Northern Arizona University Top Questions

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Northern Arizona University is one of the few schools in Arizona who has created a program with the Maricopa Community Colleges in which allows students interested in obtaining a Registered Nurse degree, to recieve their Associates in Nursing, and Bachelors in Nursing, at the same time.


Northern Arizona Univesity is unique compared to other school that considered me because they offer very flexible schedules for working students. The professors at Northern Arizona University accomodate to students' needs and are willing to work with students one-on-one to give them the instruction they need. Not only do the students want to be successful at NAU, the professors also want the best for them. Continuously, professors can be seen engaging their students in learning.


What I really liked about this school was the nature around it. The people here also just seem more down to earth than the other universities that I have visited.


The school is unique because of its cost to go there its more affordable than the bigger universities in the state


Very little extremes exist here. NAU is large enough too sate anybody's appatite for the large university experience, but small enough to keep it quaint and comfortable. Academics and Athletics are equally treated. Academic competition is prevalent, but not overwhelming, even in the Honors College. Flagstaff offers a fantastic nightlife, though it is far from the focus of most students. Everyone seems to be interested in everyone else, making it extremely easy to be extensively social without compromising academics.


Small town vibe that makes you feel like you belong. Beautiful views and a wonderful smell of pine trees that you want to bottle and take back home. Small class size that encourages discussions and teacher/student realtions.


I chose this school because everyone is relaxed about stereotypes. This is a school without cliques or boundaries and is very accepting. It is a safe campus to be on and a great environment. It quickly became my second home.


The location and surroundings were unique to NAU. The natural surroundings at NAU are inspiring and great for anyone who has an ounce of outdoor zeal. I found the Flagstaff community to be interested, involved, and happy people.


What is unique about Northern Arizona University is that each year there is a book that is given to the students to read over the summer, that way when freshmen and upper-classmen come back to school they have something to talk about to get more involved.


I enjoy the outdoors that surround Flagstaff. So many things to do in terms of being outside.


This college offers degrees for almost every career. Students and professors here are friendly and innovative. This is definitely one of the best options for high-school graduates.


Northern Arizona University is unique because it is a smaller campus that allows for students to have small class sizes and one on one time with their professors and other students. Compared to the two other major universities in Arizona, it is located in a smaller town, which allows for a much greater sense of community and connectivity. Also, the weather provides opportunities for plenty of various outdoor activities and various events that wouldn't be hosted in Phoenix or Tucson. Lastly, NAU has the most diverse students and the most open and welcoming environment possible on a university campus.


The location of the campus being centered in the city of Flagstaff. There is walking access to any store and need any individual may have. Convenience and diversity of the city make it one of the most unique schools around.


The location is amazing, and the ability to build strong relationships with professors here is amazing. I have a few professors who I go out with weekly, I have learned so much through such unique realationships with my professors!


It was much smaller, friendlier, and cheaper than the UC schools I got into.


My school is unique because of its relaxed atmosphere, even the sororities and fraternities all live together in a single hall in relative peace. Just about everyone on campus gets along with eachother and nobody is an outcast based on the clothes they wear or the activities they participate in.


The thing that I find unique about Northern Arizona University is that it's a small campus, but still holds a lot of kids. Our campus is only about a mile and a half long adn half a mile wide, yet we have over 20,000 students. There is always some sort of activity going on to get us all involved in the campus and school.


At this time I'm not currently in school however, I have chosen a school I would like to attend to obtain my masters degree. This school is unique in that they are willing to work with me on my pesonal needs and interests. I also like that they offer classes starting at any time and it's an accelerated program.


Flagstaff is much like my hometown. There are four seasons and can drive in either direction and run into any different landscape from desert to ski resort. Flagstaff is only two hours from my home town therefore many friends from school would follow making my college experience the best that it can be.


The interactions with students and professors is refreshing. It allows for a more focused and organized environment. The small town experience is great for this college town. The number of students at this school is in my mind the perfect amount. It is not too small where you are unable to escape the anyone or the small town drama. It is not too big to where you are just another body at the school, it is perfect so you can be apart of something.


One thing that is unique about NAU is that there are two cemeteries around the campus. Some people think it is a little creepy that there are cemeteries in the window view but it adds more of a interesting feel to the school and the town.


It's a smaller campus, perfect size in my opinion. The classes are smaller. It's super easy to make friends here but not be surrounded by the same people all the time.


This school generally has small classes with accessible professors. I chose this school mainly because of the location (not in the desert) and because of the small classes. The other schools I considered were known for their huge lecture halls.


Perfect size campus.


What's unique is the campus is small. The students feel more connected to the school


its size. its location in the mountians and the scenery of the campus. the business department told me that they took a number of students to have lunch with warren buffet.


NAU is at the foot of the San Francisco peaks, which has the highest elevation in Arizona. This means I can go snowboarding for a day and not miss my night classes. Everything is a lot more laid vack here. The rush and competition and stress of perfection isn't there, making perfection easier to get.


We are 7000 feet about sea level, very Green. We also have a dimmed lights to lesson light polution so you can see the starts at night and astronomist at are school are able to do field work on campus.


It is the one school where I have felt a great sense of community. We all love coming here for the same reasons and we love supporting the school anyway we can.


Many people get along no matter who you are.


There aren't so many students that you never run into yyour friends unexpectedly. You can usually count on someone being in the doning areas when you want someone to eat with. The environment is very clean and very friendly.


This school is quiet, it's in a small community and the school is literally centered in the town. There is alot of interaction between students and towns people and for the most part all of the students know eachother.


This school has snow and a more diverse atmosphere.


Small class sizes, teachers who care, students who are individuals


The size of the school is what interested me. The classes are small and we get to have great discussions with the professors.


It has the programs of study I wanted without being an incredibly large university. I also liked it's location in relation to my parents' home. It's far enough away that I'm living on my own, but close enough that I can drive a few hours and go home for a weekend. The environment was also a big factor in my decision. Flagstaff has 4 seasons and I've always wanted to go to a college where it snows.