Northern Arizona University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A diverse collection of faculty and students dedicated to learn.


The staff is incompetent that assist with financial aid and advising.


My school is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. NAU is in a small college town and is located at 7,000 feet elevation. NAU has a welcoming community and the campus is beautiful. Diversity is prevalent at NAU and their are several services to make sure people feel at home. Our athletic team is Division 1 and they offer intramural sports fors tudents who enjoy playing sports but rather not play on a college level. The campus has many resources to support students academically. If a student searching for colleges want a beautiful supportive place to live NAU is it.


NAU is an artistic community with a high focus on the environment.


A campus that is breathtaking and beautiful with some of the greatest peoples you will ever meet in this world.


Great weather, with great people and a great learning environment to boot.


NAU is a small university on a beautiful campus in a beautiful town where it's easy to get one-on-one interaction with instructors who are easily accessible.


NAU is one of the most beautiful and amazing places that I have ever been.


I love everything about my school. My family has been in Flagstaff for many generations and helped create NAU. It might just be me but I love the weather, the down-to-earth community and the students. NAU is a very old campus, yet so modern. With the beautiful mountains and the old brick buildings it is truly a sight to behold. The residence life is nice and so easy to build a community of friends. Withouta thought NAU was easily my first choice even though I live 30 miles away. NAU is breed in me and I love it.


My dream university.


It's a great place.


Nau is unique and allows its students to be who they are.


The campus is not extremely big but the scenery is definitely the best. We live in the mountains but all the available shopping communal and resources are close to campus.


A stimulating environment both in and out of the classroom.


Northern Arizona University is mainly a lot of trees, green grass, dirt, and a lot of beautiful days. The campus is over a century old so a lot of construction is occurring lately. Once the construction is done, the campus is going to look even more beautiful! The dorms and buildings are mainly some sort of brick.


My school is very accepting to new students and provides a comfortable, great learning enviorment.


This is a friendly, high-quality school in a quaint town surrounded by a forest and mountains.


Northern Arizona University is an awesome nationally accredited university that provides a great education and has super cool professors.


A beautiful campus forming the heart of the Flagstaff community, NAU provides a nurturing environment where students can comfortably grow and learn in many fields.


NAU is on outdoorsy place where everyone is very nice. They like to save the planet and make the world a better place.


Northern Arizona Univeristy is a down to earth college where everyone-teachers, students, the community-are extremely friendly and you learn, not only about school subjects but also about life experiences.


NAU is a community that is very welcoming and friendly.


My school is in a great environment to learn, is a great school, and helps its students succeed in and outside of school.


Norther Arizona University has a relaxing environment and a very diverse community.


This school has excellent weather, is a very nice campus in a small town, has great food and a gigantic library.


Very Unorganized with housing and class systems


Texas Tech University, I love Tech for many reasons such as the beautiful campus to the open and educating teachers.


A small scale liberal school that deals well with both the Arts and the Sciences.


Nestled within thousands of oaks and pines and south of the San Francisco Peaks, Northern Arizona University houses thousands of spirited students and encourages the educational endeavors of its many residents.


My School is absolutely wonderful, engaging and the perfect size.


Culturally diverse, high academic standards with an emphasis on the environment in which it inhabits, Northern Arizona University provides excellence in higher education through a variety of programs, above average proffesors and a great student base.


Northern Arizona University is environmentally, socially, and academically friendly.


Northern Arizona University is a small traditional college that makes you feel right at home especially with the friendly staff on campus and this university is a beautiful campus that gets all four seasons like fall, winter, spring and summer.


Northern Arizona University is a medium sized college that can make anyone feel welcome, a very "hippie" university, that has very liberal views, people who love the outdoors, but also focuses on the academic part of college and tries to make sure students graduating from this university are well rounded human beings.


NAU offers a genuine meeting between a large university atmosphere while still maintaining a personalized, small-town experience that, depending on personal preference, can be both academically advantageous as well as a healthy personnel environment.


well diverse community of ethcis, race and sexual orientation


The school i attend is your average university. It is one of the smaller ones in Arizona but the enviornment is amazing. The classes are about 200 people or less with the professors helping you anytime you need it. Alot of the students here are down to earth people with very nice personalities.


NAU is a laidback school that is serious about education while living in a adventurous outdoor community.


Northern Arizona University is very outdoor friendly and an excellent place to learn.


NAU is a has a relaxed yet studious environment which makes it a fun and comfortable place to learn.


Northern Arizona University is nestled among the tall pines in Flagstaff, Arizona, with new and upcoming satelitte campuses around Arizona.


If you are looking for a school where you can meet chill people and be outdoors 24-7, NAU is the school for you.


It's a very beautiful campus that is in a college town, where everyone knows each other.


Northern Arizona University is personably and nature friendly.


NAU is a school that prepares students for a career without hurting their social lives.


NAU is a very diverse university.


Northern Arizona University is a great place for students who prefer small classes and love out-door activities.


My school is extremely nice and beautiful.


Evironmentally Friendly, Helpful, Diverse, and the most wonderful teaching environment I've ever been to.


Very laid back, yet very educational and fun school.