Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tend to brag most about the fact that the professors at my university have all been great. They have been helpful and interactive in every class that I have taken.


The campus is extremely beautiful and the people are friendly. I have no classes on Friday and the campus is small enough for me to get to my classes quickly.


I brag about the beauty of the town of Flagstaff and the snow it gets for some of the year. I also take great pride in the classes and how small and intriguing they are.


I brag that Northern Arizona University has great staff and faculty, the classes are fun, and that the school is beautiful!


I brag about the size of the school and overall atmosphere most. Since NAU is a smaller university, the classes are not as large and the community is more closeknit and involved. The people who attend school here are all very friendly and accepting of new students, which helped me to transition to living on my own last semester since I did not feel as intimidated.


The things that I brag most about to my friends are the weather, easy to obtain the classes needed, and other students. The weather is great if you like the cold, I love the cold. I have not had trouble getting into any class unlike the california schools where you struggle to obtain classes. The other students are so friendly and make you feel like your really at home.

Jordan Rae

I am always sure to brag about the Honors Program. Although it does have flaws, it is one of the most rigorous programs I have been in. It pushes me to exceed in classes, activities, and even my own expectations. The staff and faculty are always very suportive and there is a great tutoring/writing center available to us. The library treats us as Grad students with a limit of 200 books we can check out at once. We also have our own computer lab available to us in our Halls.


I tell them it is the only real place in Arizona that has all four seasons, not just the two that most Arizonian's experience.


The sense of community at NAU is amazing. When I'm at school, I feel like apart of a family because of the kidness and warmth of everyone. That has been the number one thing that has my trasition from high school to college amazing.


I am currently taking my courses online and I love that I can stay home to work on my homework. It also allows me to have better work hours such as day shifts and week days. I save a lot of gas money having online classes.


Every time I talk about the Flagstaff campus of NAU, I always mention the Platinum Research and Development Building that is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} self-sufficient, the easy access shuttle system that reaches the entire town, the nearby shops and food services, the Lowell Observatory nearby, the friendly staff and fellow students, the delicious food in the Union, the wonderful support services the faculty provides for the students and most importantly, the stunning view of the mountains high above the beautiful campus.


The professors actually care about your education and do everything in their power to help you succeed.


Beautiful weather, kind and friendly people, close to Sedona, Phoenix, and the Grand Canyon, liberal, open minded, easy going, relaxing, home


There are many aspects I love about my school but mostly I brag about the location- it's peaceful, quiet, in the mountains, covered in a healthy green, and it snows. Also, on one street over there's easy access to everything from the DMV to Walmart and Target to Barnes & Noble and lots of fast food places to choose from. Flagstaff is a college town and biking/walking community. I love it in the sense that it's very different from Los Angeles and the fact that everyone is so nice and each experience new and amazing.


I brag about the small, compact classes, the wonderful and caring staff, and the beauty of the campus. I will see at least 5 people I know on campus everyday and breathing in the mountain air is one of the most refreshing things I have ever experienced.


When asked about school, I brag to all my friends about the atmosphere that I live in. NAU is such a laid back and welcoming community. It really has made me feel at home and makes it much easier for me to focus on school.


That NAU is a most hippy school you can go to. If you like smoking marijuana then that is the school to go to.


NAU is great. Smaller class sizes allow for professors to know you by name and make you more accountable.


About school work. (tutoring)..u get lots of help..and how people are friendly there. There are lots of people to meet and become friends with. And how theres alot to do on campus..theres always stuff going on..and residence life is great!


The weather and atmosphere at NAU is great especially since I am from the Phoenix metro area where the weather is hot and the environment is crowded. Northern Arizona University is a smaller school and I feel that the attitude of the school is laid back and easy going.


The thing I brag about the most is how beautiful it is. Since NAU is located in Flagstaff the weather is much nicer than Phoenix. Also we have beautiful scenery and big trees all over the place. The climate is perfect, I love waking up to see mountains in the morning. Also all the snow that falls in the winter basically makes it a winter wonderland. It's a small city so it's very home like.


I tell my friends that I am learning from professors with current, real-world knowledge, who are genuinely interested in my progress as a student and in helping me achieve my career goals.


I brag about how many snow days I get compared to how many days of heat they have to suffer in in Arizona. This semester, I've already had 2.5 snow days while they get drenched with rain and still have to go to class while I can sit cozy in my dorm, watching the snow fall.


The snow days are the best part about the school!


The things I brag about with this school are that it is huge. I came from a small college and comparing the two there is a big difference. Another is the program that I am majoring in. My other college did not have my intended major and when I came here they had all sorts of programs to choose from. Last thing is how glorious the surroundings are around this university. A small town but a lot of site scenes and history.


