Northeastern University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


That unused meal swipes don't roll over.


The amount of time that it takes for students to receive their academic evaluations.


Time management is all ways the most difficult element to manage as classes can be demanding when assignments have to be completed and submitted. There is a lot of stress and frustration at the same time. Once you have established a particular time out of your busy day, then, you finally are able to focus on the assignment at a more comfortable pace .


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost to attend.


That nursing research is lacking here at Northeastern.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it is so expensive and that the administration is so slow with processing information.


The financial aid is not as great as other schools.


the lack of sports teams and school spirit




So far the financial aid process is extremely confusing. Considering this is a very high quality school, I am obviously looking at very large education costs which is the reason for me completing this survey in hopes of making some money for paying the bills. The workload has not gotten to hard on me yet but I am sure that will change very soon. Hopefully things will turn out for the better with regards to financial aid.


The most frustrating part of my school is the financial area. The amount I have to pay to attend here fluctuates and I do not like that. I would like for my school to tell me up front how much I have to pay and not have any hidden fees. I would be much more at ease if I knew my finances were taken care of. At this point I have to worry about how I am going to pay to come here in the future.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the school is the price for enrollment. It is a prestigious school however paying for it is ridiculous and sometimes I wonder if I will be able to continue here because of the lack of finances my family and I possess.


Sometimes professors fail to respond when students need their help.


Sometimes being in a big city can be distracting. It's often hard to focus on school work when there is so much else to do around you. Not only does Northeastern always have something different happening on campus, but there is always something to do in the city of Boston! It can take a lot of self restraint to do work when you could go shopping, see a movie, a baseball game, concert, or anything else. The work load here is challenging so you have to be motivated.


There are only a handful of practice rooms and very few other places where it is possible to play music outside of a club or band rehearsal.


The school is pretty big so it's hard to meet people at first. A lot of the weekend social scene is focused around partying and drinking, and if you don't like doing those, it might be hard to find people to hang out with at first.


The tendancy to be unclear on reasoning, and their ability to give you the run around.


The most frustrating thing about Northeastern would be that the subway in Boston (aka "The T") stops running at around Midnight.


There is a lot of red tape to get through to get answers at the university. It is hard to get someone on the phone, as most telephone lines are voice activated touch tones or pre-recordings.


Sometimes the administration at this school is very frustrating. They are not very efficient and it is difficult to get straight forward answers or solutions to problems you may have.


Although it is a great school, it is very expensive. Once in a while I look around and wonder why our money was spent on this or that. Scholarships specifically affiliated with the school are very hard to come by and hard to get once you are accepted into the college as a freshman.


professors office hours


Overwhelming work load.


Find time between my schedule and professors for individual meetings


I'm a nursing major and the program has a lot of flaws.


There are a lot of people who I don't necessarily enjoy the company of.


This school is big and as a transfer student it can be difficult to meet people that one can relate to.


There are some really wealthy people that go here, that pretty much describes the majority of my friends, and it can make you feel out of place. I have to work where a lot of my friends don't have jobs. Also, they only offer the classes I take once a year so if you fail you have to wait an entire year to make that class up again, which is both financially and socially detrimental.


The NU Shuffle: being shifted back and forth from office to office when trying to solve a problem. The expense.


Nothing, I love it.


The most frustrating part of my school is the advising staff, both academic and financial. They never seem to respond in a timely fasion.


The most frustrating thing is the "NU Shuffle", where staff and faculty send you around to different places before you can find the true answer. I believe there can be a lack of communication throughout the campus, partially due to the number of people who attend school and work here.


Northeastern University has established itself as an academic giant. The courses I am taking have been proving to be very challenging this semester and my adapting to the realization that I may not always be able to get straight As has been a very frustrating process. However, being surrounded by professors, advisors, and peers that are always more than willing to lend a helping hand makes all the difference.


It is very expensive and there almost isn't enough financial aid for people who deserve to attend to be able to attend.


Northeastern Shuffle. Trying to find help you get pushed around a lot and sent on a goose hunt to find the right office and people.


The most frustrating thing is the "run around". WIth the coop program and the fact that this is a big school, issues are always complicated and unique to every individual's situation - whether it be scheduling classes, housing, or transferring majors and financial aid. Therefore it is very hard to find a staff who is able to solve a problem without sending you to another staff area to check in with their requirements and stipulations. It is a notorious problem at Northeastern.


people are too rich and think thay they wont have to work to support themselves, superficialiy, people think that status is the most important thing and dont believe in making a change


the most frustrating thing is off - campus housing.They are too expensive since most of the people who go for it are low income based and these managements have the only aim to make money.


Our sports programs don't always have the support of the students, and therefore are generally not very successful or exciting (despite attempts to make them better recognized around campus)


The lack of communication between departments (housing, financial aid, student services, etc)


The financial aid office


The theatre department and the education department are very difficult to be involved in at the same time because they are on completely different schedules. It is very difficult for me to get my requirements taken care of for both departments at the same time.


getting the run around instead of a straight answer from the administration