits it provided them later in life.