Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Since all of my classes are online learning, I would say that Northern Arizona University does a fantastic job of providing a solid learning experience online. In addition, all of my teachers are dedicated to providing me with the best learning experience.


The best thing about NAU is the location and atmosphere. It is located in the most beautiful part of Arizona, where the weather is cool, and the environment is very green and clean. Everyone is very friendly around campus, including staff, and students; and it has a very laidback, outdoorsy feel to it. Off campus activities are abundant because it is surrounded by local restaurants, pubs, as well as mountains for hiking, biking, and snowboarding.


The best thing about NAU is the small class sizes. Having less than 50 students in your class is a very great thing! It really allows for you to focus and participate in class. Not only that but you are able to really get to know your professors and make great connections in the class room. I am very happy with their class sizes.

Sydnie Marie

The best characteristic about my school is the environment. All the people I have talked to is so happy and content with Flagstaff and the campus. Flagstaff, even if you are away from home, it make you feel like you are home. The people in Flagstaff make you feel welcomed no matter what. It is very nice place to live and a very nice place to start your first years of college.


The best thing about my school is its initiative to keep its campus Eco-friendly. I am a strong believer in keeping a clean enviroment, not only for my generation, but for generations to come. I love the fact that my school cares about reducing carbon footprints and educating students on more than just their major choices.


The diversity and overall acceptance of different backgrounds on campus. The student body is relativley small so it is easy to become friendly with a lot of people on campus. Because you see the same students year after year in class, it is easy to develop strong educational relationships with some students.


The best thing about my school is how supportive and helpful the advisors are at my community college I was always confused and was led into the wrong path.


The school's transportation is really good and the buses run continously throughout the school week. Also, if you decide that you don't actually like your major, it is easy to change it to something else that you might be interested in.


The instructors, the location and the benefit of having the Extended campus location at Glendale Community College.


The best thing about NAU is the small town and the friendliness of everyone in it. Coming from LA I'm used to everyone being rude and pushy all the time, but in Arizona everyone is so nice and patient and friendly. I love it!


I have yet to attend this school, but as of right now my favorite thing about the school is the environment. Being up in the mountains makes it a beautiful campus.


The best thing about my school is the weather! Flagstaff has every season which gives a very diverse atmosphere as well as great people. Nau is in a small town and the people there are all great. Teachers are wonderful and the campus is georgeous! I love waking up every morning knowing I live in one of the most beautiful places in Arizona.


The snow is amazing and this is a diverse school.


My University works with its students to help you achieve your academic goals. They are forward thinking and work to provide a stimulating learning environment that encorporates all learning styles. I think this is important because it keeps things interesting and helps you to retain the information learned. They keep you focused and help you to not get distracted from your goals.


They offer extended campus program that is closer to my home. It allows studnets to stay in East Valley instead of going to physical campus in Flagstaff.


The best thing about my school is it is a big school but it has the little school feel to it. It feels like you know everyone but if your looking to meet new people there certainly are plenty of them.


The small town feel of Flagstaff is incredible. I love the feeling of our campus, because it seems to be so tight-knit. With central hubs like our union, the fieldhouse, and bookstore, it is difficult to walk to a class or meal without running into somone that you know. Northern Arizona University offers all of the emmenities of the typical college campus, without the hectic hussle and bussle that makes larger universities so difficult to navigate.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere, its located in a small but not too small town with gorgeous sourrondings. I walk to class every morning looking up at a giant mountian, usually with snow at the top. The people at the school and in town are all very nice and chill people, which you don't always find in bigger schools. NAU is beautiful, good sized, nice people and all around a great experience.


I believe the best thing at Northern Arizona University is how they get everyone active in activitys. They even show the freshman all the activitys you can do to stay active here in the first week you are at school. They call this program freshman fushion. It was good made you feel good and productive. All these activities are all free too! So, it helped with meeting people and getting to know my enviorment.


The best thing about my school was my program. The educational program prepared me well for my career afterwards. I enjoyed the hands on assignments and projects. The professors were great. Not only dis they teach the curriculum but they were people too. The took an interest in your life and wanted to know who you were and where you were coming from. The environment was welcoming and positive.


To me I consider the environment around me to be the best thing because it is very nice. I love the trails around campus and I love the weather here. The trees are really nice to have around. The mountaineous environment just feels like home to me.


I really like everything about my school, so its hard to pick just one thing as the best. I love the school campus, its in a beautiful location, and the seasons of Flagstaff are great. The campus itself is great, its big enough so its not crowded and clustered, but small enough that its easy to get to classes, and find everything you need. The classes are great, and the professors are very friendly and extremely helpful, and really care about the individual students. The classes are small, so its very easy to get the special attention you need.


Northern Arizona University offers a community vibe and presents students a safe environment. The community is based strongly on the size of the school, it's not too big nor too small. A student doesn't feel as if they are getting lost in a sea of people, making the high school trnsition easy, but they also feel very connected to the school. NAU is the perfect place to meet new friends, one will never run out of people to meet, but you will always see a familiar face walking down the sidewalk or in one of your classes.


The best thing about my school is the diverse cultures among the students. People come from all over the U.S. and some from foriegn countries to attend this University. That makes for one very rich enviornment. Everyone has a unique perspective and story of life. It's a chance to learn about cultures, religions, and traditions that are different from my own. It keeps me openminded and aware that the things that i grew up exposed to are not universal, and everyone has thier own unique and exciting story.


