Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe that there is no "kind" of person that should attend this school, everyone is different therefore everyone deserves the chance to be educated to have the opportunity for a better future. NAU does this for everyone, and it accomodates all schedules with the large variety of online classes and campuses available throughout all of Arizona.


Anyone with a will to acquire a college degree. Northern Arizona University has updated tools that make learning easier and more enjoyable.


The student's and staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Someone who likes nature and walking and all types of outdoor activities would fit in so much at NAU. Someone who is also very intrested to study and get a higher education is also a trait that one should have if they plan on attending this niversity.


Whomever can tolerate the cold weather most of the year, enjoy the laid back environment on campus, and is open to trying new activities and being involved in new events.


someone who is active and enjoys the outdoors. Enjoys a small-town community and everything fairly small and closeknit. Definitely someone who wants to live in a college town.


The kind of person that should attend NAU is someone who likes the outdoors, is kind, wants to attend a University but not a big one, wants their professor to know their name, and likes snow. Someone who wants to take interesting small classes, have access to a nice gym and healthy food, and is interested in being environmentally friendly should attend NAU. A person who is an Education Major or Science Major should attend NAU. Someone looking for more than the typical college experience should attend NAU.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone interested in a more individualized focus on academics, or someone who is interested in education, music, criminal justice, or a physical science.


A person who is laid back, acceting, and wants to experience a beautiful campus.


Anyone can find their place at NAU. It is a school with such a wide variety of culture and people. I have met people from all over the world and from all sorts of backgrounds who excel at NAU. NAU prides itself on its' diversity programs for a reason: because they truly do work.


The type of person who should attend this school is appreciative of nature. The surrounding area is full of beauty. This person should prefer small class sizes, but many nice people. This person should be prepared for cold and snowy winter days but warm and beautiful summer days.


A person who is prepared to be challeged mentally and physically. My first year at NAU, I have been challenged alot. By physically I mean that Flagstaff is known for having snow in the spring time. You need to have determination and toughness to drag yourself out of bed and walk through blistering winds and knee high snow. This is no place for someone to call in sick. Also this school is very community oriented , and getting involved only makes thing more fun. So pretty much showing up to get things done, be outgoing and have fun.


A variety of people would feel comfortable at NAU. It's really just about finding the right fit for the individual rather that any particular type of person.


determined person


Someone who is laid back and loves a variety of weather. Most people come here for the outdoor activities, but the environment here allows for people to just relax and read a book outside if they don't wish to participate in all the outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, skiiing, snow boarding, or ultimate frisbee. This is definitely not a party school, so anyone who wishes to focus on academics and close friends should come here.


Someone who is extremely artistic and creative.


Those who like the outdoors.


Students who are serious about getting a great education that leads to an awesome career should attend Norther Arizona University.


The people that attend this school should like outdoor activities. The Flagstaff campus is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which are perfect for hiking, camping, or biking. The students and the professors at NAU are dedicated to their field of study. If someone would like to attend this university, they should be dedicated to their school work, like recreational activities, and be bundled up for the white winters.


People who are "hippies" should attend NAU. It is a perfect match. People who love winter activities. People who are interested in business, hotel management or forestry.


I hate to say there is a type of person who should attend NAU, but there certainly is. If someone is thinking of attending school here, they should be used to unpredictable weather or be willing to get used to it. It may seem obvious but people who like sports and the outdoors are also good candidates for this school. Overall, NAU and Flagstaff are very laidback so the personalities of potential students should match.


Anyone could attend this school. The school is great. The surrounding is beautiful. Students experience all four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter. There are many things to do like skiing, riding horses, hiking, and biking. There are many shops, restaurants and a good size theater. There are activities in music and art that students can experience. One day I would like to return and live there.


This school is for mellow people. People who enjoy having a good time, being kind and considerate, and want to live in a relaxing atmosphere are going to have a great time at NAU. It is a growing school that still treats its students like it is a smaller school. Jerks and theives need not apply here for this school is not for them. They can go to ASU.


Someone that doesnt mind a small town that has not much to do. Someone that likes just the collage town atmosphere. And Doesnt mind being far far from home


If you like the feeling of a small town and school environment NAU would be perfect for you.


Northern Arizona University is situated at high elevation on a mountain; therefore, there is an abundance of wildlife, such as skunks and crows. Also due to the elevation we frequently get snow fall. Because of this environment individuals who are very fond of the outdoors would be right at home up here, as well as, other similarly laid back individuals. The general student population consists of vegetarians, and homosexuals; the majority of which are open-minded, individualistic students.


