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What are your classes like?

Almost all of my classes are pretty small (between 20-40 students). You can find larger, lecture style classes but they are actually not as easy to find as the smaller classes. I like those a lot better because you can receive one on one help and the teacher becomes more personal and friendly with all of the students. I've almost never had a teacher not know my name by the end of a semester and many of them have remembered me even after the semester has ended. Depending on the frequency of a class, they can range from about an hour in length to 2 or 3 hours but those classes are usually only 1 day a week classes. I think my classes are a lot of fun so that's enjoyable! It's really nice to have the option of taking a large lecture style class or a smaller sort of class.

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Because I am in the Athletic Training program, majority of my classes are pretty difficult. I am currently taking specific Athletic Training courses, Biology, and also Liberal Arts classes. Despite the slight difficulty of them, I really enjoy my time spent in class and learn a lot!

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The classes vary in sizes. The professors mostly use projectors as well as computer screens for note-taking. The seats are arranged just right so everyone can see what is on the board.

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