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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and better prepare myself I would do that in a heart beat. I would have taken AP classes, so that way I could possible have college credit, but at the worst I would have been better prepared for college. The homework is a lot more than high school. I should have learned how to better organize my homework and projects. I also should have learned how to better manage my time with my school work. By bettering my time management skills before college the first semester would have been easier, but in the end it helped me grow as a person and become more responsible. Also, living away from home is a great experience and with make you mature greatly.


Hi, I am you in the future. I have some very helpful advice that I think your would be way better off knowing now rather than later. You are a highschool senior, thinking your know everything, but at the same time you are very nervous about where you will end up after graduation. Please take your math class very seriously, your are in College Mathmatics right now and getting a high score on that dual enrollment exam willl simply mean that you dont need to take any math courses in college for your major. It is very simple and only if your had taken it seriously then you didnt have to sit through the excrutiating pain of Math 100 in college. Oh and another thing, please take the time to thank every couselor and teacher who has made an impact in your life and guided you in the right direction. They dont get the recognition they deserve, after all it would have been alot harder getting where you are today. Please take these words of advice and shove them through that thick head of yours, yours truly, me.


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would encourage myself to continue to try hard and stay dedicated to getting excellent grades and to try as hard as I could to excel in all my academics. Also, I would make sure that I applied to as many scholarships as I could and to not give up on finding ways to pay for college and stress how vital that would become down the road. I would make sure that I remembered what I wanted to do with my life and stress the importnace of the success of my education to get where I wanted to go. I would remind myself that I've gotten this far and I couldn't give up now; to pick myself up and keep going even when it seemed impossible. I would remind myself that I'm not only doing this for myself, but for all those who have helped me get to where I am and that I can't let myself or them down.

Jordan Rae

Dear Jordan Rae, You’re almost in college and I can tell you already, you will love it! The only thing you need to be sure to do it your homework. It’s a bit hard to keep different class-work on one schedule and to make time for it, but get a calendar and that will help out a lot. Also, be sure to friend the girls in the hall, just in case you get locked out of your room, you want someone to keep you company. And do NOT eat at Star Ginger; you might get sick for a couple days. The very last thing I want to let you in on is to apply for scholarships—a lot of scholarships. You won’t have enough money to pay off the first year and you know that, but hopefully you will get enough for the second year. Remember to stay positive, even when you get you’re loan reminders. If you get too hung up on those, you can lose focus on your goal—you education. I know you'll make it. Learn lots, have fun, and don’t give up hope! Sincerely, Jordan Rae


Hey Becca, “Whatever you can do, or believe you can do, begin it. For boldness has genius, power and magic in it” -Goethe. We get the chance to make some decisions in life that become the building blocks of our future. We do not always clearly see where our choices are leading us, or what the outcomes of these decisions may be. Our power, grace, and ultimately our happiness come from how we handle the reality we create. Have the courage to believe, the fortitude to begin, and the grace to finish. Worry less about where you are going and more about what you will do along the way. Be bold and choose! Make your own magic! Happily, Becca


Hi Jessi, yes it’s me, so really it’s you, but not to brag I am just a little more accomplished then you. You know you are supposed to be a senior this year, but you’re not. You stopped high school after tenth grade. Instead of you doing nothing, you continued forward, you didn’t stop your education. No, you decided to go to college, and guess what? There you excelled! You got a 4.0, you decided to become a special education teacher, and you are transferring to your dream school. You did it; you made the hard choices against the normal. Although you didn’t have a standard high school time, you had the one that was right for you. I guess the advice I would tell you is that you should stand up for you, especially when no one else will. Try your best, no matter the outcome. I know, you made the right decision in not having a high school career, but you get closer to the career of a lifetime each course taken, so keep pushing forward and there is no need to look behind anymore, you really made it.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, there would be some very wise advice to share. First off, I would tell myself to apply for scholarships all throughout senior year to financially help out. Along with that I would tell myself that grades are a very important factor in determining which schools I am eligible for. Telling myself that college is a lot different than what is expected would starighten out my priorities in getting college applications done. The SAT/ACT is an important aspect that colleges look for, so telling myself to study and take them really seriously would be another good piece of advice. The last piece of advice would be that college may seem easy and a waste of time, however it helps with figuring out what to do for a career and how the rest of your life plays out. Assuming that I would take my adivce, I would be more prepared for the obstacles that college has in store.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior making the transition to higher education, I would tell myself to be prepared. Life throws you fast balls at unexpected times, and its your choice if you want to close your eyes and swing, or have confidence in your hands and hit something spectacular. And to be honest I wasn't confident in my hands and now I have to work even harder to make up for lost time. Throughtout my life sports, popularity and friends have came so easytome, so having this outlookon life I expected college to come exactly the same. And now I realize, life.. it does not "just happen." You have to work for what you want. Go out and make a conscience effort because all the late-nights, sweat and sore fingers will pay off.. literally. Once you have your degree and see where your life is going you forget all the struggle. I've had a pretty easy life and one life sturggle made me realize what I need to do for myself and how important my education truly is. And now I value it more than ever.


