Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to research exactly what I wanted to do more thoroughly. I am 27 years old and I am graduating this December. Having said that, if I would have known more about what I wanted to do sooner, I would have saved previous time and money. I do not completely regret taking so much time deciding what I wanted to major in, as it allowed me the opportunity to learn and take other classes that I would not have normally taken. I would also tell myself that time flys in college. When I was a senior in high school, I know I was worried about not only paying for school, but also the thought that I have to go through another four years of schooling. But once I was in school, it all goes by so quickly and before you know it, you will be soon graduating. I hope this would help to alleviate concerns my high school self had about college.


If I was able to tell my high school senior self anything about college, I would say to be patient, and do it right the first time. After high school is over, it is very easy to want to live a life free of school. I would tell myself to wait a few years before starting, that way I can fully appreciate, and focus on my future goals. Starting immediately after high school would not be the best idea for me, because I would not yet be in the mindset I needed to be in to reach my full potential. I would tell myself to really think about who I am, who I want to become, and what I want to accomplish, and do everything in my power to become that person. The reward of staying focused, putting in the time and effort, and being patient is worth more than I could ever imagine. My high school self would be very surprised at how much I have accomplished today.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would tell her that college is a challenge. It is not a challenge so much academiclly but more on a morals and values way. College will test you on every level. But you will be able to get through it because you are strong and know what you want out of life. The academic part will be the easiest, the hardest will be sticking true to who you are. But with your friends and family you will be able to get through it. All the worries you have about college will really never be a worry, just stay true to you and you will get through it!


No matter what your personality type is, going into college, be outgoing. This will help you make new friends and form study groups. Being an engineering I know classes can be time consuming but, doing extra curricular activites help with time manegment and get your mind off of school for a while. Also study groups are a big contributer to academic success.


If I could go back I would tell myself to stop playing video games and go live life! I had a group of friends through high school and the first few years of college that were major video gamers. So much time was spent staring at a screen and letting life flow by. I am not saying there is anything wrong with video games, but since I have quit playing I have found so many better uses of my time. I now have ample amounts of time to complete homework assignments which gives me time to help friends, family members and my local soup kitchen. It is hard to think about what I could have accomplished if I was not entangled in the world of video games, but I have to put the past behind me and focus on the future! I am now set on living life to the fullest by acquiring healthier habits and heavily concentrating on my studies!


I wouldn't say much, other than it gets better and don't believe what your teachers tell you, they didn't prepare you well for college.

Sydnie Marie

The advice I would give myself would be to take more challenging courses. I am pretty good at college right now but if I took Advanced Placement Literature my writing would have been much better and I would have been better prepared for my Honors Writing class.


Do not rush into making any decision. It is YOUR future. Wherever you decide to go, or whatever path you choose, is entirely up to you. If you make the wrong choice, you are the only person to blame. Don't stress yourself out about making decisions though. Always compare your choices and make lists of the pros and cons of each choice. There is no rewind button in life, so be careful in deciding what is best for you. Listen to your heart. Don't let anyone try to persuade your decisions, and most imortantly, don't let anyone make choices for you. Only you know what is best for you. Take as much time as you need to make a decision, because there is always tomorrow.


Dear Kelsey, College is a wonderful experience, if done right! Make sure that you take all dual enrollment classes offered during your senior year in high school. If you do this, you can spend more time focusing on classes that deeply interest you, and you can avoid the possibility of boredom! I highly encourage you to apply for scholarships. You do not want to end up in 20,000 dollars of student loan debt because you were too lazy to complete scholarship applications. This will open the door to you to purchase assests when you start your post college career! Lastly, I encourage you to become involved in as many things as possible. The beauty of college is that every indivdual has something exceptional to offer towards your college experience. This is the same for every activity that is offered. You will learn more about yourself, and the world around you if you get plugged in. Stop and appreciate how privileged you are to attend college in the first place, and utilize this opportunity to its maximum capacity! You never know when your freedom of education may be taken away. Best Wishes! Sincerely, Your college graduate self


Get involved in study abroad, internships, and clubs early on.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, there would be several things I would say. First, I'd tell myself that getting a college education really is as important as everyone says it is. I'd mention that by having a college education you can get a great job doing what makes you happy. I'd also say that the money you make from this job you could purchase a home, buy a car, and/or even decide to attend graduate school. With having that knowledge, I would tell myself that when applying for colleges, pay attention to details, listen to your heart, and moreover, don't hesitate to ask for help. Applying for and attending college is a scary thing and will determine your future. Most importantly, I'd tell myself this, "you are in charge of your future, you decide what it will look like".


