Northeastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?




Northeastern University is attended by individuals who believe in success, the wealth of knowledge and experience. Students are passionate about their prespective future and share an enthusiasm for their desired major. These students are not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes in front of their peers. Students do not see fear, they see opportunities to expand their knowledge on various topics andculture. An individual who wants to attend this school should have an open personality, perserverance, loyalty, responsiability, gratitude, honesty, ambition, determination and be able to accepct challenges.


Northeastern attracts students who are motivated to succeed. If you're passionate about what you love and want to channel that into academic AND professional success, Northeastern is the place for you. Northeastern both helps students figure out what they want to do and helps them achieve their dreams. It's not a traditional or safe school, but it is cutting edge and always looking to be better. Students who are willing to work hard and push themselves will benefit from Northeastern's extensive resources.




I think any type of person can attend this school as long as they work hard. The university has a variety of different programs and majors to choose from. If you put in the effort, I believe anyone can be succesful in their desired degree. The school is welcoming and accepts a variety of people. Perhaps the only other trait I could think needed is to be open minded to accept everything and one who is there.


Someone who loves an urban environment, but wants a campus placed in the middle of the city. Completely different from Boston University which is spread WAY out; NU has a beautiful campus located near downtown Boston. It's the best of both worlds.


A like minded individual who is willing to work hard and be dedicated to their studies.


Technically skilled people with a career-driven approach to their education should attend this institution.


You should apply to Northeastern if you are the kind of person that likes to design your own path. Notheastern has so many different opportunities that cater to the interests of many people and they are very good about letting you pick the program and classes that are right for you.


A person who is motivated, self-sufficient, and is determined to be successful within the real world. Northeastern provides students with the opportunity to succeed not only during their duration of school, but provide opportunities after graduation as well.


Anybody can attend this school. The students here are very diverse in many ways (different ethnicities, activities, ideas, etc.). One major activity here is to attend the hockey games. It is not necessarily but its a big part of the student group and even if your not interested now, you will love it when you come here. The only thing that is really necessary to attend here is being able to brave the cold weather conditions throughout most of the year. Otherwise, anyone will love it here.


Northeastern is the sort of university that can be good for anyone. However, it is also very easy to get lost in the crowd. The most successful students at Northeastern are those that know how and when to stand out, and how to ask for help. All of the professors are ready and willing to help you but often won't offer without invitation. Northeastern literally has something for everyone and is unique in that it gives you a taste of the city without robbing you of a campus. We have plenty of greenspace and beautiful buildings to compliment it.


A person that enjoys being a notable city, but who either comes from a family with enough money to pay for their education or someone able to recieve a lot of financial aid.


In order to attend and be successful at Northeastern University you must be goal oriented, career driven, hard-working, honest and outgoing. You must be able to accept diversity, to work independently, to work in groups and to multi-task. Northeastern sets high expectations for its students.


Norhteastern is for students who want to get a lot of work experience, who want basically a guaruntee that they will get a job upon graduation. It is expensive and intellectually challenging.


A person who is looking to get real-world experience in their field of study. Northeastern challenges you but rewards you greatly. If you are a relaxed person who is dedicated to what they do, Northeastern is good for you.


Somebody who is looking for an advantage in the working world. Somebody who wants to enjoy the college experience but whose education is the top priority. Somebody who's open-minded and willing to expand and broaden their educational as well as cultural boundaries.


The kind of person that should attend this school has to be willing to work hard, but also know how to have fun. The school work can be demanding but if you have the determination to stick it out to the end it will be worth it. At the same time, you can't go to school in Boston and not experience the city. Northeastern is in a big city but when you're on campus it still feels small and safe. If you are looking for the best of both worlds then Northeastern is perfect for you.


Dedicated, hardworking, and rich.


Anyone who loves the city, determined, and looking to land a great job after their undergraduate career. We have co-op!


Someone who is career-focused, has a strong individual work ethic, enjoys hockey, and takes an interest in undergraduate research.


Someone who's looking to try out their career before comitting to it. Someone who wants an edge over the other fresh grads when they get out of school. Someone who's not afraid of living in the middle of a major city.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is comfortable living in a city environment, independent but friendly, and willing to try new things. Northeastern definitely isn't for everyone, but with a cooperative education program and helpful faculty and staff, a person who is looking for practical experience in whatever field they are interested in should definitely be interested in Northeastern. There are ways to take academic concepts out into the real world, and someone who is looking for that opportunity from their college experience should attend this school.


Someone that is excited about learning.


People that are focused on practical knowledge combined with real world experience should attend Northeastern University.


Someone who is very self-driven. It is important to know that Northeastern has a lot of great opportunities, but if you are not the type of person who will "grab the bull by the horns", this school probably isn't for you.


Northeastern University has a growing reputation for academic excellence and its outstanding cooperative education program. The students attending this school are those who are focused, career driven and want to seek out opportunities to excel in their fields of interest. The Northeastern student must be able to balance social, academic and real life work experience. The diversified nature of the urban campus keeps its students open minded to the variety of cultural backgrounds and social statuses within its student body.


Someone who would like to be in the middle of a city and would like the feel of a big school. A liberal person would probably like it a lot. All sexual orientations, and racial backgrounds are welcome. If they are looking for Greek life, this is probably not the school for them. But, those who want to gain real-world experience before graduation will benefit from attending college here.


Someone who is open and wants to be around a lot of people. Someone who is interested in being in a city and having a lot to do around them. Northeastern is especially good for people with alot of motivation to do as much as they can with their education. Someone who wants to go above and beyond will have an opportunity to learn a ton and have fun doing it.


If you are interested in internships, this school does that.


To attend this school, you need to be ready to work hard, and be extremely curious about your field. It helps to WANT to be doing your own research, experimentation, and work in your major.


anyone who is college ready will be able to survive are surrounded by people from all backgrounds and races.


An outgoing person who isn't afraid to try new things and learn a lot about a very historic city


Somebody who knows exactly what they want to do and are willing to work hard proving that they were meant to do that.


You must be social and enjoy participating in campus activities. You must be able to balance your social life and academic life. There is always so much to do so sometimes it gets tempting to blow off class, but at Northeastern it is important to maintain a good GPA to ensure you get the coop job you want.