Try a lot harder during your first semester, it's not as hard as it seems. Be more prepared for the troubles to come, and save your money to work around those troubles. The bureaucratic process, and the high demand of money from every direction makes the process a lot harder than you would think. College will not be as bad as high school. I love the learning, and proving myself, it has to be the greatest feeling. When you get into the university, it will be one of the proudest moments you will have during your schooling career.


Dear Me, now that i am out of high school and preparing to enter college I now see and can honestly say that the whole idea that learning (anywhere and anything not just formal education) requires seriousness and a fear of failing is an illusion!!! You can love what you do and have just as much fun learning as you do with basketball and any other activity you enjoy. The main point is that you can and should enjoy being focused in all your affairs in life because theres an instant payoff and an even better one in the future if you do!! Good lu-, no you dont ned that...have fun!!!!


I would tell myself not to allow the pressure of picking the right college get to me. I was really focused on how prestigious the universities were and what people would think when I said Iwas accepted. In the end, I picked the right fit for me but I wish I had let that perspective go a little bit earlier.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice I would say to do what you love. Don't chose a major based off of the salary or else you will regret it for the rest of your life. If music is what you truly enjoy then don't waste time doing biology classes that you aren't going to even like. Music has always been your one true passion and its what you should do the rest of your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself advice to start applying for those scholarships! Just apply, apply, apply for scholarships, and apply for more! I would also say to always check your student account with the college you plan on attending and ask questions if you’re not sure about something.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to decide on a career choice first so I would not have to change my majors and would get through all of my classes that are needed quicker.


Being in college has opened my eyes to different aspects of the world and caused me to self reflect about what I should have and could have done in my past, particularly during my senior year of high school. That time marked a scary and difficult time in my life because I didn't know what my next step was. I contemplated attending a community college, attending a university, and joining the Air Force. With that, the advice I would've given myself to get me through that time is that confidence is everything, so always have confidence in yourself, stay calm and focused when things don't go as planned, take hold of all your opportunities, value the importance of loved ones, and don’t be concerned with what others think of you.


If I had the chance to go back in time and give my high school self the advice needed for upcoming college life, I would say that the most important thing I would need to know about is time management. I would explain that college is not like high school in how you always have that security and the guidance of your parents to tell you when to get things done or tell you when to go to class. Once you are in college it is as if your strings are cut from your parents and it is now your sole responsibility for the decisions you make from now on, and that those decisions do have consequences.


I would tell myself not to worry so much! Universities are interested in retention of their students and therefore they have a lot of student services aimed at helping students tackle the challenges they may face, especially during the freshman transition. From Residence Hall Assistants to Disability Support Services, you will find people who are there to help. You just have to do a little research on your university’s website and reach out in order get the support you need. The friends you meet will be your biggest supporters. Professors also want their students to succeed, so take advantage of their office hours if you need to speak with them. You can always send them an email if you cannot attend their office hours. Go to all your classes and do not be afraid to ask questions! Take advantage of the support services offered at your university and don't be afraid to challenge yourself with new experiences. Having a supportive network can provide the perfect launching pad for new and exciting opportunities. After all, that is what college is all about!


Be open, be social, and be willing. During the first few weeks and even the first few months, all the students are very social with each other because everybody is trying to meet new people. Even when you are in the elevator, people will say "hi" and introduce themselves. It is the perfect opportunity to make new friends. When people ask to hang out with you or go do something, do it. It is a chance to meet new people and make new friends. It is all about meeting others when everybody is open and social.




Study, so I will be prepared for college work! Barely passing in school, does not prepare a person for college courses.


Freshmen definitely need to know there way around campus. They also need to know how the meal plans work. Transfers, dining dollars, and Jack debit aside from paying with cash or credit are the common ways of buying food. Also, knowing the time of the office hours of the professors is useful.


