Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who wants a good experience


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person who is expecting to get something for nothing. A person who doesn't believe in working hard or going the extra mile should not attend NAU. NAU's students are driven and determined. A person who is not career driven or goal oriented should also not attend this university.


Anybody can belong at NAU. There is a diverse group of students within the student body. As long as a person is looking for friends, they will find them at NAU. The only person who should not attend NAU or any college is one not willing to participate. College is what you make of it and if you choose to sit out then you will fit in nowhere.


I believe that just about anyone can attend this school provided they can find the drive and determination within themselves to do so.


This is a very accepting school, everyone I have met was either already or became open minded. Northern Arizona University caters to very diverse personalities and everyone feels welcome. However, if you are opposed to cold weather, you should stay away from this school.


The person who should NOT attend NAU is someone who doesn't like the cold as NAU is located in Flagstaff, Arizona where it is recommended that one bundles up before going outdoors in the winter months and there is the potential for substantial snowfall.


A person that doesn't like cold weather, or fun.


A person that doesn't like the cold shouldn't go to this school, because the university being in the mountains gets really cold.


Any students that do not want to work hard should not attend this school. If you are dedicated and want to do great this is a perfect school for you.


Someone who likes city-living and is not interested in the outdoors should not move to Flagstaff. I knew some people who felt bored in such a small town. NAU and the Flagstaff community are very accepting and I think a lot of different kinds of people would feel comfortable there. I knew conservative business majors and hippie social science majors and everything inbetween. There are quite a few Native American and Hispanic students, but not a huge amount of diversity other than that, However, I do think people of any nationality would feel welcome at NAU.


People who love the outdoors.


This university is not that big so if you are looking for a huge university to attend, this isn't it. Also don't attend if you are looking for hot becuase this university is in a town with four seasons. Otherwise I would recommend this university to anyone.


Someone who deserves and wants to attend a private school that will provide a more elaborate education to students.


People who want to attend a very large school.


Because Northern Arizona is in a high elevation area, it does get very cold and it does snow. This year did not receive as much snow as last year, but there was still a good amount. If a person strongly dislikes cold weather, wind, rain, or snow, this is not the place for them. I actually am one of those people, but I can honestly say that I have learned to love it, especially because it was all a new experience; mainly the snow.


A person that enjoys the city and is not a big fan of nature and/or is very focused on their studies and not so much into smoking or drinking should not attend Northern Arizona University.


conservative, people who hate the snow


A person who can't survive the cold (it was -22 here on New Year's Eve) and that doesn't like hippie or green cultures. Someone who doesn't appreciate the feeling of an old downtown surrounded by all the features of a big modern city (Walmart, freeways, etc.) or the high altitude effect on breathing, cooking, etc.


Someone who doesn't like the outdoors and physical activity. We're basically like Colorado in terms of physical activity.


The type of person that should attend this is school is anyone. There is every type of person here and it really is just a place to be yourself. You will not be scared of being judged here everyone one is really down to earth, friendly, and nonjudgmental. People do love the outdoor activitiy though here because of the moutains people take advatage for hiking, snow activities, and any other thing you could think of to do for an outdoor activity.


People who don't like the cold should not attend NAU.


A person who does not like the outdoors or cold weather because this school is all about the outdoors and the weather gets pretty cold out here.


In my opinion, like any college, you should not attend if you do not know what you want to get out of the experience. If you are attending college because that is what is expected of you or you want to stay close to your friends then there is a pretty good chance that you won't thrive in the college enviornment. College is an opportunity to learn many things, not just academic. If you are not up for the challenge, and do not have a clear idea of what you want from this experience, then maybe wait a year.


A person that should not attend this school is honestly a person like me. A person who loves to have fun, but not in any illegal ways. Also, a person who wants to get their education, but not by secluding yourself in a cold dorm room all day. A person with an outgoing personality and good morals should not go to this school, because everyone at this school is either a book worm or a hardcore partyer, there is no group of people in between; thus i stand alone.