I've actually thought about this numerous times ever since I moved into college and I realized how expensive everything is. If I could go back to my senior year I would defintely tell myself to start applying for scholarships way sooner. Also I would tell myself to start being more responsible about my studies and being mature about what's to come in university. Knowing now that money is the biggest concern for me at the moment I wish I could've told myself to look for money anywhere so that I wouldn't be stressed out about not having money to pay for books or enough to pay for tuition. Another piece of advice I would give to myself would be to stay focused in college because everything is your responsibility to get the grades you deserve.


I would tell myself not to stress out about the little things because there are other things that are so much more important. It's hard growing up and making that transition and I feel like it would've been easier for me if I had learned to control my anxiety and really listen to people who said that certain things are a waste of time because they won't matter in a few years.


If i could talk to myself as a senior again, I would have loved to me to relax having to go to a community college. I remember my life as a senior student. I was always on edge about wether I should go to ASU or Glendale Community College. Although I knew GCC had all of the qualifications of a real university, I wanted to go to ASU for the prestige. I cared more about my image than my education. I was bent on going to ASU, and ruining my life financialy , because all of my friends were going to ASU. I eventually decided to go to GCC because it was the smartest choice, but I my first semester was emberassing for me. However, now I'm glad I decided to go to GCC instead of a well known university, because I have done all my required pre-requisites with no debt to my name because of the Scholarship that i had recieved from GCC. So i would love to tell my senior me that GCC is great, that it turned out to be better than i had ever imagined it to be.


It's an out of body experience going back in time to watch myself walk across that stage, shaking the principals hand again, and waving to my family. I don't know what I was thinking getting that haircut. I walked up to myself. Very weird situation. I say, "Teresa, you're going to go through tough health prolems that could potentially get in the way of your education. Don't allow it to! College is an adventure, life changing, worth the time you're going to put in. The transition is going to confuse you. Seeing your nephews on Skype will pull at your heart strings a little, too. However, after all your health problems have departed and you slam the door to those exeriences, there is going to be nothing you want more then to be the best nurse you can be for all your future patients. You will want to confort them and won't allow them to feel alone during their time of sickness as you went through. Finally, don't freak out! Stay calm, enjoy yourself, and make new friends. Don't look back. Look forward. NAU is just where you're suppose to be."




I would tell myself to start earlier and take my time when making important decisions. I would tell myself to decide my career path at an earlier point and prepare for the workload . Another piece of advice I would give is to be part of the school events that are held and find ways to integrate myself as much as possible. The most important piece of advice I would give myself is to choose a school that has a strong focus onmy chosen major. Class availability, repected professors, and quality of campus life are all important aspects of making a decision. If a person is educated enough, they can make an informed decision as to what makes most sense for their future.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself I would tell myself to apply to colleges early and apply for scholarships. I would also tell my high school self to stay more focused and drop classes in college if you think you might be getting a low grade. If i would have done this my GPA would have stayed high, but no one warned me about this. I would also advise myself about how I could have found cheaper books and found a better job to help pay for college. I probably would encourage myself to go to a university right away instead of going to a community college first.


College will bring about new, scary and exciting changes, however, being prepared for them should start from high school. Apply for all the scholarships possible; you will need any amount as it will go a long ways. Everything in college is expensive, just one book can cost one hundred and eighty dollars. As a result, make close connections to teachers at school because they will play an important role in writing letters of recommendation for scholarships and college applications. Obtain grants by submitting the FASFA application soon, thus learning how to fill one out is essential as a high school senior. In addition, it may seem that separating ways from friends or relationships and going to college is the end of the world but it is not. Maintain the mind open because college will bring long lasting friendships and having a social life is needed to stay sane with the college coursework. With this thought in mind, attend a college that has the degree you would like to achieve, do not enter a college just because you do not want to be apart from your friend. Believe in yourself and you will be able to achieve anything.