That NAU is an open enviroment and is not over crowded by a large city population. NAU is a school that exscapes the big city pollution and has beautiful, clear night skies. Also that the school has multiple oppertunities for undergraduates to interact and help with research, which they can get payed for often times. And one of the best things is that we have an on campus observitory and the students can help run the observitory to educate the public.


I love the schedule that I have for school. I go to class three nights a week. The classes are long because they are three credits a piece but it's so convenient to have a week's worth of classes done in one night. The nightly schedule also allows for me to work at a daycare center during the day. My instructors are mostly current elementary school teachers who also teach us at night. It's great to hear their stories and draw from their experiences.


The size of the school. It's easy to get to and from classes. Also, the beauty of the school. Flagstaff is a gorgeous town. It has the four seasons and each season brings out a different beauty the city of flagstaff has to offer.


I always tell my friends that this is the best school because it is a very nice place to live enviornmentally, and a great place to live because the people who live her are very friendly and willing to help.


The bars and club around campus, the diverse, and teachers


I usually brag that here the weather is nice and cool, while where they are at it's scorching hot! Also it snows here and it looks beautiful, but then it gets old and I want the snow to melt already.


When I talk to my friends about school, i brag about the campus. I tell them about the buildings where my classes are and how wonderful it is walking to every class or riding the bus. Also i talk about the teachers and how they teach diffrentlly than in the high school. I also tell them how easy it is to get distracted, but just have to work hard to stay on track and get all work done.


I mainly brag about the wonderful people and friends I have met here. These are people that I will never forget and keep with me throughout my life.


It would be difficult to find a school better-located for an academic major in anthropology. The rich Native American history in the area is accessible to the campus for archaeological digs; the area is a virtual laboratory for pursuing linguistics studies and social anthropology research; outside resources such as the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Heard Museum in nearby Phoenix, and the University of Arizona in Tucson augment any anthropological study. Student diversity at NAU provided wonderful cultural growth and the Flagstaff area also offers some of the best hiking - think Grand Canyon - and mountain biking in the country.


I talk mostly about its location in Flagstaff, Arizona. What a beautiful place, there is always a new type of scenary waiting to be seen. The size of the school is also a major thing. This school is just the right size, to be able to become familiar with your professors.


Fun environment, great learning environment and awesome dental hygiene program


My classes don't have a very large student to teacher ratio, which helps me get comfortable in my classroom setting faster. In my opinion, this makes it easier to learn.


The absolutely beautiful campus and the fact that Flagstaff, Arizona does get all four seasons. Every morning you wake up to the trees and their falling leaves or with a view of the San Francisco Peaks. Northern Arizona University truly has a stunning and breath taking campus. Not to mention the many different and amazing views that can be seen throughout Flagstaff.


I brag most about the weather. I grew up in Phoenix, which is extremely hot year round, and in Flagstaff the weather always seems to be perfect, whether it's raining, snowing, or sunny. I also like studying outside from time to time, just because it's usually so much nice than being in a stuffy room all day. And the elevation and fresh air is also a plus.


how beautiful the campus is and its surroundings. since its up in the mountains, its always lucsious green in the summer and in the winter a winter wonderland with all that snow.


I usually tend to talk about how much fun I have and the people I have met. Everyone is really positive around here and I have met great friends and a great boyfriend!


I would have to say i brag about the loaction of the school, its up in the mountians so it secluded but therese enought to do around ton to keep someone busy.


I talk about how I may have a lot of homework, but it all applies to my future career.


Northern Arizona University has a great variety of professors and class sizes. With the help of my professors, I have the opportunity to choose what size classes I take. My professors are also very encouraging when it comes to learning the material and succeeding.


We have a lot of school spirit, and I have the best professors!


When I describe my school to my friends I mention how beautiful the campus is, nestled in the Arizona mountains. The air is so clean walking or biking to class is enjoyable on a sunny day. Although the snowy months are cold, it always looks like a brand new landscape after a fresh snowfall. This also creates the ability to participate in winter sports, like snowboarding, without having to travel far. I probably also brag about the interesting and accepting people I have encountered.


I brag the most about how small Northern Arizona University is and how that lends to the wonderful student-teacher relationships and class sizes.


Snowboarding is only 25 minutes away!!


About how I can receieve one on one interaction with the professor.


It is a beautiful school with brick buildings, tall pillars, and trees everywhere. We have mountains nearby for skiing in the winter, and four fantastic seasons The campus is not too big and not too small. The classes are actually taught by the professors, not by associates.