This school is more of a liberal arts school, with more focus in Physcal and Social Sciences, Education as well. Someone who desires a medical career or business degree should not attend this school because i feel there are stronger programs elsewhere.


There is no kind of person that shouldn't attend this school because like i said we are so diversed and there is so many different opprotunities for anyone, no matter what kind of personality or interest you have.


Anyone who thinks they are going to impress people by wearing their "oh-so-cute" new heels when we just had three snow days and most of campus is covered in ice. Also, while it is a stereotype of my school, I would recommend that people who do not care at all about the environment or going green should probably pick a different university.


i would say the people that really dont care about going to school, they're there just to party and have fun but waste the students that want to learn and the teacher time


I think the type of student who should not attend this school is the one who are lazy and not determined. First being lazy at this university will cost a lot and if you do not take education seriously then there goes thousands of dollars. This money could be from your parents, scholarships and the government who all want each individual to succeed in school. This school is not cheap in my eyes even though I am an instate student. Second not having determination and motivation to attend class will certainly lead to dropping out.


Someone who's a slacker, just doesn't really care. They normally don't last around here because they think it's too hard and demanding. The majority of college students that attend here finish early or on time.


Someone who likes big cities


A person from higher society, one who enjoys luxuries, and unrestrained spending might find this campus a bit lacking in accomidations and activities that suit them. We are a very earth aware and earth freindly campus and we have a lot of diversity on campus.


No one who does not like the cold, snowy wet weather should attend this school. Also, if the major one prefers is not here, then do not come. It is a small town so for those who prefer big city life, this is not the college for you.


A student who is looking for the upperclass environment or city life would have to drive 2 hours to Phoenix to live the life they wish to live. This town is more for those who enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the small town feel. Students have to be able to tolerate the snow for a large part of the year and learn to embrace the weather conditions rather then protest against them.


I don't think there is any person or group of people that shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who is looking for a real challenge for their undergraduate degree or someone who does not like the outdoors and living a "green" lifestyle. Additionally, the city is quite small, so there aren't many opportunities for work or leisure.


NAU is a wonderful school that is really open to any kind of student. The main features that might change a person's mind about NAU is the weather in the Winter; whereas opposed to the weather in the Spring and Summer time. Another key disadvantage is the distance away from home. On average, most students that are in attendance here at this college are from a different city, even state. This causes long trips home for the holidays, etc. Other than that there is nothing really in-significant in this beautiful city of Flagstaff.


If you are looking for a PAC 10 type school where the football team is the biggest thing going ,than this is not the school for you.


People who either not firm in what they believe or are not willing to see other options.


Those that do not want to succeed academically. It is such a waste of money when students attend this school and never go to class or fail out.


a person interested in the busy city life.


A person who needs a lot of structure for their school work, or likes the big city, shopping, life, they should not attend NAU.


super conservative shopaholics that were tons of makeup or anyone that drives gas guslers.


Students who want a large university feeling with a lot of school spirit.


This school can fit any type of person so I would not tell anyone not to attend


someone who has no interest in the outdoors what so ever. so one who wants to be apart of a big city.


This school is filled with so many different kinds of people. Anyone would be happy to come here and feel as if they fit in the second they get here; especially if they like the small town family feel.


Someone conservative.


If someone is closed-minded, NAU probably would be a bad idea. But thats true for anywhere..... Overall, I genuinely believe that so long as NAU offers your major, it is the best of the three AZ universities by far. The traffic isn't bad either. However, transportation can be bad sometimes if you have classes on both north and south campuses. But people make friends quick and meeting someon in your class willing to give you a ride isn't difficult. If you don't like music or hippies, NAU is probably a bad idea.


I really do not believe that there is any type of person that shouldn't come to NAU. Perhaps a person that abhors the cold, or that prefers a big city. Flagstaff is not a small town, but it very much has a small town feel and a community-driven environment. Otherwise, Flagstaff has an extremely diverse population that does not place judgement on one another; anyone should feel welcome.