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I don't drink. Will it be hard for me to go to parties?

Not at all! Many parties will have alcohol at them but that doesn't mean you have to drink. I don't drink but I still will go to parties and I've never had anyone try and force me to have a drink. People tend to be really laid back about that because they know if you won't drink, surely someone else will. Also, drinking isn't what partying is about... I've been to many parties where the drinks of choice are soda and energy drinks. It just depends but never feel like you won't be able to party simply because you're not into drinking. No one is going to kick you out or make you feel bad for not wanting to drink.

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Not at all. There are always sober people at parties because there always designated drivers and those who just choose not to drink. Do not feel that you will be alone if you go to a party and choose not to drink. You can still have fun and enjoy yourself without drinking.

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It is completely acceptable. There are many people that don't drink and still have a fun time at parties. Everyone is welcome!

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