Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Racket-ball seems to be a very popular sport, though there are other sports. Balancing on a rope is also a decently popular activity. There are also many study groups that go on; which is probably the most popular type of group as far as I know.


I am involved in alot of different clubs on campus and am also an honors student and RA. But that doesnt mean I dont enjoy having fun on the weekends.


The student media center is popular and offers students the opportunity to write for the newspaper (which is what I do), broadcast on the radio, and even be on TV. There are tons of clubs and organizations, even Quid-itch is offered! People do party a lot here, but not necessarily everyone does. There is not a lot of other stuff to do in Flagstaff late at night, so we resort to partying and hanging out with friends. Fraternities and sororities do not rule the school like they do in other universities, but many people are involved in them. There is a good balance of people and things to do that pleases every type of person.


sports and greek life. Greek life has a bad rep, but they aren't bad people. Some people leave their room doors open, but not everyone does. Not much to do off campus because it is a small town.


Go on a walk and get fresh air. Nau offers $3 movies every month. Work out in the new Health and Learning Center. Go bowling. Go out to local restaurants. Play a game in the multiple grass areas, courts, and fields on campus. Go to Harkins. Meet people in your dorm by keeping your door open. Join an intramural team. Watch a choir or theater performance. Go outside and look at the stars. Play glow in the dark frisbee!!


ASNAU (student government), is by far one of the most active clubs on campus. They sponsor different events with the "23 fee" we have on campus. Last year they brought Ke$ha for a free concert. They also host events like carnivals and tailgating parties before football games. Most of the athletic events on campus aren't very popular. Our football team isn't that good so a lot of students don't attend the games. Many don't even attend homecoming. Most students tend to live on campus (about 65-75%). Sororities and fraternities are popular on our campus. Most students party quite frequently on the weekends because Flagstaff is so small and there isn't much to do. The only thing that doesn't involve drinking is going to the movies or going bowling. Off campus most students like going to the First Friday Artwalk that takes place downtown. Each store celebrates a local artist and hangs their work on their wall to display.