A student who enjoys the cold weather, snow, and likes to skii and/or snowboard would fit right in at this school. Also, a student who is looking for a small town feeling and likes the smaller classes would love Northern Arizona University.


Anyone that loves having a small campus setting and classes, NAU is the place to be. From having great friends and the numerous activities you can do here, you also have a feeling of discovery. The teachers actually care how your doing in there class, your not just another number to them, they take real interest in your life, and to me that is very important. Also every morning when awake I look out my window and see the beauty of Flagstaff. If the school cant get you the town will.


I believe that people who are serious about getting an education should attend this school. People who want to go beyond and learn to help pther people in need should attend this university. The type of person who should attend this school should be the type who isn't afraid to consume the facts this university offers, who is serious about helping people, who wants to receive one of the best education degrees Arizona has to offer.


Someone who likes a beautiful mountain setting with snow in the winter and challenging classes.


First of all the person has to love the environmental setting at which the school is set on. Most students are here at Northern Arizona University ( NAU) because they like the scene view of the near by mountain and the ponderosa pines that surrounds the campus. The campus is very diverse and students are very opened minded to other cultures that attend the school. The campus encourage students to strive to do their best in their learning endeavor. So a person that wants to attend NAU must be friendly and be ready to learn new things.


A person who should attend Northern Arizona University is a studeous person, who prefers one on one with the teacher instead of having a class of 500 (aka ASU) where a teacher does not remember a face let alone a name. A student also has to not mind the cold weather to be attending N.A.U. It's a smaller university when compared to ASU or U of A but it is beautiful. The classes are great, I know I would personally not leave for theorld.


People who are open-minded and pretty laid back.


The kind of students that should attend this school should be ones that actually want to have a future and learn because NAU does that very well, it helps you grow as a leader and student.


A person who has money or who has a good chance of getting a job, or at least an interview.


If you are looking for a school that is large enought to get your degree,but small enought to enjoy that "in your backyard" feeling than NAU is the correct school for you. From the first day the staff here has me me feel as if I have been here for years and that I'm one of their best friends.


The person who should attend this school is open minded, friendly, and enjoys a smaller, more personal approach to education. NAU provides a quality education on a smaller campus that is easy to get to know. Flagstaff is a fun town with plenty of opportunities for a variety of interests, from hiking and skiing to a lively nightlife.


This school is meant for everyone. There are all kinds of different areas of study, sports, and social life.


People who like the outdoors.


Students who attend this school should be really interested in their studies. They should love the outdoors, because flagstaff is a very small town with not alot of activities to do unless you like the outdoors than there is a lot of fun things you can do. THe campus is very social, events going on all the time, they want to make sure everyone gets involved in the university. The sports are not the greastest but they are still alot of fun to go watch and support. The womens soccer games are very fun to go to.


Someone who is not quite sure what they want to pursue career-wise. Someone who is very environmentally driven, and has a more liberal mindset would thrive at this campus. Overall it's a small campus, so students who like a more hometown feel would also enjoy it.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes small towns and cooler temperatures.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who is into the outdoors.


NAU attracts students from all walks of life. We have students from in state, out of state, other countries, rich families, poor families, all races and ethnicities.


Someone environmentally active.


Someone who is able to go to a school that is relaxing and can live in a small town.


People who get along well with other and wants to do well in school. It's a small town and an awesome community.


Someone who enjoys down to earth people and being outside. Someone who doesn't mind cold weather and enjoys snow. Anyone who likes to be around friendly people and living in a small town. Someone who likes smaller classes and getting to know people better would love NAU. The college seems less materialistic than bigger city colleges, if someone prefers that.


The kind of person that should attend Northern Arizona University is someone who appreciates the outdoors and likes the snow. The person should also be willing to leave their comfort zone and try to meet as many as possible, as there are many different kinds of people that go to this school. People who like small classes and more personal relationships with their professors and fellow classmates would also do well in this school.


Any onelooking to focus


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is open-minded and hungry for knowledge. The ideal NAU student might not be eager to learn in the classroom, but he or she should be enthusiastic about taking advantage of the diverse liberal culture and learning about how other people live. This person should also have no fear in the classroom; he or she must know the best class discussions begin when someone has something outrageous or out of the ordinary to say. The ideal NAU student speaks his or her mind without fear.