If I could go back to High School, I would tell myself to take as many dual-credit classes as I can. I would tell myself to do research to see the course outline for my Major so I would not waste time and money on dual credit classes that would not count toward my degree. I would apply for more scholarships and not buy as many things for my dorm because I did not need them all. I would convince myself to join a sorority because it is where I have made most of my friends. I would convince myself to pay the extra money for a double room instead of triple dorm room so I could avoid conflict with my third roommate. I would tell myself to make more time to spend with my family instead of friends and to make sure they all know that I love and appreciate them because I will no longer get to see them everyday. Lastly, I would tell myself that NAU is the right place for me and that I am going to have a blast.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself about college, I would tell myself that I am not going to be able to go to the college I really wanted to go to. Also, I would tell myself to apply to more colleges because applying to just two colleges is not a smart idea. That I would have liked to have more colleges to choose from. Also, if I still ended up choosing Northern Arizona University again, I would tell myself to pack more snow clothes and buy warmer clothes for the winter.


If I were to go back and tell myself what to expect when going off to college, I would say that going somewhere beyond your limits is good. Just consider that fact that you will need to be very open to making new friends. Maybe, if you are shy, go somewhere that you already have a friend or two. Above all else you should realize that people change dramatically in college and that just comes with the experience. Your best friend in high schoool may be a completely different person when they get into this new environment. It is also good to note to not stay so close to your friends back home that you forget to focus on your new life in this college experience. Enjoy it because it goes by fast!


Remember to get your enrollment deposit deferred on time. Don't room with her, you'll regret it. Maybe consider going to MCC before college, if not, make sure you get a loan. Eat healthier and start walking more often because you get diagnosed with arrhythmia. Apply to more scholarships now. You make it into Berklee singing and playing Take Five, but end up going to NAU because it's too expensive. Either take a semester off for their dorms to open or get a big loan to actually attend. Also, get textbooks. Those are extremely important.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, that would mean going back over 28 years. At the time I graduated high school in 1986, my sole desire was to get married, have children, and be the best wife and mother I could possibly be. I did not have the financial resources to attend college at that time, and in all honesty, I wanted to start my family. It was always my intention to go to college once my children were grown, which is what I have done. As such what I would tell my high school self is to enjoy the journey, that the time you have with your children will end all too soon, appreciate every moment and trust that things will work out just as they are meant to. I would also give her a hug and implore her not to sweat the small stuff. I would do my best to convince her that she need not stress about the trivial things in life and to encourage her to let go of her fears, for I know the price she will pay.


Dear JJ: I just want to let you know about all the possibilities and potential you have after high school. I am excited for your college experience and I know you can do anything you have an interest in. Luckily you went to a school that provided you with the classes that have prepared you for the scholastic and sports life that campus culture entails. Remember to ask questions of people who are supposed to be helping you (i.e. advisors, counselors and most of all, financial aid) and that you do not have to accept "NO" as an answer. Be polite, be persistent and be successful. It will be a very hard but very worth it experience in the end. Do it now. DO NOT PUT IT OFF. and most of all, enjoy.


If I could go back and tell myself one thing, I believe it would be to never give up on your dreams! I do not regret my life or my family, but do regret setting my education aside for so many years. I would tell my high school self to grasp every opportunity available to reach your goal! You are a strong intelligent girl, you can do anything you set your mind to! Find out who you are, and what you can do with your education and your life before you settle down. Stay your course and finish school, you will be amazed at the future that will open up for you! Now, today, I still believe these things are possible and I intend to pursue it with all my heart! Thank you.