The best thing about NAU is that all the classes are small. Compared to many of the other universities our class sizes are a lot smaller. I love being able to interact with other students and actually gettin to know my teacher and being able to talk to them. I am able to learn a lot more and get help from them easier. We actually get to have an actual Teacher, student reationship.


The best thing about NAU is that the campus and town are large enough to have a wide variety of people and activitites, but is still small enough that a student doesn't get lost in it. Classes are large enough to provide a good mix of perspectives, but small enough that every one of my professors know my name.


The best thing about NAU is the enviornment. It isn't like a big city, you have the forest all around you and tons of outdoor activities you can take part in. The weather is always beautiful, summer or winter. In the summer you can go hiking, and in the winter you can go snowboarding, it is an all around great place to be if you love outdoor activites.


To me the best thing about my school is that it is so diversed and it is easy to get around campus. My school also provides transportation throughout campus. Buildings are very strong and beautiful. I also like that there is so much clubs and orginizations that i can be involved with. People are so friendly and you can ask anyone for help. Another thing that makes my school the best is that we are so involved with our community and everything is close to eachother and very convient.


The best thing about community college was the small scale classes which privide time with instructors.


I would consider that the best thing about my school is having an observitory on campus, and being able to interact with the professors while reseaching. I also find that it is great that I am able to operate the observitory and teach and show the public the night sky. It is truely enjoyable to be able to answer peoples questions about the night sky and impress them by showing them what is in the night sky.


The classes. Unlike most universities, Northern Arizona University has classes with reasonable class size. It makes it easier to learn. The teachers are available to work one on one giving you the best possible education you can recieve. The professors are their for you, to give you the most for your college education.


I find the staff very helpful and organized. If I need an answer to some question I can always find it.


the best thing about our school is the people. All the students and faculty have come from aound the world to come here. partially becase it is cheap, and partially because of its reputation as a green campus. The people on campus are so diverse that there is little to no predjudice, ethnic profiling, or teasing or taunts of any matter. There has never been fights between students on our campus. evryone respects the other because of the attitude that we have created as a student body together


I think that the best thing about NAU is that the faculty and staff are very nice, understanding and willing to help their students . If the faculty or staff can not help with a specific question then he/she will find out information for you and help you connect with the right person and not pass you around from person to person!


The best thing about my school Northern Arizona University (NAU) is that my school is very open to diversity. In order to feel comfortable you have to feel liked and welcomed by your school and I feel that NAU does a great job of welcoming it's students. This attitude insures a safe learning experience for it's students. NAU does a great job to make students feel they are wanted and liked. Such a relationship encourages students such as myself to strive for a great learning opportunity. This is what's great about attending NAU.


How interactive and helpful ALL of the staff are.


The best thing about my school would be its ideal location in a pristine environment, suitable for expanding the scope of ones academic goals. The school is located in Flagstaff Arizona, nestled amongst the pristine mountains of the San Fransisco peaks. The area is rich in history and neighbors the Navajo Indian reservation. Culturally diverse, environmentally progressive, quiant and historically preserved, Northern Arizona Universities spot on the map, Flagstaff Ariozna, is the best thing about my school. A serene environment allows for the mind to grow and the soul to flourish.


I think that the best thing about Northern Arizona University would be the area in which the campus is located and the size of the school. NAU is located in the forest, allowing students to be in nature. The school also is close to the mountains so students can go snowboarding, and Sedona to play in the creeks. This university is located in a small town, however it is 100% a college town, and you feel instantly connected to the college life. The class size are generally small which allows students the opportunity to get to know their professors well.




The clubs and activities


The best thing about NAU is that it isn't very big. Also living in Phoenix all my life it is nice to come to a school that has a bit of a climate change. I also like how the campus is not to big and is easy to find your classes.


I love how NAU has such a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. I am not too keen on the big city setting that many univeristies boast about. I like the small town feel that Flagstaff offers. So far I love the people I have met here as well as the classes I have taken.


The small class sizes, available and very friendly professors, and the on campus religious community.


the school's resources for students. the computer labs, tutoring, library, and the student body make it very easy to be a successful student at NAU


What i consider the best thing about this school is that you would never get bored. There is so much to do here, you have hiking, bike riding, horse riding, you have the creek and Sedona just an hour away from Flagstaff. It's a growing city and you have a diverse group of people, you'll never feel left out. The programs they have are wonderful and we have an amzing basketball team, football team, ROTC(Army, Air Force), Rugby, Intramurals, snow, atv activities like 20 minutes away. We have everything!


the best thing about my school is how everyone is so friendly especially the staff. the proffesors really want their students to learn and do well. they will do everything in order to see you succeed. the professors really care about you and there are so many resources that are available to help you succeed as well.


I love the small size of the school and of the classes, which makes it a lot easier to get help from the teachers when you need it. They try to be available as much as they can, and get to know you on a one on one basis. I also really enjoy the weather because there is actually four seasons.


The atmosphere is amazing, and the weather is very relaxing and there are many people here who are very kind.


The small class size and beautiful environment are probably what I love best about this school. The small class size is essential for better teacher student relationships, and the peaceful, beautiful environment allows for peace and rest of mind.


I believe the diverse population and the outdoor activities are the best things about my school. Becuase both of these attributes help well with the learning experience.