The advice I would give myself when I was a senior would be to choose what college i wanted to attend carefullly. I would tell myself what kind of environment would I want to stay in. I would get all my financial aid all straightened out. I would also make a promise with myself and tell myself that I will get good grades and hurry up and finish school. I have to stay focused on my classes and keep up with my reading material.


Start exploring career opportunities while still in high school. You will be more likely to pick a major that you are interested in and stick with it. There is no sense in wasting time and money figuring out what you want to do. You have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy yourself. Try not to be distracted by all the social opportunities. Keep a balance between study and fun. Get involved early in planning for graduate school. Do an internship and spend time working in a research lab. Fully investigate the professor and the course before you decide to take a class. Remember this is your experience. You cannot rely on your academic advisor to make all of the decisions for you. Make sure you are keeping track of your own degree plan. Treat this experience like a job by being thorough and investigating every opportunity. It is your responsibility to make sure that all you do is keeping you directed towards your goals. When you choose extra-curricular activities make them fun but also keep them in line with your future goals. Get involved in things that boost your career plans and ability to further your education.


Save money, study harder for the SAT and ACT, retake the AIMS and take the scholarship, work harder in community college, stay at your parents house, keep the job at MPS, travel/study abroad, take spanish 101 and 102 in community college, apply to more colleges, get your associates in your actual field of study, get out more.


I wish that I would have been more involved in campus life, because making friends and connections would have made life easier and more fun. I also wish that I had known how helpful professors can be. I was so scared to talk to the professors because I thought they wouldn't care about their students' needs. However, in actuality the professors are almost always willing to help students in many different situations.


If I could give my high school self any advice, it would be to trust my own skills as a student and not cause myself so much stress. In high school I was always trying to be the best student, but didn't feel like I was. Now that I am in college, I realize that I actually was a very good, responsible student in high school. Had I realized how well I was actually doing, I would have been a much more relaxed teenager.


If I could go back and give myself advice, I would tell me to save the extra money I spent on Fast Food, driving around when I didnt need to, and there is a thing as to much shopping. I know now saving is the most important thing while in college. Every cent really counts.


The advice I would have given myself as a senior would be very simple. Life is a journey, there are bumps along the way, and no one is saying it's going to be easy. Keep your chin up and do your best, no one can ever blame you for not trying. As a favor to yourself, don't let anyone run your life or make decisions for you. If you don't make them, chances are, you won't follow through. You have to be in it for the win and in it for yourself before you start pleasing others. Doing what you know is right is always better then gaining an advantage over others, never forget that. Chances are, if you aren't trying, you will not succeed, so keep at it with all your heart and remember the goal. Always keep yourself accountable to someone close to you who will keep you true to yourself, and don't be lazy and pass up opportunities just because you are too tired or don't believe something is worth it. Stay true to yourself and be honest with others. Explore, create, learn, enjoy, love, cherish and never give up.


If I had the ability to travel back in time and visit myself as a high school senior, I would only need to say one word: scholarships. Free money is everywhere; you just have to be active and actually look for it. I would inform myself that it is, indeed, worth my time and effort to seek out and apply for every scholarship for which I qualify. As a senior in high school, I didn’t have the motivation to go out and search for opportunities to fund my education. It wasn’t until I began attending college that I realized how much money is actually necessary. If I had the motivation I have now, I would be able to cut back loans and the cost of my education quite a bit.


I know that you are thinking about moving to New York, I would highly recommend it to you. As you now the world has been going through many socio-econmics problems during the last ten years. Now we are living in a era of competence where everybody is looking for the best opportunity in order to built a good future. Moving to New York will give you the chance to improve your knowledege as well the chance to have a better job and life. I am not saying that if you stay in The Dominican Republic you are going to anywhere I just want you to make the right decision and get the chance of receiving a good education. I am really impressed about myself, in two years I have achieved important goals in my life as been recognized my the college by been a hard worker student. In less than a year I am going to finish my Associated Degree . Now I am almost ready to transfer to a four year college where I am going to continue improving my knowledge.Your future is in your hands, just follow your heart, life is just one take advantage of it.