It's been 4 years since I graduated high school, I am not at the place I would have imagined myself to be at this point. Stephanie I would like to tell you what an amazing person you are. Life is hard but you must keep your head up an keep pushing forward in ever aspect of your life. My biggest advice is to believe in yourself and your abilities. Stop being lazy in your classes and pay attention, do your homework. Make lots of friends but don't lose track of yourself and your goals. Make sure you save money so that you can spend a few months in France. Never stop traveling and living your life to the fullest. Don't put yourself in situations that will hinder you. Be bold and take risks and know your limits. Put yourself first, stay away from dangerous relationships and those who hurt you. Value yourself and keep in mind that you ARE good enough. Your heart will be broken but you will be okay and life will go on. Never change who are and stay humble. Good luck! I love you...I love me.


The first thing I would tell myself would have to be "apply yourself". Just getting by is not good enough. You should always strive to be the best you can be, because once you hit the real world it does matter. Life can throw so many curve balls at you, and there will be times down the road when decisions you make now will show themselves again in the future, good and bad. Do not miss out on an opportunity ten or twenty years down the road because you decided on a Friday night to go to a party and have a few drinks, or because staying out late with your friends was more important than studying for tests, or finishing homework. I would tell myself to think before acting. I would let myself know that someday I am going to be a single father of a beautiful little girl, and inform myself how important it will be to get a good education now, and find a good career so that I can be a good role model and someone she can look up to as she grows up, as well as taken care of.


Keep your syllabus. In high school you looked at it once and that was it. In college you need it all semester long. Stay organized. If you can stay organized you will save yourself so much time. I lose my stuff just about everyday because I'm not organized. Also when you have time to sleep, sleep! Going out and partying is fun but in all honesty you need time to sleep. It will really take a toll on you if you don't get a decent amount of rest. Take advantage of being a freeloader off of your parents for as long as you can. In college you either need a job or some other way of making money. Mommy and daddy can't buy everything for you anymore. Stay grounded and go to class. In college it is so easy to just not go to class if you don't want to. If you get up and go you won't regret it.


The lyrics from the song 'Ooh La la' by The Faces come to mind while reading this short prompt: "I wish that I knew what I knew now, when I was younger". I have a vast supply of wisdom to bestow upon my younger, more naive self, whether it be based on love, heartbreak, finances, goals, and ideals. But to keep it short, simple and school related, I will only contribute one of these nuggets of advice. I would tell my younger high school-aged self that education is one of the greatest gifts that I have recieved, and to take it seriously. I don't think I understood the value of knoweledge in high school. The simple acts of picking up a book for the fun of it, immersing myself in the concepts that my teachers were trying to help us understand, and legitimately being interested in various subjects eluded me in my high school years. I would tell myself to make friends with my teachers and learn more about the subjects that they were teaching, because now I underdstand that teachers are truly passionate about what they teach, and can be some of the deepest resources for knoweledge.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I woulld encourage myself to stay involved and stray away from taking an easy course load just because it is my final year. Colleges take your efforts as a senior in consideration and your involvement on your high school campus reflects your character positively. I would push myself to apply to any scholarship I qualify for early because on a college campus the pool of money can decrease fast. In addition to crafting a descent course load I would advise that I enrolled in more AP classes because any college credit is good credit to put you ahead of the game for your progression plan in relation to your field of study. Lastly, if I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would suggest being on my second submission of the SAT because the more you take it the higher opportunity you have to have a more competitive score. Fight the "senioritis", your last year is just as important as your first!


I would tell my high-school self to slow down and focus on what I really want. I want to make my parents happy, but at the same time I want to go to a school that I know I can afford, because I will be the one paying back the loans, not them. I would tell myself not to worry about what my peers will think if I go to community college, and to instead be proud of myself for furthering my education. I would tell myself that my worth is not measured by what society thinks of me, because it will never measure up to what I truly believe is inside. I would tell myself that you haven't lived until you have made mistakes, and to go out into the world with an open mind and non-judgemental heart. If you stumble, you will have built a foundation around you so strong that you will not fall. You will not break.


GO for what is important to you and looka t what programs the university is prestigious in.


