Northern Arizona University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I do not know.


The LumberJacks! Also the campus resides in the amazing city of Flagstaff!


My school is best know for its charismatic community. The teachers are known to be completely supportive of the students and take time out of their days to make sure that the students succeed. At my school, it is known to be all about the students.


Art, fun, community environment.


My school is best known for the beautiful scenery.


Criminal justice and psychology majors.


My school is best known for being green and supporting envorimnental sustainability.


NAU is the place for the outdoors. The mountains, the trees, and the snow are what is used to describe the area. It is a place for the arts to thrive. It is a community where the arts are celebrated and enjoyed.


Northern Arizona University (NAU) is known for its emphasis on environmental sustainability. Students in the environmental study and science programs are exposed to many research opportunities and on-the-field training.


Northern Arizona University is well known for its teaching program, its counseling program, and its small class sizes. It is also well known for its beautiful mountain setting.


Northern Arizona University is best known for their engineering program. This school is great for engineers. They only offer four different engineering degrees, but the engineering program is great. I am currently majoring in civil engineering and I love the program.


NAU is best known for their small town feel, diverse campus living, and great career choices.


NAU is best known for its mountain atmosphere, artistic community, and environmentally friendly campus.


Being a really good school for future teachers.


Northern Arizona University is known academically for it's business school as well as its restaurant management and hospitality program. They both partner with local businesses to give students hands on experience working with various companies. Socially, NAU is known for it's open and accepting community with plenty of activities held throughout the week for students to attend. There are centers set up for the local Native American community as well as a new center for LBGTQ resources. NAU has a strong Residence Life community and the university is constantly striving to keep the residence halls updated.


My school is best known for trying to be environmentally friendly. It's part of Flagstaff, AZ which is a low light city so we cut down on light pollution which make stars here are amazing. We are the home of the former planet Pluto!


This school is known for its great parks and forestry departments directly connected with the National Park Service and US Forest Service. Instruction is from people who work in the field and know what they are teaching about from personal on the job experience. The instructors are willing to meet with students on an individual basis to share thoughts and provide direction to help the students reach their career goals.


I think the thing NAU is known for is its seasons. It is the only state college in Arizona that experiences all four seasons.


My school is best known for the snow! We are approx. a half-hour away from skiing and snowboarding, which is why some people choose to attend.


Northern Arizona University is best known for its weather. Though the campus is located in the high desert, Flagstaff gets a lot of snow each year. Located around 10 minutes from Arizona's prime ski resort, NAU is a natural choice for avid skiiers and snowboarders alike. With sledding and other activities too look forward to, students can always find something to do. Also, they hope for snow days and perhaps a canceled final exam, something that is not unheard of around Flagstaff.


My school is best known for the friendliness of the faculty. They are always trying to help the students succeed and just want us to get the best education we can.


We are best known for the snow, and how cold it gets in the winter. We are known for beautiful scenery. Also, the majors that split into different colleges within NAU.


Geology, Nursing, Forestry, Hotel and Resaraunt Management, Physical Therapy, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering


Northern Arizona University is well known for its beautiful, scenic campus located in Flagstaff, Arizona. You can enjoy the view of the mountains in the distance and the various types of tall trees throughout campus. NAU has one of the greenest campuses I have ever seen. The grass and other vegetation is well maintained and the different types of flowers throughout campus are beautiful. The weather in Flagstaff is also very enjoyable. Many students take part in various activities outside and some find a nice spot under a shady tree to read a good book.


Northern Arizona University was included in the 2011 edition of Best Colleges. It is considered to be one of the best colleges in the nation based on value for the money. NAU is one of the nation's top universities for Native American enrollment. NAU has many highly rated programs, especially the School of Hotel & Restaurant Management and the School of Forestry. The planet Pluto was discovered from NAU's Walk Up Sky Dome. NAU is full of historical facts and long traditions, and I think it is best known for just being an extremely worthwhile school.


My school is best known for its football team and the great education you can acquire by attending this amazing university. Our football team was number one in the big 12 last year after beating the longhorns of Texas. The education possibilities at Texas Tech is endless there are many colleges within tech that are number one or number 2 best in Texas such as our engineering college and our architecture.


Northern Arizona University is best know for it's Educational and Hotel/Restaurant Management programs. I am currently taking classes through the Education program; I have found it very rewarding and motivational. Another thing about NAU that could be considered "best known for" are the people. The people are extremely helpful and kind. Whenever I am walking to class I always have people who walk past me say "hello" or even just flash a smile. This is something that I heard about before coming to NAU and now that I am here I have found this to be true.


Our school is best known for being close to the Snowbowl and getting snow days. Many people come to NAU to be closer to the snowbowl so that they can skii and/or snowboard as much as they can.


Our school is definatly best known for the amount of snow in Arizona it gets along with Snowbowl that is 15 minutes away. It also has a slight representation of being a "hippie" town.


Snow and pine trees


The location is in Northern Arizona which receive lots of snow during the winter. Is best known for the snow and the four year tuition rate they promise to remain the same.


The trees, friendly people, and weed.


My school is best known for being an outdoorsy environment with opprotunities to go skiing/snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and many other outdoor activities. Northern Arizona University is also well known for their forestry, park & recreational, and construction programs.


Northern Arizona University is none for its friendly environment and arts & Letters College. It's very green friendly and it's also known for the weather in the area which is snowy almost half the year around.


Secondary Education, Forestry, Business, and Geology


The San Fransico peaks and historic Downtown.


My school is best known for being the biggest university in Northern Arizona and for the nursing/biology, forestry and environmental sciences and engineering schools.


Their forestry program


Being in a beautiful location up in the mountains but with very unpredictable weather.


I would say this school is best known for its great academic programs. They have many highly respected programs, and students who go through them are usually very successful. I would also say its known for its great location. Flagstaff is gorgeous, all four season occur, the winters are very big in flagstaff, so if you love the snow and snowboarding or skiing this is the perfect place.


Probably NAU is known for great education at a reasonable price. Also, it is the only Arizona university that is located in a city with changing climate so it gets a lot of attention from people trying to escape the heat .


Our surrounding nature, nursing, forestry, education, and biological sciences.


NAU is best known for its football team, the Lumberjacks. Also the campus is known for pracice sessions in the summer from the pro team the Arizona Cardinals.


i dont know


NAU is known for it's excellent teaching and Geology schools. Due to the surrounding wilderness, it's forestry school has flourished as well.


Teaching although the business college is gaining ground fast we have been chosen twice to send students to visit and talk with Warren Buffet.


My school is best known for its great outdoor activites and research.


hotel and restaurant management


My school is probably best known for its teaching program, which it was originally built for. Some new buildings such as engineering and business are getting more funding from alumni supporters. My school also has a state of the art anthrax lab where research is done. Not surprisingly, graduate, as well as undergraduate, research is suggested for all students at some point in their school careers.


Being so laid back. It's definitely in hippie-ville but people do strive for their academics. The students are not as uptight as if you were to visit an eas coast school.