College is like the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle, but for alarm clocks. "Ring, ring!" Snooze. "Ring, ring!" Snooze. Repeat as needed until you missed your first two classes and you are panicking in your freshly decorated dorm room looking across at your roommate wondering why they did not think to wake you up. Unfortunately, college is also a lot like living on your own, and you are responsible for your own schedule. This means waking up on time, attending all your classes, doing your homework, and not staying out until 3am before a big exam because ‘you can’. I cannot think of more important advice anyone can give or receive: take responsibility for your own actions and everything else will fall into place. Hold yourself accountable. It is not your alarm clocks fault it didn't ring loud enough; get a louder one. It is not your professors fault you failed the test; study harder. It is not your parent’s fault that you do not have money: get a job. That is what being an adult living on your own is about. There should be no one you want to impress more than yourself.


I would tell myself to smile more. I feel like I learned late, but not too late, to do this. Learning this has made me feel better and has made people around me smile more. I probably wouldn't have felt as lonely my freshman year in college if I had just learned to smile more when I was in highschool. Its such a small thing to do, but makes the biggest difference. I would also tell myself how to find scholarships and to not give up if I couldn't find any right away. Noone at my highschool really pointed to where to go to find them when I would ask, and I ended up giving up for a while after hitting dead ends , until now. One last thing I would tell myself is to keep learning new things on my guitar, and that I can go out and play songs for strangers on campus without feeling self-consious.


I would tell myself to learn to budget your finances upon entering into college. It's a need to know basis when you get into college, there are expenses for everything and if you learn to budget yourself, things will move along smoothly. Get to know your resources, help, and opportunities there are. Learn the city/town you are going to and what the school offers for transitioning services as well. Enjoy every minute from day one and interact with others so you will not feel alone. Being a part of the school is to be the school!


If I were talking to my high school senior self, the best advice I would give myself would be to get my math credits sooner than I really am. From what I know now, it would have been wiser of me to have taken math in college during one of the first semesters I was in college. I have been holding off on taking any math classes because I simply did not want to take math again, but I realize now that that was not the best decision for me.


The advice I would tell myself would be to never give up. I would tell myself about how the economy had taken a turn and to pursue the medical field, which is the direction I am taking now. I married when I was 19 and I am now 24. I would tell myself that I should be patient because college should be my priority and I know that I would be with my husband either way. I am very happily married and now both my husband and I are pursuing college together.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give advice to myself I would say to work hard, eat well, and excersize regularly. My first year was a mess. There was times where i was in such a hurry that I skipped breakfast which made me unfocussed in class and unwilling to learn. As a result my grades suffered but not tremendously, although it was not my best. I also did not excersize which made me lazy and very grumpy. Eating right will help regain and maintain my energy so that I can put my entire effort in my assignments. Excersizing not only will keep me energized but it will also relieve my stress and relax.

J. Eric

It may not seem like it now, but your high school years are very important with regards to your happiness the rest of your life. How well you do in high school, as well as what you do in high school, influences the choices you make about college and the choices made for you about college. Getting a college degree opens opportunities to you that you would not have otherwise. Most of these opportunities center around what you will be doing for a living the rest of your life, and how happy you will be doing that. My advice to you is simple while in high school: attend class, do your homework, participate in class discussions, and study for your exams. Get involved in any extracurricular activities and organizations that may interest you, and even one or two that challenge you. Have fun while in high school, savor those years, but at the same time have an understanding of how important those years are to your happiness the rest of your life.


I would stress how important it is to calm down and enjoy your Senior year and the time you have with your family and high school friends - yet not slack off on my studies. I would comfort myself with the knowledge that going away is not as hard as you think it is going to be because the people in your life are still there for you even if they are not right there in your room with you. I would reassure myself that even though the learning pace is much faster than high school, there are also more activities to do to reward yourself with once your homework and studying are done. It's exciting having the independence to choose so many things (classes, food, etc.) and to start discovering who you really are. I would emphasize how important it is to continuously be applying for grants and scholarships to help with the financial burden of college. I would also want to let myself know how important it is to get to know your advisors once you have chosen where you are going to college because they will be your lifeline to your future. But most importantly, calm down!


I would suggest anyone to go to community college to discover what they really want to become in future to avoid spending too much money on education that they keep chaning thier major. It will save them a lot of money and when they determine what they want to major in then they can transfer to universitiy.


I would say to not be afraid to try new things and meet new people. Everyone is going through the same transition so just get out there and have fun. Join clubs, do the campus activities, talk to new people and just experience it all because this time in your life only comes once so enjoy it while you can. If you are living on campus, talk with your roommate and become friends sooner rather than later because she is an amazing person and is someone who will be in your life for a long time.