The difference between your expectations and reality are very minimal. You are completely on your own, and every consequence you can think of stemming from that one statement is most likely true. Everything, ranging from what to have for breakfast to how many student loans to take out is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} your decision. It is overwhelming, but not unexpected. My advice would be to keep your eye on the ball, and not the one closest to you. Keep an eye on THE ball. Your absolute ULTIMATE END GOAL. It is not an A in chemistry. It is not acceptance to the most prestigious university. It is you and your life planned out and visualized exactly how you want it to be. You are at the starting line, and, no doubt, there are plenty of obstacles in the way of the finish line. But with your eyes firmly set on what you want, and the endurance to get from A to B no matter what it takes, everything seems to just fall into place.


I would give myself three pieces of advice. First one: don't stress about making the grade. I know you don't think you are that smart but you are and you will be amazing in college. You will even get straight A's one semester! Don't sweat it. Two: go to the Theatre Club, trust me, it will make the transition of adding on a Theatre Major when you actually know what you are majoring in, instead of going in heads first like I did! And you might actually get a part because you knew more! Third: Have fun. No seriously, go out and have fun! I stay in way to much because I never went out in high school and so I never got comfortable with being outside of my room. Go have fun and enjoy it! You are only a teenager once.


So let me give you some advice. -Don't rush into everything. Take your time to enjoy yourself. -It's going to be hard to adjust. You will miss home, but you'll be okay. -And you know what? Being an adult isn't fun all the time. You have to go to class. Get a job. You don't always get to do what you want to... But it's going to be fine. -Growing up is scary, just take a deep breath and let it happen. You never know what can happen. You may fall in love, you may fall out of love. It's a whirlwind experience, just enjoy it. -College is meant to be fun, but it also prepares you for the "real" world. Be prepared to not know what you're doing. -Get it through your thick head that you're not always right. Bite your tongue. It will save you from fights and heartache. -However, stand up for who you are. This is where you learn what you truly believe in. -Finally, Mom was right. She was always right. Remember that.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely tell myself to take more vitamins and build up my immune system! My first semester of freshman year I got sick so much (and with bad sicknesses too) and missed so much class! It was awful! I would tell myself that the high altitude is hard to get acclimated to and college kids are not very concerned about cleanliness and public health. Good advice = wash your hands a million times a day, carry hand sanitizer, don't touch hand rails, and don't go to class when you're contagious and get everyone else sick either!


Just relax and realize it is going to all work out in the end. What comes next is going to be the time of your life and do not let stress or other factors get in the way of experiencing the wonders that this new chapter in life has to offer you.


Dear Sean, Senior year is here! Having fun with your friends? Living the life you've been waiting for? Isn't it nice having a car? Isn't it tough living with mom? I know just as well as you do that the answer to every one of these questions is an astounding Y. E. S. Unfortunately, you have some misconceptions. Your friends are very fun to be around, but in the long run they do not have your best interest in mind. I know you do not fully believe that yet, but being with them and skipping classes that may seem pointless does you no good. It weakens your level of accountability, thereby weakening you as a person. You'd better count your blessing and never take any of them for granted, like that car you're driving. It takes one night of high school "fun" to demolish your car and put your life in jeopardy, trust me - the college freshman without a car. I know the most difficult part of your life right now is dealing with the nagging of mom day to day, but take a second to be thankful for the blessing of a loving mother.


As a high school senior all I focused on was work, my social life, and homework. I always had plans to get my bachelors, but my concept of the work required in college was completely skewed. I assumed that it was only going to be lectures and exams, but little was i right. Knowing what I know now about college I would tell my 18 year old self to explore what society has for us. I would emphasize that real world experience is the key to understanding college curriculum. I would tell myself to join volunteer groups, or on-campus clubs that are diverse from myself. The knowledge you gain from immersing yourself in your passion, is more valuable then any book can teach you.


Attending the big 4 year University right from the get-go is not as important as you think. I know you want to get out of town, but there will be plenty of time for that. Slow down and find your passion before you take a big leap. You will get homesick and you will appreciate your mom and dad more than you thought possible. If you find yourself sad a lot of the time, go talk to a professional and get the help you need to overcome it, don't deny yourself happiness.