Actions taken as a seniorhave a significant impact on college life. Do not give in to senioritis! As a senior, make sure you research all of the schools you are or might be interested in. Collegeboard is a good resource that can be used to find a college that matches you. US news is also a good resource used to find best ranking colleges and universities based on different aspects. Once you know where you want to apply, look into applying early action (know the difference between early action and early decision) anywhere that you can. This will give you an idea of any actions you might need to take early on. Another important thing that must be done as soon as possible is FAFSA. FAFSA gives the most money to the first applicants and the money is limited. Education and living expenses are very high so scholarships should not be overlooked. Many scholarships meet their deadlines without receiving any applicants. Do not miss out on free money! Do well on the SAT and ACT because they are huge decision factors of where you will be accepted and how much money you will receive! Also, meaningful community service is imperative!


The transition is much easier than I had anticipated, and everyone is more than willing to help out. Complete strangers are genuinely nice, and are happy to help with anything I might need. I would advise myself, though, to stay away from guys at least until I am furthur along in my studies because they are too distracting and school is too important to mess up now, especially when I am the one who has to pay for this schooling.


It is important to know that knowing about photography doesn't take a college education. It is about knowing the tricks of the trade, the ins and outs of understanding what people (clients) want out of their photos. Learning from someone who knows how to satisfy this detail will help you in becoming succesful.


Keep an open mind. I thought I knew everything at 18, now, at 22, I realize I don't know anything. The more you learn to more the world opens up to you, so keep an open mind about everything! It is so easy to misdirect adolecent zeal into specific ideas or frames of mind, but youth is the only time that you are free to experience anything and everything. If you have the chance live it up, and just say yes! You will make mistakes, but you will learn so much more from making mistakes then doing it all right, and now is the time to discover what works and what doesn't. Be open to all the new people you will meet, but remember that almost everyone in college is trying to find themself, so if one of your friends suddenly becomes someone else be open to it. It is a time for openness, experiementation and freedom. Enjoy now, so that you can become a stable, contributing member of society latter in life! HAVE FUN!!!


I know you're freaking out, but trust me: everything is going to be OK.


Don't take it so seriously


Julie, as a high school senior, you should do your best to get straight A's even if that means having tutors or asking teachers for additional help during study hall or after school. During your freshmen, sophomore, and junior year you should have tried harder in math and spanish. Also, you should have taken an additional language so instead of being bilingual you could be trilingual. After school, you should have worked more hours and work more hours during senior year to save up more money for a fuel economy car that would last a long time. Doing that will help during college because it will save money so you don't drive around a big gas hog. Since I am a high school senior, I really need to figure out what degree and what university I should go to, so I don't waste time after I graduate high school. I need to apply for as many scholarships as possible because I am not currently making enough money and no one is supporting me. Since I am the only child out of five going to college/university, I want to set the best example for them.


I would tell myself to stick with the idea that you have for your future. Don't ever give up on the dream you could achieve for yourself. It will be rewarding and refreshing for not just you but the whole family. No mattter what cruve ball that life throws your way!


Look at what skills, what areas you are most interested in and where you find the most enjoyment. Once you know those areas then look to see what careers are in the field. Choose your school based on those that provide the degree closest related to your field. Search for a school that has instructors who work in that chosen field as they will have the best knowledge of how to develop and grow. Don't be afraid to venture away from home to find that perfect school. When you get to the school find and join the campus clubs and organizations that support and encourage your areas of interest. Take your time in school to do your best even if it means taking a lighter course load and making your time in school longer. Take classes on writing and public communication early on as they will help you with all future classes. Seek out tutors and study groups to help your grades stay high. Spend some time in the recreation facilities and with those programs that help you maintain your physical body while your mind is learning.


Take a deep breath and take your experience in stride. Be diligent and focused while you learn, because some day you won't have the recall and absorption in your brain that you do now. Get yourself organized and color-code everything! Using 3 x 5 note cards will not only be helpful to your memorization, but they will save you hours of research time. Connect with the people who have similar interests and goals that you do, because they will be valuable contacts in your future endeavors and lifelong friends. Help those who you see are struggling with something that comes naturally to you. Your greatest gift will be imparting your knowledge and teaching someone else will solidify the material in your memory bank. Be generous with your study time, as your peers may have a way of teaching you something that makes more sense to you. Don't panic! There are avenues built into your degree program that will allow you to correct yourself when you fail. You are here to learn and grow, not be a master right off the bat! Apply yourself to everything that you do in life so you have no regrets.

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