I would tell myself to be single and to not tie myself down because I'm young. I'd also tell myself to try harder in my academics rather than just getting by. Also I'd tell myself to not worry about what other people think and to not let things get to me so bad. I would tell myself to join more clubs and to spend more time with my family. I would also say to not stress so much about the little things because eventually everything will fall into place. In addition I'd tell myself that communication is key and things can be worked out instead of having the drama of he said she said. Most importantly to just have fun and to be outgoing and just enjoy and embrace everything because high school only happens once.


Do you remember freshman year? How you never had to do any work, but could still get an A on your English test? Or do third hours homework in first hour, and fifth hours homework in fourth hour? It was like you didn't have a car in the world, huh? Well let me tell you something, in college, all of that stops. Immediately. You know how teachers are constantly badgering everyone about turning in homework and assignments? In college, they don't do that. In fact, they don't even tell you to come to class. Everything you accomplish, and everything you achieve, is all on your own accord. College is going to teach you one thing above all else; no matter how much try to you avoid it, work is inevitable, and not just the get an essay done in three days because you toggled back and forth between word and facebook kind of work, but the put your head down and focus for three hours kind of work. Hard work pays off, and in college, it will show. Don't be the one who has nothing to show for it when it's all said and done.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my High School self to relax. The transition is not scary once you do it. Everyone else around you is scared too, but you can use each other to figure things out. I would tell myself that the new friends I make are fanastic and unlike High School, completely drama-free. Mostly, I would tell her that she will absolutely love college and that it will give her the courage to become the person she has always wanted to be.


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to focus less on the little things. I got caught up in drama and friendships that didn't end up lasting. If I could give myself one piece of advice it would be to focus on what's best for me and not worry so much about other people. Applying for scholarships and really pushing myself to do my best in school would have helped me so much when applying to colleges. High school isn't going to be the highlight of your life and even though it may be hard to realize it at the time, you aren't going to remember half the bad things that happened because what's to come will be so great that it's all you'll want to focus on. Growing up, my mom always told me to be my own best friend and that was some of the best advice I was ever given and I should have listened to it more when I was younger!


You need to be better at organizing your life and do not try to over-achieve the first semester. Also, take classes in more than one discipline or focus; four writing instensive courses at once is not fun.


The advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be that you're going to college to get an education, acquire a degree, and get ready for life. Pursue the career you have dreamed of doing and, while showing them your utmost respect, don't decide on a major or anything else just because it's what your parents want you to do. Pray and think seriously about what YOU would like to do with your life then pursue it with all enthusiasm, commitment, passion, and vigor. Make good friends that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy your interactions with the opposite sex but don't concentrate on having a girlfriend or finding a wife. Remember why you're in college--it's to earn that degree. There will be plenty of time for pursuing a wife after college. Manage your time well. Carve out time for studying and stick to it. I promise you that if you manage your time well and following nearly religiously, you will have more free time than you ever thought you would have. Finally, keep your eye on the goal and strive for the prize!


If I had the knowledge while I was in high school that I do now, I would tell myself to try harder. I would have made it my number one goal not my number two. Also I would have told myself to take the medical assistant career first instead of starting out trying to be a nurse. But most importantly I would never have gotten pregnant because it would make college so much easier.


If I could go back in time to sit down and give myself advice, I would tell myself to go to college right after high school. I would tell myself that my mother was wrong, and that I could support myself with the scholarships that I was given, and that I could make it on my own. I would tell myself not to miss the opportunity to experience the full college and dorm experiences, because once that chance passes, it is MUCH harder to go back. I would tell myself that if I did not go, my life would turn out alright, but I would always have the question in the back of my mind... What if? What if I had gone straight to NAU when I graduated high school? What would my life me like now? What experiences and friends would I have had, and would I already be the high school counselor I want to be? I would tell myself to enjoy the entire experience, to have faith that things will turn out right, and to not let anyone hold me back!


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to focus more on scholarships and less on the Advanced Placement tests. That way I would have been more financially prepared for this semester and would not have spent money on tests which I did not receive credit for at my university. I also would tell myself to volunteer more so that I could add experience to my resume. Had I done that, I would have gained more work experience which would help me now as I look for a job to help pay for school.